Hiring Movers vs. Moving by Yourself

Hiring Movers vs. Moving by Yourself

Published: 10 Feb, 2020

Last Updated: 06 Feb, 2023

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Moving always requires lots of choices: where to move, when to move, what to keep, what to recycle, etc. The main choice you need to make is whether to hire movers or move by yourself.

The main criteria for most of our customers are price, time, and stress. To get an accurate price range, we suggest requesting quotes from several moving companies. Then you can estimate the cost if you were to move by yourself.

After reading the article, you can easily decide the rest and choose the moving option with enough time, less stress, and within your budget.


1. Moving by Yourself

Moving by yourself is a convenient cost-effective option if you have enough time and people to do it. If you only have a few things to move, then moving by yourself is the best option. Remember, that you will need helpers and a driver with a valid driver’s license, who can drive the truck with your belongings.

Pros of Moving by Yourself

  • You control everything
  • Your move at your own pace
  • Costs less than hiring a moving company
  • Going up and down the stairs with heavy items is a workout

Cons of Moving by Yourself

  • You and your helpers will have to do everything. That’s a lot of work and responsibility.
  • Greater risk of damaging your items than professional movers due to lack of experience.
  • Truck rental fees, mileage fees, and fuel expenses add up if your move is a long-distance and takes longer than a day.
  • Even if you are paying less money-wise, it costs you more timewise.

Costs Associated With Moving by Yourself

  • Truck expenses: Rental truck fees, mileage fees, and fuel expenses. The more days it takes you, the more rental truck fees you will pay. You will accumulate more mileage fees, the further you drive. Obviously, you need gas in order to drive your truck. Don’t forget to fuel up your truck before returning. Otherwise, the truck rental company will charge you extra.
  • Packing materials: You will need boxes, bubble wrap, and moving blankets to protect your belongings. Also, you need lots of duct tape.
  • Helpers: If you have friends and family who are willing to help you with your move, then, at least, you need to provide some food and drinks. If no one is available, you will have to hire movers without a truck to do the labor. In both cases, consider giving your helpers some gratuity.

2. Hiring Movers

This is the best option if it is within your budget or if you don’t want to deal with everything. Also, there is no need to ask your friends, relatives, or colleagues for help.

Professional movers will bring their own packing materials. They know how to properly pack, wrap, and handle your belongings. Movers are trained, and they will do it quickly and safely. Overall, hiring movers is less stress and less risk for injuries.

Pros of Hiring Movers

  • Licensed and insured company means your items will be insured.
  • Can handle a move of any size.
  • Movers know how to safely wrap and pack your belongings.
  • They will take less time.

Cons of Hiring Movers

  • You have less control over how your move goes.
  • More expensive than moving by yourself.
  • You work on their timeline.

Costs Associated With Hiring Movers

  • Cost of the move: When you request a quote, your moving company will provide you a quote in writing or digitally. At least, you need the money to cover that amount.
  • Tips: If you are satisfied with the moving services you received, the usual practice is to tip each mover individually.
  • Additional Insurance: If you are not satisfied with your moving company’s insurance coverage, you can buy additional insurance.
  • Unforeseen Fees: If the electricity goes down in your building, and the elevator stops working. Then your movers could charge you fees for the stairs. There are other reasonable fees that companies charge. Make sure to clarify with your moving company.

Now you know the pros and cons of hiring movers and moving by yourself. You also know the costs associated with each. It should be easier for you to choose the moving option with enough time, less stress, and within your budget.

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