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4 Things to Do After Moving to a New Apartment

Quy moving to a new apartment

After you unload the last box from the moving truck, you will think that the toughest part of moving to a new apartment is done. However, the move is not complete until you do the following. If you haven’t moved yet, familiarize yourself with our 6-week local moving checklist.

If you haven’t signed your new lease yet, this blog post will help you to protect yourself and your privacy. By the way, knowing this will help you to get your security deposit back.


1: Check Utilities and Other Services

You should take care of this step before moving on to the next. First, make sure that there are electricity and water in your new house. Also, you should check if all the power outlets work properly. Otherwise, you will think that your electronics are broken while the real problem could be a dead power outlet.


2: Check The Appliances and Electronics

If you moved your kitchen appliances or pieces of technology (TV, computer, or printer), ensure that everything works as it used to, and nothing was damaged during transportation. If you hired a moving company to handle your move, this step is extremely important. Check the insurance details and submit a claim if anything was damaged. Remember, that you have a limited amount of time to submit your claim.


3: Go Over Your Belongings

Ensure that all your furniture and boxes safely made it to your new home, and nothing is lost or damaged. If you find out that something is lost or damaged, you need to contact your movers and submit a claim. It is important to do this as soon as possible, otherwise, the company won’t be able to compensate your losses.


4: Update Your Billing Address

Change your billing address at your banks, credit cards, cell phone provider, insurance (health, car, and renter’s), online stores, etc. If you are afraid to forget something, go to the local post office and file a change of address form. After filling it out, the post office will forward all your mail to your new address. By the way, you can also file the change of address form online for a dollar.

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