Can You Move During the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Published: 26 Apr, 2020

Last Updated: 26 Jan, 2023

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The novel Covid-19 has upended normal life as we know it, and more so in New York City, which has been hit harder than any other city.

The problem is, as the human race hits pause on daily activities, the wheels of time, as ever, keep turning. That means end months and rent due dates, a concern for all renters across the five boroughs. There have been some silver linings such as, for example, the 90-day moratorium on evictions implemented by the state.

While that will give renters some much-needed reprieve, it is only temporary, and moving forward, the best course of action for those of us who find themselves in dire straits is to devise ways on how we will get our ducks in a row. Because pandemic or not, life has to go on – that’s the hard truth.

There are also folks who had planned a move around this time of year, and given the current circumstances, find themselves at wit’s end, with no reliable expert opinion to the many questions they have unanswered:

  • Is it safe to move at this time?
  • Can I find a good apartment in New York at a time when there is so little movement?
  • Is a move at this time even feasible at all?
  • How about moving services – are there any local companies in operation and if so, how have they tweaked their approach to handle the Covid-19 threat?

All valid questions.


Is Moving Advisable at this Time?

Traditionally, spring is one of the most popular times to move house. While things will be understandably quieter than usual this year, for many people, a moving date is not flexible, and you can always expect some movement.

Sure, in the case of expiring leases, you expect many landlords to be understanding at this time and consider extending the same for the affected tenants who might be thinking of extending their lease.

And while college admission and job changes (two key underlying factors behind many apartment moves) are uncommon in present times, there are many other reasons why people move.

For instance, a need to downsize in response to the prevailing times. Or job loss. These two are particularly recurrent themes during this crisis brought about by the unusual Coronavirus.

An expanding family is another valid reason to find a new pad during the pandemic. So is an upcoming closing date from a sale or purchase made previously, among many other reasons; some specific to the individual. New listings are still being put up all across New York City, although things have gone virtual-only on many property listing databases such as StreetEasy and others.


Are Moving Companies still in Operation?

People who find themselves in a situation that necessitates a move during this period will be relieved to know that moving is generally considered an essential service.

So, as many cities and states across the country order the temporary closure of “non-essential” businesses, moving service providers are still operating as usual. Not everyone, of course, but a few moving companies like us are still open.

That means all the services SEKA Moving offers are still accessible for anyone looking to move in, within, or out of NYC. That includes long-distance moves across the country, even in areas where a lockdown has been effected.


What Is Seka Moving Doing Differently as a Result of COVID-19?

We have tweaked our approach to adhere to the Covid-19 prevention guidelines outlined by the federal and local governments, as well as follow recommendations from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). We have also put our own protocols in place in a bid to protect our employees and customers.

These include, in a nutshell:

  • Wearing masks and gloves at all times. Our moving team also gives our customers their own masks.
  • Following sanitization and social distancing guidelines from the local and federal governments.
  • Frequent sanitization of both trucks and equipment.
  • Providing customers with a virtual survey option. Then dispatch a written or digital quote, whichever is your preference.
  • Practicing social distancing with customers and – as much as practically possible – among the movers as well.
  • Always having hand sanitizer on hand.

At SEKA Moving, we have always provided video estimates to our customers even before the Covid-19 crisis. We like to be as flexible as possible to suit different customer needs, but virtual estimates are taking even more importance now as you very well know.

Remember that you can still schedule an in-house estimate.

We can still visit your premises in person for an on-site estimate should that be your preference. We would like to reiterate that even in so doing, our staff strictly follows the Covid-19 protection guidelines for the benefit of everyone involved.

We are leaving nothing to chance.


What about Storage Services?

The SEKA Moving service catalog also includes storage services.

So, if you are considering short-term or long-term storage, we will keep your valuables (large or small) in safe custody until such a time that you are ready to pick them up.

As mentioned, our company follows the recommended hygiene practices and have our own protocols for sanitizing and physical distancing to boot.

This includes sanitizing all-access pads and materials and observing the requisite social distancing rules. Read our Coronavirus Updates in more detail here.

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