Different Types of NYC Apartments

Different Types of NYC Apartments

Published: 30 Dec, 2019

Last Updated: 29 Jan, 2023

Cool Admin #1

Cool Admin #1

New York is not short of options when it comes to renting. Similarly, with the different types of NYC apartments on offer, renters have a plethora of choices available to them.

Ultimately, the depth of your purse determines what you end up settling for. That, and of course, the choice of neighborhood and living circumstances (significant other, roommate, family, etc.)

Below is a list of the different types of NYC apartments you will come across.

  • Studio – A one-room apartment with a kitchen setup and a full-size bathroom. Studios come in different sizes and shapes, namely an alcove studio and a convertible studio.
  • Alcove Studio – This is similar to a regular studio but assumes an L partition in the living room. This design quirk creates the perception of extra space. Aesthetics aside, it functions great as a sleeping area.
  • Convertible Studio – This is a studio with enough room to build a wall that results in a bedroom.
  • Loft – A single large room that boasts high ceilings. Lofts are often fashioned from commercial buildings that have been repurposed into residential units.
  • Micro Apartments – All New York apartments need to be at least 400 square feet in size under current zoning laws. In 2013, then-mayor Michael Bloomberg created an exception to this rule that allowed construction of micro-apartments measuring 260- to 360-sq.ft., characterized by large windows, kitchenettes, ample storage, and Juliet balconies.
  • Convertible (Flex) – This apartment type has ample room that makes it possible to fashion an extra bedroom off of the space. A good example is a one-bedroom apartment with enough room to be walled off to create a second bedroom. You may see it listed as a 2-bedroom flex (convertible 2-bedroom).
  • Junior 1 Bedroom – Another option from the different types of NYC apartments, this one is a slight upgrade on a studio and often comprises a separate sleeping room or 3/4 room.
  • Duplex/Triplex – These types of apartments have two or three levels respectively. The 2nd or 3rd floor may be utilized as sleeping quarters only.
  • Walk-up – As the name suggests, these are units housed in a building that has no elevator – hence walking up (and down) the stairs to get to your pad. The buildings have less than six floors; anything higher needs to have an elevator by law.
  • Prewar Apartment – These were constructed prior to WWII. In addition to thick walls, they come with crown moldings and other architectural minutiae that may explain the higher rental price. Often nestled on the Upper West and Upper East Sides, these apartment types are usually on large, elevator buildings.
  • Railroad Apartment – These apartments can be found in older smaller buildings and get their name from their straight floor plan. Normally, railroad apartments have 3 or 4 rooms connected without a hallway, the result of which is a thin, lengthy space in the shape of a rectangle. Bedrooms can be on either side or in the center.
  • Garden Apartment – This type of apartment gives way to a backyard and is almost always on the ground floor, although it can also be based at the basement level. You would be well advised to give this type of apartment a good check before signing anything. That’s because their partial underground location is not ideal for starters, plus they could have pests and security issues.
  • Penthouse – These units are perched near the top floor of a high-rise building that houses luxury apartments.

Those are the different types of NYC apartments you need to know about.

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