7 Items That Can’t be Stored in a Storage Unit

7 Items That Can’t be Stored in a Storage Unit

Published: 12 Nov, 2018

Last Updated: 31 Jan, 2023

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Are you moving and considering to put some of your items into a storage unit? Luckily, we made a list of 7 items that can’t be stored in a storage unit. If you need a space to store your items, click here to get a free quote for storage.


1. Air Bag

Airbags are actually very dangerous if deployed. An airbag can launch an average person up to the sky around 10-15 feet (you can YouTube the videos). Think about what kind of damage they can do to your and other people’s belongings and to the building itself. Usually, airbags are stored and transported in a special metal cage, but, in our case, we decided not to take any chances.


2. Aerosol Can

Aerosols are flammable and explosive items. Under certain temperature, an aerosol can explode causing damage to surrounding items. Therefore, to keep your and other clients’ items safe, we do not allow storing aerosol cans in our storage spaces.


3. Ammunition

Storing ammunition improperly can significantly shorten its useful life. Cool, dry, and dark place is perfect for storing ammunition. Since we work with lots of customers, your ammo might be exposed to light more frequently than it should be, which cuts its useful life. Besides, if you buy any ammunition, you should be responsible for storing it.


4. Chemicals and Toxic Materials

Storing chemicals safely requires routine inspections of storage areas and knowledge about which chemicals can be stored with others. At SEKA Moving, we try to provide the safest storage environment for our clients and do not want any chemicals and toxic materials to be stored in the same building as our clients’ beds, tables, and other belongings. If you have chemicals that you need to store, you can read this small PDF guide by the University of California, Berkeley.


5. Illegal Drugs and Other Items

We prohibit storing items that are illegal in the state of New York.


6. Live Animals and Plants

Animals and plants require certain conditions and care to keep them alive. There is no light, water, or care in a storage space. As a result, they won’t survive for long if left in such cruel conditions. If you love your plants and animals, you should take them home with you. Read this article if you need to know how to properly store plants.


7. Perishable Food

Food with short shelf life goes bad quickly and creates unpleasant odors in the storage building. Therefore, bad odors will quickly spread through air right onto other customers’ items causing the items to smell bad. We all know how tough it is to get rid of smells.

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