6 Moving and Packing Supplies You Need

Published: 20 Sep, 2021

Last Updated: 22 Jan, 2023

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Moving is a process that can take some time and careful planning. Knowing where to start can be confusing.

Luckily there are a few things that can make your relocation simpler.

Having a few tools at your disposal will save you time, energy, and your hard-earned money.

Whether you plan on packing everything on your own or hiring a professional mover, there are some supplies you need.

These supplies will allow you to pack your items securely and efficiently.

So, without further ado, here are the seven moving and packing supplies you need to relocate.


1. Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is an essential item to keep your fragile belongings safe during the move. These air-filled plastic bubbles wrap around your objects so that they won’t break. If something hits your box, the wrap will absorb the impact.

You can buy bubble wrap at a place like Home Depot or any home supply store. Additionally, office supply stores also tend to carry this item.

You can save money by saving the bubble wrap that comes from online orders you purchase.

Wrap your more oversized fragile items with bubble wrap, then use some tape to secure them. Then place it in a cardboard container with other packing materials surrounding it.


2. Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are another tool that simplifies transferring bulky items. These blankets go under heavy items like dining tables and couches to make it easier to slide them and protect wooden floors from scuff marks.

What is the difference between a conventional and a moving blanket? One big difference is that it is a bit more durable for transporting objects. Using a regular blanket as a moving blanket will likely destroy it.

You can buy moving blankets at any home supply store or on Amazon.

They are reusable, so you can move multiple items with the same blankets.


3. Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are the go-to moving item.

These boxes come in many forms. You will need several sizes depending on the type of items you’re moving.

You can use small cardboard boxes for your knickknacks and special wardrobe boxes to move things like clothes and other large items.

Many home improvement stores sell cardboard boxes, but they are also easy to get for free.

You can save cardboard boxes from your online orders and other purchases. Another way to get free leftover boxes is to ask a grocery store if they have any extra. Just make sure they are in good order.


4. Packing Tape

Once you’ve packed everything in your box, you’ll need to seal it with something.

You’re not going to want to use typical scotch tape. Using regular tape isn’t strong enough to keep your box shut, and it would be a waste to use.

Packing tape is more durable than ordinary tape, meaning your box won’t rip open during transit.

It’s easy to layer, so you have an extra layer of security. The tape needs a sharp edge to cut because it doesn’t tear easily.

Many office supply stores, home improvement stores, big box stores, and Amazon carry this item.


5. Packing Paper

Packing paper is another cushioning material you can insert into your packing box.

It’s ideal for stuffing the empty spaces in your packages so that things don’t roll around too much.

For example, you can individually wrap your fragile items with bubble wrap, then use packing paper to secure them in the box.

There are many places you can find packing paper.

You can save money by using old newspapers or visit a local library to see if they have any extra.

Family and friends may also have extra newspaper or paper around you can use for your move.

6. Labeling Materials

Once everything is packed, you’ll want to label your boxes. There’s more irritating than getting to your new place and realizing that you have no idea what each box contains. It makes it challenging when you need to use something but can’t find it.

Using labeling materials solves that problem.

It’s best to label your item right away so that you don’t forget it’s there.

Labeling packages also make it clear to movers which boxes are fragile.

Everyone labels their boxes differently – some use color-coded stickers, and others write on blank labels.

You can buy labels online and at office supply stores.

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