Everything You Need to Know About Moving from New York to Texas

Everything You Need to Know About Moving from New York to Texas

Published: 26 Sep, 2022

Last Updated: 20 Jun, 2023

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Considering moving from New York to Texas? You’re not alone!

New York City has witnessed a steady exodus of residents over the last five years or so, with the departures gaining even more traction when COVID-19 was announced as a global health pandemic.

The driving factors behind the mass departure? Higher taxes and a ballooning cost of living have been the last straw for many, with the notoriously steep housing prices in NYC coupled with a rising crime rate only serving to add to the conviction to pack up and leave.

Then COVID came, turbo-charging remote work uptake, meaning people were no longer tied to their stations. Of course, the crisis also necessitated the need to – um – social-distance in America’s most populous city. In the first year of the pandemic alone, NYC lost almost 4 percent of its residents (over 336,000 people).

Now, as the masses continue to flee the Big Apple in droves, they are spreading out and pitching tents all over the country, including a closer home in Upstate NY and of course, in the one area that has welcomed the biggest influx of Americans over the last five or so years: Texas.

For most, moving from New York to Texas is a no-brainer really.


Benefits of Moving From New York City to Texas

Question is, why do people move to Texas from New York?

A lot of folks who have sampled life in NYC don’t take a lot of convincing for moving to Texas from New York. Individual motives vary, but generally, there is a spectrum of benefits anyone planning on moving to Texas from NYC can expect.


1. Affordable Cost of Living.

The affordable cost of living in the Lone Star State vis-à-vis NYC is one of the biggest draws for many people moving from New York to Texas.

Recognized as the most expensive city in the country, life in the Big Apple generally requires digging deeper into your back pocket. Texas is significantly cheaper in virtually every respect, whether that’s housing, food, healthcare, taxes, and most other metrics.

At a time when the cost of living nationwide has been on a continuous upward trajectory, it means a dollar spent in Texas will stretch further than it will in New York City.


2. A Fast-Growing Economy.

Every kingdom has its heyday, and NYC has been the pinnacle of American greatness for well over a century. While this is not to suggest the glory days in Gotham are well and truly over, historically we know that it reaches a point where other fiefdoms start sprouting and challenging the incumbency.

Perhaps no state signifies a dramatic entry into the big time over the past decade as much as Texas and its treasured cities, which should make for good reading for anyone with plans of moving from New York to Texas.

During that period, the Lone Star State has dominated every single list of America’s fastest-growing economies, boasting at least 3/10 cities. Every. Single. Year. Frisco, Midland, Sugar Land, McKinney, Round Rock (which is part of the Austin metro), and others have been some of the ever-presents on the annual list.


3. Warmer Climate.

Unless you’re a fan of cold weather, the warmer climes in Texas are another benefit those moving from New York to Texas can look forward to. While this won’t particularly be a priority for millennials and older Gen-Zers, it’s a draw for seniors and anyone else who favors more temperate weather all year round.

Unlike moving from NYC to Chicago or Milwaukee, moving from NY to Texas means bidding adieu to the cold and snow and looking forward to a subtropical climate where even winters remain mild.


4. Delicious Food.

This is not to take anything away from New York. Everyone knows the City that Never Sleeps is a foodie’s delight. Part of that has to do with the fact that the pride of the East Coast is the quintessential melting pot of cultures, something that has not only influenced the city’s gourmet but also means the selection of dishes to pick from is quite varied.

However, anyone harboring plans of moving from New York to Texas need not be concerned about the culinary aspect. While the food scene in NYC has few equals, Texas is no slouch either. In fact, if you have a thing for barbecues, few states can hold a candle to the Lone Star State.

But Texas is known for more than just its legendary barbecue.

Expect a motley of iconic dishes, including an assortment of Tex-Mex cuisine which borrows a lot from the large contingent of Mexicans in the state. There are also plenty of signature flavors unique to the different cities, which makes Texas diverse in its own ways when it comes to the delicacies on offer.

Speaking of diversity…


5. Tons of Diverse and Exciting Attractions.

New Yorkers are used to a fast-paced lifestyle. However, cities like Houston and San Antonio are as vibrant as they come and know how to turn it on, Texas style. Austin, for its part, has not been christened the world capital of music without good reason either.

Texas is the biggest state in the country after Alaska. But it’s more bustling than Alaska which – let’s be honest – most New Yorkers would consider a borefest (sorry Alaskans!). Anyone moving to Texas from NY can therefore expect bustling metropolises, but with less multitudes!

And then some.

The spectacular Texas landscape alone offers a sprinkle of everything, from pristine coastlines to mountains, rivers, and even desserts.

The state is big in sports (and live rodeo) and attractions here are unlike any place else. Whether you’re a historian, antique enthusiast, adventurer, or foodie, there’s plenty in Texas to keep you engaged for a few lifetimes – all without the tourist crowds synonymous with New York City.


6. Employment Opportunities.

The search for greener pastures has always been one of the main reasons people switch cities or states, whether it was in the Gold Rush period or the modern day. For a state that has a booming job market, this is easily one of the main benefits you stand to enjoy by moving from New York to Texas.

