Discover the 5 Best Areas for Families in Manhattan, NY!

Published: 16 Mar, 2023

Last Updated: 20 Jun, 2023

Serik Baimoldayev

Serik Baimoldayev

Living in Manhattan, NY with a family can be overwhelming. But there are certain spots that make it simpler for families to settle and locate their ideal home. We have listed the 5 best neighborhoods for families in Manhattan, NY – Upper West Side, Chelsea, Tribeca, Greenwich Village and Financial District – each offering something unique while providing safety and convenience of living. From access to public transportations to local schools and parks; from housing options to community activities or events; these places provide all necessary amenities required by growing families looking forward towards settling down in one of the most vibrant cities on Earth.

Table of Contents:

Upper West Side

Upper West Side is an ideal neighborhood for married couples with children and pets. The district furnishes smooth passage to public transit, superb educational facilities, green spaces, play areas and a multitude of dwelling selections.

For those looking to move into the Upper West Side with a family, there are many excellent school districts in close proximity. Some of these include District 3 (which includes P.S. 87 William T Harris School), District 6 (P.S. 9 Teunis G Bergen Elementary School) and District 7 (including P.S 75 Emily Dickinson). With its highly rated educational system and various extracurricular activities available for kids of all ages – from music classes to sports teams – it’s no wonder why so many families flock to this part of town.

The Upper West Side also boasts numerous green spaces that are perfect for taking a leisurely stroll or just enjoying some fresh air outdoors with your pet pooch in tow. Central Park is the most well-known park in the area but there are also smaller parks like Riverside Park which offer lovely views along the Hudson River as well as playgrounds for children too young for organized sports leagues or classes yet still need an outlet for their energy levels.

When it comes to locating a place ta live on the Upper West Side, ya got plenty of options – from classic prewar dwellings to swanky high rises offerin’ perks such as fitness centers and pools which can be real helpful when temps hit 90+ durin’ summertime. Plus there’s always rent stabilized apartments if you’re looking at staying within budget while getting more bang outta’ your buck when it comes time payin’ rent each month – especially important when ya got mouths ta feed an’ paws ta walk every day too.

Living on the Upper West Side can be a great decision for those looking for easy access to various metro routes, including 1/2/3 express services that will get you swiftly uptown or downtown. This is especially beneficial if your job takes you outside of Manhattan Island, since many commuters take advantage of the Metro North and LIRR lines near Grand Central Station nearby. Keywords: convenient, public transportation, subway lines, express trains, uptown & downtown.

Overall, whether you’re looking for a place close enough to commute easily or somewhere where your kids can go out and play after school hours safely – look no further than Upper West Side: one of New York City’s best neighborhoods tailored specifically towards married couples between 34-45 years old who have both children and pets they need to provide a loving home for every day of their lives together.

For families seeking to put down roots, the Upper West Side offers a wealth of child-friendly attractions and services. Moving on from there, Chelsea is another area in Manhattan that can provide plenty of options for those looking to raise their children in the city.

Key Takeaway: The Upper West Side is an optimal destination for couples with kids and furry friends, offering outstanding public transit access, acclaimed educational facilities, parks, recreational areas and a variety of housing selections. It’s an ideal spot to raise a family in Manhattan – providing convenience plus plenty of amenities like gyms and pools so everyone can have their needs met.


Chelsea is a popular destination for 34-45 year old married couples, offering convenient public transport links, diverse housing choices and plenty of community activities. Chelsea is quickly gaining recognition as a desirable place to reside for married couples between the ages of 34 and 45, due to its access to public transportation, multiple housing options, and wide array of community activities & events. Keywords: Married Couples, Public Transportation, Housing Options, Community Activities & Events.

Public transportation makes getting around easy. The 1/2/3 subway lines run through Chelsea along 8th Avenue while the A/C/E line runs along 23rd Street giving residents multiple options for commuting into Manhattan or other boroughs. Residents can also take advantage of the M11 bus which travels east-west on 14th Street or catch a cab right outside their door.

For those seeking a residence, Chelsea offers numerous choices ranging from condos to coops, townhouses and rental apartments – each offering distinct features tailored to your budget and needs. Plus you’ll find some incredible views from some locations due to its proximity near Hudson River Park.

For those searching for a place to call home, Chelsea offers numerous choices of condos, coops, townhouses and rental apartments with stunning views from some areas near Hudson River Park. You’ll find condos, coops, townhouses and rental apartments that are sure to fit your needs and budget. Plus you’ll get amazing views from some locations due to its proximity near Hudson River Park. When it comes to entertainment or leisure activities there’s no shortage either – whether it be catching a show at Madison Square Garden or browsing art galleries on 10th Avenue; going shopping at Westfield World Trade Center Mall; taking strolls through High Line Park; strolling down cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and bars; enjoying outdoor movie screenings during summertime months – whatever floats your boat chances are you’ll hit the jackpot here. Keywords: Married Couples, Public Transportation, Housing Options, Community Activities & Events, Condos Coops Townhouses Rental Apartments Views Hudson River Park Entertainment Leisure Activities Shopping Strolls Cobblestone Streets Restaurants Bars Outdoor Movie Screenings Summertime Months Floats Boat Jackpot.

