Do Moving Companies Disassemble Furniture? Unveiling the Truth

Published: 18 Aug, 2023

Last Updated: 17 Aug, 2023

Serik Baimoldayev

Serik Baimoldayev

Do moving companies disassemble furniture? It’s a common question many people ask when planning their big move.

The answer is yes, they do. Yet there’s more than just a straightforward answer to the often-asked inquiry when people are getting ready for their major relocation.

Moving can be an overwhelming process with so much to handle. From packing up your belongings, coordinating logistics, to the actual day of the move itself – it’s enough to make anyone stressed out.

And then there’s the issue of large and bulky furniture pieces. That’s where professional movers come in handy as they not only transport your items but also offer services like furniture disassembly.

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What Services Do Moving Companies Offer?

The realm of moving companies, such as SEKA Moving, encompasses a wide spectrum of services. These offerings range from packing your belongings to unloading them at the new location.

Packing and Unpacking Assistance

Movers take on the responsibility of securely packaging all your items. This includes not just clothes or kitchenware but also delicate electronics and cherished decorative pieces. Once you’ve relocated, many experienced movers offer unpacking assistance so that settling into your new home becomes less daunting.

Loading and Transporting Belongings

A significant service provided by any reputable moving company is loading packed boxes onto their trucks using advanced moving equipment. They ensure large furniture pieces are moved intact without causing damage during transit. Upon reaching the destination, they unload each item carefully.

Furniture Disassembly & Assembly Service

In addition to transporting goods safely across distances whether it’s a long-distance move or simply relocating locally – professionals in these firms disassemble furniture when necessary for transport purposes; this could include bed frames or even large dining room tables which require careful dismantling before being loaded onto the truck. At the arrival point, they will re-assemble every piece ensuring its original condition is maintained post-move. It’s important here especially while dealing with antiques where one should avoid disassembling due care required because wood-specific expertise may be essential thereon.

  1. Unscrewing bolts and screws,
  2. Taking apart interlocking pieces carefully,
  3. Safely removing stand-alone shelving units etc., can all form part of an expert mover’s job description under this category.

How Can Moving Companies Help With Disassembling Furniture?

Moving companies, such as SEKA Moving, offer a multitude of services to alleviate the stress associated with moving day. One key service is assisting in disassembling furniture items and reassembly at your new location.

The process kicks off when the movers arrive on-site. They evaluate each piece that requires disassembly and strategize accordingly. Utilizing advanced moving equipment and specific tools for disassembly designed for various materials – be it wood or metal – they meticulously dismantle each item while ensuring no damage occurs.

Safeguarding Antique Pieces

A professional moving company acknowledges certain pieces due to their age or delicacy should not undergo dismantling unless absolutely necessary; hence they avoid disassembling antiques whenever possible.

Furniture Rebuilding

Upon reaching your new home whether you’re undertaking a local move or embarking on a long-distance journey the same professionals can assist in reconstructing everything again. The crew’s skills aren’t limited to just taking things apart; they are also proficient at assembling them back together using expertise in interlocking pieces accurately without causing harm to the structure.

Cleaning Services Post-Move

In addition, most reputable moving companies charge extra but provide cleaning services after all heavy lifting has been done, which includes removing packing supplies from premises, as well as tidying up space where work was carried out leaving it neat ready next stage transition into new home. This ensures that there’s one less task for you worry about during what could otherwise be an overwhelming time.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional To Disassemble Furniture?

The process of moving locally or planning a long-distance move can be quite stressful, especially when it comes to disassembling furniture. But have you ever considered hiring professional movers like SEKA Moving for this task? Let’s delve into the benefits.

Saving Time and Reducing Stress

Moving day is often packed with numerous tasks that go beyond packing supplies in boxes. When you hire professionals who are adept at handling large dining room tables, bed frames, trundle drawers among other items requiring careful dismantling – your time gets freed up significantly.

Avoiding Damage to Valuable Items

Furniture pieces aren’t just functional; they hold sentimental value too. With their knowledge about interlocking pieces and specific assembly mechanisms, professional movers ensure minimal risk of damage during the disassembly process.

Promoting Safety During Your Move

Lifting heavy objects, such as bunk beds or vanity tables without proper training could lead to personal injury. Professionals come equipped with appropriate safety measures reducing any potential risks associated with lifting large furniture items.

Easing Reassembly Process At New Location

The same experts responsible for meticulously taking apart your belongings will reassemble them at your new location ensuring everything fits back together correctly – another benefit worth considering while pondering whether hiring professionals would make sense on moving day. Remember though: certain antiques should generally avoid being fully dismantled due its delicate nature.

What Should You Consider Before Hiring A Moving Company To Disassemble Furniture?

The task of choosing a moving company to disassemble your furniture can seem overwhelming. Making an informed decision that best suits your needs can be done by considering certain factors.

Evaluating the Experience Level

A key factor is determining whether the movers have experience with large furniture pieces like bed frames and vanity tables. For instance, SEKA Moving, a professional moving company employs experienced movers who are adept at handling various types of furniture items requiring meticulous disassembly using advanced moving equipment.

Reading Customer Reviews

Gleaning through customer reviews gives insights into how well the service was performed during both local and long-distance moves. Look for feedback about their proficiency in tasks, such as removing trundle drawers from bunk beds or dismantling stand-alone shelving units without causing damage.

