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14 Moving Terms To Know Before Your Move

Quy reading moving terms Below are some of the basic moving terms that you should know before you move. These might seem very basic but will introduce you to the simple terms that movers often use. So read on, familiarize yourself, and ask questions in the comment section if you have any.
  • Crew leader – an employee, who is in charge of helpers.
  • Destination – final point of delivery of your belongings. If you are moving to another apartment, your new house will be the destination.
  • Extra delivery – an extra stop to unload a portion of your belongings at a location other than the destination. For example, if you want to leave some boxes at storage, you would have to order an extra delivery.
  • Extra pick up – an extra stop to pick up your additional belongings at a location other than the destination. For example, if you want to pick up your items from storage on your way to your new house, that would be an extra pick up.
  • Furniture blankets – large soft covers that provide protection to furniture, bulky items, doorways, and walls.
  • Furniture pads – pads that are placed under heavy items to allow the helpers to slide them without scratching the floor surface.
  • Helper – an employee of a moving company that packs, unpacks, loads, and unloads a client’s belongings.
  • Intrastate moving – moving within a state. In your case, within New York State.
  • Interstate moving – moving outside of a state. In your case, outside of New York State.
  • Local moving – moving within a small geographical area, such as a town, borough, or district.
  • Long distance moving – interstate moving that takes more than 24 hours to complete. Learn more about long distance moving.
  • Quote – a cost estimate (usually free) that a moving company provides based on your moving needs. A quote doesn’t guarantee the exact final price of a move since it is an estimate. Click here to get your free moving quote.
  • Packing services – moving company employees will pack your items before loading to the truck and unpack them after delivery.
  • Packed by owner (PBO) – boxes that are not packed by the moving company workers. PBO will be written on such boxes to identify which ones you packed yourself.

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