Best Way to Load a Moving Truck

Best Way to Load a Moving Truck

Published: 05 Nov, 2021

Last Updated: 21 Jan, 2023

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Moving is an experience that can be both fun and stressful.

The possibility of living somewhere new is exciting. However, loading all your belongings onto a moving truck is less thrilling for most people.

Loading up a moving truck is an art. There are certain tricks to getting it right, and not everyone is an expert. Even if you have the help of a professional, knowing where to begin can be daunting.

If you’re considering moving and don’t know the best way to load a moving truck, stay tuned. Here are some of our tips.

1. Plan Your Move

The first step to loading your moving truck is determining what kind of move you’ll be doing. Make sure that you have the details of your relocation before you start.

Doing this will help you choose the correct moving truck size and moving service.

There are different services depending on if you’re making a local or long-distance move.

It is best if you decide where you’re moving to, when you’re moving, and how much time you’ll need before you start preparing.

Once you sort out your timeline, you can decide if you need moving storage or if you’ll move directly to your new home.

2. Clean Your House

Before loading your truck, you’ll want to pair down what you own. Trying to pack and move your items before you’ve purged the excess will cost you more time and money.

Go through your possessions and determine if you really need them or not. You can channel your inner Marie Kondo while doing it and ask yourself if they “spark joy.”

When you sort through your items, you’ll realize that you’ve been keeping things you don’t need.

Moving is a great excuse to do some cleaning and start life at your new destination with a blank slate.


3. Find the Right Size Truck

It’s hard to pack a truck that isn’t the right size for your move. So make sure that you decide what type of truck you need before you begin packing.

There are many moving truck sizes.

If you live in a small apartment or studio, a van or small truck might be sufficient.

There are also mid-size trucks for two- to three-bedroom apartments or houses.

Finally, if you have a large house, you can rent up to a 24- or 26-foot truck.

Not sure what to choose? Read our article about types of moving trucks.


4. Gather the Supplies You Need

When it’s time to start packing, you’ll need the right supplies to make everything fit.

There are many packing supplies on the market that make things easier.

Cardboard boxes are an essential moving supply you’ll need. They hold all sorts of items, are easy to transport, and protect your belongings.

Another essential tool is bubble wrap. It shelters your fragile belongings so that they don’t break in transit. Packing paper is another material that does the same thing.

Moving blankets will protect your floors while you slide larger items out of your house.

Make sure you get some labels and packing tape to seal the deal.


5. Loading Tricks

There are a few tricks for optimal packing.

The first is to load the heaviest items first. Before you do this, make sure you break down larger things as much as possible to save space. Don’t forget to label all the parts! Tables and chairs usually disassemble relatively easily.

Once you put the heaviest items into the truck, you can load the lighter items. Make sure that you distribute your items so that the heaviest items are towards the cab or walls. Load heaviest objects at the bottom and lightest ones at the top.

Make sure that everything is broken down, packed in a box, protected, and labeled.

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