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Published: 30 Sep, 2021

Last Updated: 22 Jan, 2023

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Cool Admin #1

If you are like many people, you have probably considered DIY moving the vehicle from a truck rental company instead of hiring experts with long distance moving trucks and all necessary equipment. You think you can save money by doing everything yourself. However, when you need to pack, transport, deliver, and unpack all your belongings across the country, you will regret this decision quickly as the stress builds up. Experience the difference the professionals make during the moving process.


Top Considerations for Long Distance Moving Customers

The quest to find the best long haul moving company involves a lot of different questions and concerns. Once you decide to leave your move in the hands of the experts, consider the following points.

  • How much stuff do you have to move? This determines the type of truck or number of trucks as well as labor hours and other things.
  • Is anything delicate, sensitive, or requires other types of special handling? Make sure the help you choose has experience with these types of situations so your belongings will reach the other side in great condition.
  • Are the company and your property insured during the move? It is important to protect your interests financially in case of a catastrophic situation. It is equally as important to protect the workers if they get injured in any way without compromising your personal finance.
  • How much work are you willing and able to do on your own? Do not overestimate your ability to take care of a long-distance move without professional help. It is a stressful, tiring, strenuous, and a lengthy process. Anyone can rent a truck from a local business, but very few can take care of every other part of the journey.

Should You Hire a Moving Company or Rent a Moving Truck?

Considering the following pros and cons of each side of this question.

Advantages of hiring full-service movers:

  • Very low stress when you choose a reputable, experienced company;
  • Highly convenient process with no hands-on involvement;
  • Fully insured against damage, loss, and other problems;
  • You do not have to drive a large vehicle you are not use to;
  • No heavy lifting or hard labor on either side of the journey.

Disadvantages of hiring a professional moving service:

  • Higher cost than renting a truck and doing it all yourself.

A full-service move offers a high degree of convenience with a higher price tag. Of course, hiring professionals to do all the packing, driving, and unloading for you costs money. Doing everything yourself can be a lot cheaper but you make up for that savings in pure stress.


Different Needs for Cross Country Moves and Local Moves

When you first look for moving services for a long-distance relocation, you must realize that it is quite different than simply moving across town. If you have a small amount of furniture, equipment, and other things to transport a few blocks away, it can make sense to pack it all yourself and higher rentals for moving.

A cross country move involves a long list of different requirements and risks. These include your ability to drive a large truck, securing the vehicle overnight, storage, loading and unloading properly, and so much more. It is simply worth it to hire experts to provide moving labor and peace of mind.


Long Distance Movers Provide Full Service for You

Relocating involves enough stress. Instead of looking for a moving truck rental, buying moving boxes at Home Depot or another shop, and tackling the entire process yourself, call in the experts. You get more than muscles to heft your property and drivers to navigate the roadways between here and there. You get comprehensive customer service and a clear and budget-friendly cost for unlimited mileage.

When you hire the best long distance moving trucks and relocation service teams, you get everything necessary to make the process as stress free, fast, affordable, and secure as possible.

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