Texas promises jobs aplenty, and the good thing is that these opportunities are distributed in various industries.

Oil and gas, healthcare, and tech are the most in-demand sectors, but anyone moving to Texas from NYC with a view of entering the workforce or switching career paths has a litany of other options to pick from. Manufacturing, education, transportation, leisure and hospitality, business services, and utility sectors are all viable fields in Texas.

Overall, the state promises one of the best employment growths, fortunes that don’t look like fading anytime soon, according to economists. With some of the biggest companies in America calling Texas home, it’s easy to see why moving to Texas from NY is a huge draw.


7. Affordable Housing Prices.

One of the benefits of moving to Texas for anyone relocating from New York City is cheaper housing. It’s easy to find yourself rent-burdened in New York City (spending more than 30% of your income on rent).

This is not to say Texas is the cheapest housing market in the country. If anything, the mass migration into the state has only sent housing prices soaring. However, whether you’re renting or buying a home, the prices you can expect in the Lone Star State pale in comparison to those in NYC.

What’s more, you also get more bang for your buck as houses in Texas boast more square footage for a fraction of the cost, the city and neighborhood notwithstanding.


8. Excellent Education.

Is education a priority for you or your kids when moving from NYC to Texas? Texas has an abundance of schools at all levels, with opportunity galore in private and public institutions, as well as homeschooling options. However, it’s not all about the numbers in Texas.

The quality of the education is top-notch, with the National Center for Education Statistics noting that students in Texas enjoy higher test scores compared to most other states. As well, 9 out of every 10 schools in Texas are ranked B or higher.

The same goes for colleges and universities in the expansive state. Institutions of higher learning number north of 200, with some distinguished names comprising the likes of the University of Houston, Texas A&M, the University of Texas at Austin, and Rice University, just to cite but a few.

  What Are the Best Cities to Live in Texas?

What Are the Best Cities to Live in Texas?

Of course, one of the top things on your mind when moving from New York to Texas is location. In an ideal world, you want to find a good city you resonate with and a neighborhood that speaks to you.

If you’re moving to Texas from NY for work or school reasons, though, you may not have much leeway when it comes to your choice of city. Not to worry! There are plenty of good cities to live in Texas that you might want to consider before you start evaluating movers from NYC to Texas.

As someone moving from NY to Texas, you’re probably thinking of a bigger city. Texas is not short of those, but the difference is that they are less crowded than what you’re used to. That can only be a good thing, right? Right?!

Here are our top picks for the best cities to live in Texas.



Dallas is not only one of the best cities to live in Texas, but it’s also an area that epitomizes the modern Texan city. It serves up a mix of big-city lifestyle and tranquil suburban life, making it a perfect fit for residents across the board, whether you prefer the cacophony and bustle of downtown or the quieter suburbs.

The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area is home to a large number of corporations and is considered one of the most prosperous economies in the country. The area is ripe with employment opportunities and you don’t have to fret about an exaggerated cost of living, particularly if you’re coming in from New York!

Quality of healthcare is top – as is education – and sports fans are well-catered for. The city has an abundance of big-city amenities and entertainment options abound.



The list of top cities to live in Texas would be incomplete without Austin. The economy of Texas is the second-largest in the US in terms of GDP (and top 10 in the world), and Austin is at the heart of it.

With a flourishing economy characterized by high-paying jobs, it’s no wonder Austin is considered the top city in America for families.

Austin is known for its welcoming vibe, and the residents here enjoy a high quality of life. But there are more reasons to move to Austin Texas. The cost of living is fair for a city its size and anyone moving from NYC to Austin can revel in the knowledge that the top attractions in and around the capital are just a stone’s throw away.



If you’re moving to Texas from New York and don’t want to lose the element of a packed city, none fits the description better than Houston. This is the most populous city in the Lone Star State, but it doesn’t mean you will still be consigned to crumpled quarters after moving to Houston from NYC. This is still very much Texas, and by that token alone, “everything’s bigger”.

In fact, Houston boasts the world’s largest medical center, so expect top-of-the-line healthcare. You’ll also have access to excellent schools, universities, and research institutions. A terrific food scene awaits, and of course, Houston is also big in sports and other entertainment options.

For a city its size, Houston has an affordable cost of living and anyone moving from NYC to Houston can also look forward to one of the healthiest job markets in the country. There are plenty of job opportunities spread out in different sectors and low taxes help keep the cost of living lower.


San Antonio

With all the limelight being hogged by the likes of Dallas and Austin, San Antonio has been sort of slept on despite being the second-largest city in the state. But make no mistake, the city of 2.5 million residents is one of the best cities to live in Texas for a reason.

San Antonio is considered one of the top 5 fastest growing cities in the United States, which should be great news for anyone moving from New York to Texas with the intention of joining the job market. Expectedly, like with most of the other entries that make up our best cities to live in Texas list, it has a booming economy that presents many employment opportunities while attracting high-quality labor onto its shores.

