How Much Does A Local Move Cost?

How Much Does A Local Move Cost?

Published: 06 Jan, 2020

Last Updated: 29 Jan, 2023

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Knowing in advance how much does your local move cost helps to plan your finances. If you allocate a certain amount of money for your move, you would hate to pay more than you planned. We wrote this article to share some insights about the cost of local moves.


1. Overview of the Local Move

A local move is any relocation under 50 or sometimes 100 miles within the same state. Usually, it takes at least two movers and a truck to do a local move. It makes no sense for companies to send less than two movers. One mover physically can’t load large or heavy items into the truck and unload them at the destination. That’s why almost all moving companies send a truck with at least two movers.


2. Hourly vs. Flat-Rate Estimates

There are two types of estimates that help you to know the cost of your local move: hourly or flat rate. Remember that in both cases, some supplies like boxes could be charged separately.

The main benefit of the hourly estimate is you pay exactly for the time spent on your move. Don’t forget that time is usually rounded to a quarter or a half an hour.

Below are the average hourly rates for local moves, according to Thumbtack:

  • 2 movers with a truck: $100 per hour;
  • 3 movers with a truck: $145 per hour;
  • 4 movers with a truck: $190 per hour.

The main benefit of a flat rate estimate is that your move will cost a fixed price. In this case, the price depends on the total volume of the items that movers will handle.


Don’t Forget About the Fees

Some moving companies charge fees for stairs: if there are lots of stairs, they might cost you extra. Another fee to watch out for is a travel fee. It takes some time for your moving crew to get to your house, so some movers might charge for travel time.

At SEKA Moving, we won’t charge you with any abovementioned fees, but we do have a 3-hour minimum. If you want to get a quote from movers with hundreds of 5-star reviews, use this form to request a free quote. You can also call us at (212) 203-0280, and we will tell you exactly how much your local move will cost.

If you have fine art pieces that require special handling, it might change your quote. In this case, we advise you to tell the salesperson about them. That way, you will get a more accurate quote, and movers will handle your specialty items with extra care.

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