Finally, if having children or pets is important then rest assured knowing that Chelsea offers top notch schools like Avenues: The World School as well as plenty of pet friendly parks like Jackson Square Dog Run where they can get exercise while socializing with other furry friends. All this combined makes living in Chelsea an attractive option for families who want more than just convenience but also quality amenities too.

Chelsea is a great neighborhood for families with plenty of activities and entertainment to keep everyone happy. Tribeca, located just south of Chelsea, offers an even more upscale living experience that can provide the perfect backdrop for any family’s lifestyle.

Key Takeaway: Chelsea is quickly becoming the go-to spot for married couples between 34 and 45, providing easy access to public transportation, a variety of housing options from condos to rental apartments with views near Hudson River Park as well as top notch schools and pet friendly parks – making it an ideal location for families.


Tribeca is a bustling neighborhood located in lower Manhattan, with plenty of attractions and activities for families. Public transit provides convenient access to the rest of NYC from Tribeca, making it simple for travelers to traverse the area. The area has excellent schools, including Stuyvesant High School and Tribeca Learning Center, as well as several parks and green spaces like Washington Market Park and Duane Park.

Tribeca provides a wide selection of housing possibilities, from single family dwellings to luxurious abodes with magnificent vistas of the Hudson or East River. From single family homes to luxury apartments with stunning views of the Hudson River or East River – there’s no shortage of choices when it comes to finding a place you can call home in this vibrant community. Whether you’re looking for an urban oasis in one of the many loft buildings or a cozy cottage tucked away on a quiet street – Tribeca has it all.

Moving into this neighborhood is made easier with storage solutions from local moving companies that specialize in packing up your belongings quickly and safely so they arrive at their destination unscathed. Many moving companies provide secure spaces to store possessions until they can be brought into the new residence or workspace. With experienced professionals handling everything from loading furniture onto trucks to unloading boxes offsite – moving day will be stress free.

The best part about living in Tribeca? There are always exciting events going on throughout the year – from outdoor concerts at Washington Market Park to art galleries opening up along Broadway. Locals also enjoy access to some amazing restaurants serving up delicious cuisine from all over the world, making this one of NYC’s most sought after neighborhoods.

Tribeca is a great area for families looking to live in Manhattan, with its many parks and nearby attractions. Moving on to Greenwich Village, this neighborhood offers an exciting cultural atmosphere that appeals to all ages.

Key Takeaway: Tribeca is a great choice for families looking to settle down, boasting excellent educational institutions, parks and green spaces, as well as an array of housing possibilities ranging from lofts to cottages. Moving in can be made easier with the help of experienced professionals who provide secure storage solutions that make moving day hassle-free. Not only this but locals enjoy plenty of exciting events and eateries throughout the year – making it one of NYC’s hottest spots.

Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood located in the heart of Manhattan. It’s an ideal spot for families looking to move within the city, as it offers plenty of public transportation options, great local schools, parks and playgrounds, and a variety of housing choices.

For those seeking easy access to public transportation, Greenwich Village has many subway lines that can take you all around the city. The 1 train runs along Seventh Avenue South from 14th Street up to Christopher Street-Sheridan Square while the A/C/E line runs along Eighth Avenue from 14th Street up to Canal Street. There are also several bus routes that run through Greenwich Village such as M5 (14th Street), M8 (Avenue C) and BxM18 (Houston St).

Parents in Greenwich Village can take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of high-quality educational institutions available for their children, ranging from pre-K to college prep courses and associate degrees. For younger students, P.S 3 Charrette School on Hudson Street provides pre-K through 5th grade classes; Washington Irving High School is a great option for those looking for college prep courses; LaGuardia Community College offers associate degrees across many disciplines; NYU Tisch School Of Arts has programs tailored to aspiring actors and filmmakers; and New York Law School specializes in legal studies among other areas. Keywords: Education, Schools, Pre-K through 5th Grade Classes, College Prep Courses, Associate Degrees

Families who enjoy spending time in the great outdoors can find a plethora of parks to explore throughout Greenwich Village. Abingdon Square Park at 8th Avenue and 12th Streets offers a playground for children while Washington Square Park at 5th Avenue and Waverly Place is an ideal spot for picnics or outdoor concerts during summertime. Pet owners can even take their furry friends out for some fresh air at Petrosino Square Dog Run near Spring & Mulberry Streets. Keywords: Parks, Playground, Picnic Spots, Outdoor Concerts, Pet Friendly

Finally, when it comes to finding suitable housing options in this neighborhood you’ll have no shortage of choices. Whether you prefer living close by one of these green spaces or closer towards downtown attractions like SoHo or Chinatown – there’s something here for everyone. From historic townhouses dating back centuries ago all the way up to modern high rises boasting luxurious amenities – you can rest assured knowing your new home will be just perfect.

Greenwich Village is an excellent area for families looking to settle in Manhattan, with its quaint atmosphere and proximity to Central Park. The Financial District offers a different kind of charm, as it provides easy access to the hustle and bustle of downtown New York City life.

