4 Things to Do Right After Your Interstate Move

4 Things to Do Right After Your Interstate Move

Published: 13 May, 2019

Last Updated: 31 Jan, 2023

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Moving interstate is a serious, complicated, and lengthy process. But, when thinking about moving interstate, people usually only ponder about what they must to beforehand. However, not only is there so much to do prior to the actual interstate moving process, but there’s also a lot to take care of after the fact. You have to approach this carefully and methodically in order to ensure a smooth transition into your new home. Make sure to put everything listed below on your checklist, because these things are a must when it comes to moving interstate.


1. Check Everything

An interstate moving process is very complicated because you’re literally packing your whole life and taking it somewhere else. The first thing to do, prior to setting your whole place up, is to check all the boxes. Regardless of how careful your movers are – accidents can occur from time to time, especially during a long process such as an interstate move. So, it’s always a great idea to check if all the stuff is in good shape and if everything is there. Also, you should check your new place – check if all the floors are okay, check your utilities and electricity, check if the walls are in good condition, etc. Another important thing to consider is changing the locks because you don’t want a random stranger having access to your new home.


2. Make Sure Your New Place is Clean

Since you’re moving interstate, you most likely didn’t have frequent access to your new place. Moving cross-country is always difficult because it’s riskier, and you have less wiggle room to make changes and adjustments. If you were moving to another neighborhood in the same city, then you would have the chance to visit that place more often and do the cleaning prior to the delivery of boxes. But since you’ll be moving interstate, you’ll probably have to do everything in one go. Since your place will be brimming with boxes and stuff, it’s always smart to clean before setting everything up. Vacuum, clean or get rid of the old carpets, clean the windows, etc. Also, it’s much easier and faster to clean an empty space, instead of a place that has been all set up. Plus, you won’t contaminate your new stuff if you do the cleaning first.


3. Unpack Essentials First

If you want to take care of everything efficiently and fast, then unpacking only the essentials and furniture is a smart move. There are certain centerpieces such as couches, refrigerators, ovens, and dining tables, that are very large, and usually, there are only a couple of spots that can fit them. Also, those huge items take a lot of room, so it’s smart to take care of them first and then have enough space to unpack and set everything else up.


4. Check Your Utilities

Moving to another state is tricky when it comes to utilities. Since there’s a lot going on when moving interstate, utilities can end up on the bottom of your list. But, imagine coming to your home and realizing that some fuses aren’t working or that there’s no running water. The best-case scenario is to call a utility company beforehand and have them connect everything. But in case that slipped your mind, just inspect everything as soon as you arrive. That way, you’ll have an opportunity to quickly fix anything that might be wrong, and make the whole interstate moving process less stressful and more convenient.

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