For San Antonio, though, it’s much more than just the economy. Known as the home of the Alamo, this is a city steeped in history, and that is evident from the city’s façade and its rich array of historical and cultural attractions. It mixes that up with a dollop of natural wonders just a short drive from the city, in addition to amusement parks, and a slew of other thrilling attractions.

As one of the top cities to live in Texas, San Antonio boasts picturesque neighborhoods served by a thriving entertainment scene to keep every New Yorker satisfied.

Education in the city is ace, and despite all the goodies it promises, San Antonio has managed to maintain a low cost of living. It’s without a doubt one of the best cities to live in Texas.


How to Plan a Move to Texas?

So, now that your decision for moving from New York to Texas has been cemented, what remains is to figure out how to actually get there.

One question you need to answer is: how far is Texas from NY?

The distance from New York to Texas by road is approximately 1700 miles. Obviously, this could vary widely depending on where exactly you’re headed, more so when you consider Texas is not the smallest state.

If you’re moving to Texas from NY, you need to make a decision factoring in a number of considerations, including:

  • Budget;
  • How to get your belongings there – hiring a moving company, renting a truck, moving without possessions to start on a clean slate, etc.;
  • Amount of possessions to move;
  • Type of service if you’re using a professional moving company (full-service vs. partial service).

Usually, hiring a professional mover is the best way to relocate over such a long distance. However, keep in mind that only interstate movers like SEKA Moving are licensed to provide relocation services across state lines. That’s the base requirement. More than that, you also need to hire a mover that speaks to you because, obviously, you want a company that puts your interests at heart.

At SEKA, we can provide the peace of mind you need to successfully execute your move from New York to Texas, working around your needs; not ours.

Cost of Moving From NYC to Texas

Cost of Moving From NYC to Texas

Of course, the cost of moving to Texas from NYC is something everybody making the move wants to know. In truth, though, the actual cost is dependent on a long list of factors, examples of which include:

  • Size of the move;
  • The actual distance involved;
  • Type of moving service;
  • Special requirements like packing services, furniture disassembly and reassembly, short-term or long-term storage service, insurance, and more.

If you want to know how much it costs to move to Texas from NYC, the best thing would be to request an estimate from the moving company. This should better reflect the actual cost of your move. At SEKA, we provide moving quotes at no charge and with zero obligation.


What is the Best Time for Moving from New York to Texas?

Sometimes, you may not have much say as far as the time to move is concerned, keeping the dynamics of life in mind.

However, assuming you have the liberty to choose when to move, you might want to pencil in your move from September onwards, ideally before winter descends on the Big Apple as that can result in perilous driving conditions.

Between September and October, the severe temperatures of summer have all but died down and there is less likelihood of being hit by a tornado. Moreover, you’re likely to enjoy cheaper moving rates if you can time your move for after September. The summer months are peak moving season and moving costs are highest during this period since everyone is relocating and moving companies have a busy calendar.

As well, if you’re flexible enough, consider slotting your moving date in the middle of the month since most people relocate at the end of the month. You can save significant sums with this single decision, double so if you pick a day in the middle of the week as opposed to a weekend.

Regardless of the day or season, our professional moving services from New York to Texas are available 24/7 throughout the year.


Everyone has their own reasons for choosing to swap the Big Apple for the Lone Star State.

Whatever those reasons are, moving from New York to Texas is not a bad decision at all, whether you’re doing it for work reasons, education, cost of living, weather, or [insert personal reason here].

It is a big change both in terms of lifestyle and logistics. We’ll leave you to worry about the former considering you have your reasons for moving to Texas from NY. Logistics are what we are good at.

So, if you have a move from NYC to Texas lined up, this is one of our favorite routes and you can rest assured that we can get you there in style without jeopardizing your finances.

  Frequently asked questions on Everything You Need to Know About Moving from New York to Texas

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Does It Take to Drive From New York to Texas?

Since we are talking about relocation, we want to assume this question is in the context of using a moving company truck to move belongings from New York to Texas.

This is quite the long haul, and the exact timing will depend on different factors. The exact distance being covered will have a bearing on the time, as will the amount of belongings being hauled, not to mention other factors like weather.

On average, a drive from NYC to Texas by truck takes 26-32 hours. But if you’re moving by car, it should take approximately 27 hours on the road or thereabouts.


How Much Does It Cost to Move to Texas?

To which part of Texas are you headed? What’s the size of the house being moved – a small studio or three-bedroom apartment? Are there additional services such as packing, storage, or insurance you desire? How about the stairs in your building – how far atop the building is your apartment? Will the elevator be reserved on Moving Day?

All these factors (and more!) can affect the cost of moving from New York to Texas. The best way to find a concrete figure is to request a free moving estimate which we provide at no obligation at all.


Why Do People Move to Texas?

Plenty of reasons if you’re coming from New York – better jobs and more employment opportunities, lower cost of living, cheaper housing, warmer climate, education reasons, and so on.


How Far Is Texas From NY?

With an average distance of 1700 miles separating the two, it’s fair to say it’s quite the distance moving from New York to Texas.


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