Determining Service Fees

Moving companies charge based on several parameters including distance moved, size of crew needed among others. It’s crucial to inquire if there are additional fees for services like assembling/disassembling furniture or it’s included within their comprehensive quote.

Assessing Safety Measures And Insurance Coverage

Safety measures taken while disassembling antiques or other valuable items should also be evaluated before hiring any mover. Furthermore, ensure they provide adequate insurance coverage against potential damages incurred during transit due to improper packing supplies usage or mishandling by the moving crew.

What Are The Steps Involved In Disassembling Furniture?

Disassembling furniture is a vital aspect of the moving process, particularly for large furniture pieces. Comprehending the correct way to disassemble your items securely and quickly can guarantee they reach their new place in one piece.

Dismantling Drawers and Shelves

The first step involves removing any detachable components such as drawers from dressers or shelves from stand-alone units. This not only lightens the larger parts but also prevents these elements from sliding out during transit on the moving truck.

Unscrewing Bolts and Screws

Moving onto more intricate details – bolts and screws that hold your furniture together are often next in line. These usually require specific disassembly tools such as screwdrivers or wrenches, hence professional movers come equipped with advanced moving equipment for this task.

A Word about Antiques:

If you own antique furnishings requiring special care, avoid disassembling antiques altogether if possible; an improper dismantle could lead them losing value. Here’s a useful guide on handling antiques during moves. Remember whether your movers assemble back depends upon service package chosen when hiring fine art and antique movers; some may charge extra post-move assembly services whereas others include within standard packages.

Furniture Assembly After Move:

In case where hired professional mover offers assembly services after move, do check what type of assistance will be provided before signing contract. For instance, movers might assist with assembling large dining room tables but not complex structures like bunk beds which would require additional fees.

Are There Any Tips For Safely Disassembling Furniture?

The task of disassembling furniture items can appear intimidating, especially when dealing with large pieces. Despite appearing daunting, a few key tips and instructions can ensure the process is both secure and effective.

Pick The Right Tools

To start off on the right foot in your furniture disassembly journey, make sure to equip yourself with appropriate tools. These typically include screwdrivers or wrenches for unscrewing bolts and screws but could extend to more specialized disassembly tools depending upon what kind of furniture you’re working with.

Maintain A Systematic Approach

A systematic approach goes a long way during this process. As each part gets detached from its original position like trundle drawers from bed frames or interlocking pieces from vanity tables – label them promptly so that they are easier to reassemble later after moving day. Additionally keeping all small parts such as screws together in marked bags will prevent misplacement.

Handle Antiques With Extra Care

In cases where antiques or valuable furnishing items are involved extra caution should be exercised while their dismantling procedure takes place because some might even require avoiding any form of unnecessary dismantlement altogether due to their delicate nature. Expert advice suggests hiring professional movers who possess wood-specific expertise along with advanced moving equipment specifically designed for handling antique goods safely without causing damage during transit phase itself if not earlier at time when these were being taken apart initially.

Hire Professionals When Required

If certain complex objects seem too difficult or risky for self-disassembly consider seeking help through professionals instead. Companies like a well-known name among reputable moving companies provide experienced movers who specialize not only in helping dismantle intricate structures but also offer cleaning services post-dismantle, thereby ensuring complete peace of mind throughout the entire relocation period, which otherwise would have been fraught tension and uncertainty regarding safety preservation one’s precious belongings.

Remember: Safety always comes first over speediness, and, therefore, it’s important to take adequate precautions, wear protective gloves, handle sharp edges carefully, use correct tool sets, maintain an organized work environment, follow instructions closely, adhere recommended procedures strictly, avoid accidents, mishaps, potential damages occurring down the line.

Key Takeaway: Disassembling furniture may seem daunting, but with the right tools and a systematic approach, it can be safe and efficient. Handle antiques delicately or consider hiring professionals for complex pieces. Remember to prioritize safety over speediness – better safe than sorry.

FAQs in Relation to Do Moving Companies Disassemble Furniture

Will your movers disassemble furniture if hired?

Yes, at SEKA Moving our movers disassemble and reassemble furniture and remove all the packing supplies used during the move. This makes the moving process smoother for our customers and reduces potential damage.

Do I have to disassemble bed frame for movers?

No, professional movers are equipped with the skills and tools necessary to safely disassemble your bed frame for transport.

What furniture should be taken apart when moving?

Furniture that is large, bulky or fragile such as beds, wardrobes, desks and bookshelves usually require disassembly for safer transportation.

Can furniture be taken apart?

Absolutely. Most pieces of furniture can be dismantled by removing screws or bolts. However, it’s best left to professionals who know how each piece fits together.


Moving companies offer a myriad of services, disassembling furniture being one of them.

  • They come equipped with trained professionals who know the ins and outs of safely taking apart your beloved pieces.
  • Hiring these experts can save you precious time, effort, and even prevent any potential damage to your furniture or injury to yourself.
  • Before making that hire though, do consider their experience level, customer reviews and additional fees for this service.
  • The process they undertake involves careful removal of drawers and shelves, unscrewing bolts and screws – all done meticulously.
  • Safety is paramount in such tasks so protective gloves are used when handling sharp edges along with appropriate tools like screwdrivers or wrenches. Labeling parts for easy reassembly later is also part of the drill!

If you’re planning a move soon and need help with disassembling your furniture among other things, SEKA Moving is here for you! We provide professional moving services tailored to meet all your needs. Visit our website at SEKA Moving today to get started on a stress-free move!

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