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Real estate agents are tasked with more than simply finding homes and facilitating sales. The best realtors also strive to streamline the moving experience for their customers by offering them all kinds of connections.

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If you have been in the real estate business for some time, you know too well how much people absolutely abhor the idea of doing the legwork by themselves – whether that be hunting for a house or apartment to rent, or pondering the moving process itself; never mind the hassle of finding a reliable and friendly moving company!

It’s all human nature: we tend to prefer the path of least resistance. People love solutions, so if you can provide a way out for them, it naturally follows that they will gravitate towards you.

As a real estate agent or property manager, knowing this will significantly amp your chances of success. That is even more so in a high stake market like New York that is competitive for realtors and many tenants find chaotic.

And that’s where we come in.

As a trusted mover in the New York scene for a little under a decade now, we have considered the challenges our customers face in finding a reliable moving company. Too many either do not know where to look, and even more are not sure which moving service to entrust the job with.

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This is in fact one of the reasons many tenants in New York City who stumbled upon us have stuck with us through the years when it comes to their moving needs. Well, that, and our stellar service of course!

Guided by this analysis, we therefore decided to roll out a partnership program that brings on board real estate agents, property and building managers to aid tenants in moving within NYC and the state in general.

Because there are many renters who find themselves in such a pickle – students, professionals, shared renters, families; commercial clients even, whether we are speaking large business or smaller upstarts. You have probably have some ask you for references.

Two burning questions, though…

What’s in it for You?

1. What’s in it for You?

For realtors and property managers, a significant portion of business comes through referrals. When you provide your clients with excellent service, these clients tell others about their experience with you and these potential clients come to you in turn for their real estate needs.

One way to stand out in a competitive real estate market where customers are left to their own devices is to go above and beyond what a typical realtor would offer their customers.

What this does is enhance the customer experience while allowing you to create a good impression on your clients, the result of which is an increased likelihood of them referring other potential clients to you.

Consequently, when people realize they can rely on you for support during the rental – or even buying or selling – process, this boosts your professional reputation as clients will not only be effusive about your special services, but also know they can always rely on you to solve their needs.

Ultimately, moving companies, realtors and property managers share very similar goals: they help clients move into new premises. When you form a business relationship with us, this effectively creates a network of client support that helps you net more customers.

Why Seka Moving?

2. Why Seka Moving?

Partnering with the right mover is paramount as this can mean make or break in your relationship with your clients. You don’t want to destroy a reputation you have so painstakingly built and watch it turn to custard just because you recommended the wrong moving partner to your clients.

As a professional moving company that prides itself in creating better client experiences, we at Seka Moving know a thing or two about making good and lasting impressions on our customers. After all, that has been one of our biggest selling points through the years.

Thus, if a solid professional reputation and client satisfaction matter to you as a business, you just found yourself the perfect partner.

Among others, a key factor in evaluating every good experience is value for money. Our moving services are not only affordable, but transparent too. No hidden or surprise charges, and when all is said and done, client is always more than happy they spent their money with us. Happy clients will have no second thoughts recommending a realtor (or your property) to others too.

At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for all parties involved. Our partnership program ensures everyone walks home happy.

Grow your Business through our Partnership Program

Grow your Business through our Partnership Program

As a realtor or property manager, you know strong networks in your line of work go a long way.

Partnering with a professional moving company like us can help you streamline your client experiences even more.

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