Key Takeaway: Greenwich Village is an ideal destination for families who want to relocate within the city, boasting numerous public transport links and great educational institutions, as well as parks and play areas. It also has a wide range of housing choices from historic townhouses to modern high rises with luxurious amenities – making it an ideal place for anyone.

Financial District

The Financial District is an ideal place for married couples between 34-45 years old with children and a pet. Public transit is a breeze in the Financial District, allowing you to move around town without worrying about parking or congestion. Plus, there are plenty of top-notch schools in the area, so your kids will have plenty of options when it comes to their education.

For those seeking outdoor recreation, parks and playgrounds in the area are plentiful and offer plenty of opportunities for leisurely activities. There’s Battery Park City Esplanade right on the waterfront which offers stunning views of New York Harbor as well as ample space for outdoor activities like biking and jogging. If that’s not enough, nearby Washington Square Park is perfect for picnics or just some quiet time in nature while enjoying the view of its iconic arch monument.

Speaking of housing options – they’re plentiful too. Whether you prefer high-rise condos with breathtaking skyline views or historic brownstones from bygone eras – there’s something here for everyone looking to move into this vibrant neighborhood full of culture and history alike. And if all that isn’t enough – there are also numerous shops, restaurants, cafes and other amenities within walking distance from most residences here.

Moving into this exciting district doesn’t have to be stressful either; with a reliable moving company such as SEKA Moving & Storage, you can rest assured knowing that your possessions will arrive safely at their destination without any hassle whatsoever. We offer storage solutions too if needed, making sure everything arrives intact during relocation regardless of whether it’s across town or out of state. So don’t wait any longer – come experience life in one NYC’s most sought after neighborhoods today.

Key Takeaway: Families with kids and pets may find relocating to Manhattan’s Financial District a great choice; there are numerous transit choices, high-caliber educational institutions, parks/playgrounds plus housing possibilities. Furthermore, you can make sure your move goes smoothly by relying on an experienced moving company such as SEKA Moving & Storage, who provide storage services too if needed.
FAQs in Relation to Best Areas for Families in Manhattan NY

FAQs in Relation to Best Areas for Families in Manhattan NY

What Part of New York Is Best to Raise a Family?

Raising a family in New York can be an excellent choice, with its varied cultural offerings and abundance of educational and recreational activities. For those seeking to establish a home in New York, the state offers an array of cultural diversity, educational offerings and recreational activities. The best areas depend on what type of lifestyle you’re seeking. For a more metropolitan feel, Brooklyn and Manhattan are ideal choices. For more suburban living while still being close enough to New York City’s attractions, look into Queens or Long Island. No matter the locale, New York has plenty to offer for families looking to settle down.

What Are Good Neighbourhoods to Raise a Child in Manhattan NY?

Manhattan is home to many great neighborhoods that are perfect for raising a child. The Upper West Side is an excellent choice for families, with its many parks and playgrounds, great schools, cultural institutions nearby to Central Park. Chelsea and the Flatiron District offer fantastic restaurants, boutique shopping experiences and easy access to public transportation. Other family-friendly areas include Tribeca/Battery Park City which offers beautiful views of the Hudson River as well as plenty of green spaces; Gramercy/Murray Hill with its tree-lined streets; Greenwich Village where you can find some of New York’s best private schools; Harlem with its vibrant culture and community spirit; Washington Heights boasting diverse housing options at reasonable prices; Inwood offering peace & quiet away from city hustle & bustle. All these neighbourhoods provide ample opportunities for children to grow up in a safe environment while having access to all Manhattan has to offer.

Is Manhattan a Good Place to Raise a Family?

It has plenty of activities for children, such as museums and parks. There are also excellent schools with high academic standards and diverse cultures. The public transportation system makes it easy to get around the city, while safety is generally good throughout Manhattan. Additionally, housing can be found in a wide range of varieties – from budget-friendly flats to opulent condos. All in all, Manhattan provides an ideal environment for raising a family due its many benefits and amenities.

What Is the Nicest Residential Area on Manhattan?

The Upper East Side is widely regarded as one of the nicest residential areas in Manhattan. This ‘hood provides a range of living choices, from swanky high-rises to quaint brick townhouses. The Upper East Side offers a plethora of educational, recreational, culinary and retail opportunities for its residents. Its tree-lined streets are peaceful yet close enough to all that New York City has to offer. With its vibrant culture and diverse population, it is an ideal place for families looking for a safe neighborhood with plenty of amenities nearby.



Living in Manhattan, NY can be a great experience for families. When deciding on a suitable neighborhood for your family, it is important to consider factors such as access to public transportations, local schools and parks, housing options with community activities and events, and safety. The Upper West Side, Chelsea, Tribeca, Greenwich Village and Financial District are some of the best areas for families in Manhattan because they offer access to public transportations, local schools and parks as well as housing options with community activities and events. Safety is also paramount when choosing where you want your family to live – these five areas provide peace of mind while offering plenty of opportunities for growth and fun.

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