How Much to Tip the Movers?

How Much to Tip the Movers?

Published: 09 Jan, 2023

Last Updated: 20 Jun, 2023

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Whether you are relocating somewhere far and hiring long-distance movers, or simply moving to a nearby neighborhood, your movers take on a great responsibility when they assist you with packing and relocation. This can be arduous work for everyone involved.

The rules and conditions can unquestionably vary from place to place – for example, if you’re moving from New York to San Francisco, you may want to read on the tipping differences. But overall, regardless of the services provided to you, tipping is a necessary part of work etiquette. SEKA Moving presents to you an ultimate guide that should answer the basic questions you have about tipping your movers.


Do You Have To Tip Movers?

Of course, there is no law that imposes you to tip your movers, and is legally voluntary. However, you may notice that no matter which service, most customers still tip their workers. Why? Usually, these workers devote the time out of their whole day to provide you with the best quality service, and regardless of any varying consequences or requests, strive to do their job with precision and dedication. This is hard work which isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Tips from customers often help supplement workers for their otherwise low wages. They can often become the most rewarding part of their day after the long, arduous work that has been done. So of course, while tipping isn’t mandatory, it’s highly recommended and indicative of politeness, respect and manners.


How Much Tip for Movers is Customary?

valuable to check out the information on your local etiquette! Each place may have different rules, but in general, they are all going to be calculated off the percentage of the price of your total moving expenses. For instance, you would pay each person 10-15% in the case of a four-hour-move. If the move took longer than twelve hours, consider leaving the moving crew with a 25-30% tip for such a laborious work.


When Should You Tip Movers?

Among all your questions about the tipping policy, you may be wondering when is the most appropriate time to tip the movers. If you are turning to the services of two local companies, both at the start and end points of your journey, tip one crew after they are done loading and the other, accordingly, when they finish unloading.

Make sure not to tip during their working process, as the movers may be focused on getting their job done properly. Moving often includes steps such as handling fragile items, or doing the work efficiently, so if you see the movers in the middle of such intricate work, it could be a good idea to consider increasing your tip calculations. It is also best not to tip at the end of the working day, since the moving crew may no longer be the same and splitting the price can become complicated.

  What to Consider When Deciding How Much to Tip my Movers?

What to Consider When Deciding How Much to Tip My Movers?

When you are hiring a moving company, a whole bunch of factors play a part in your choice. Your calculations of an appropriate tip for the hard-working team that will be serving you should be based foremost on the difficulty of the tasks they perform, as well as the size of your move.

You should also take into account the quality, efficiency and professionalism of the workers’ performance – make sure to reward hard work the way it needs to be rewarded. Besides that, consider the total number of the movers who will be assisting you, so you can calculate and distribute the payment fairly!


When You Don’t Have to Tip Movers?

We have discussed so much on tipping policy that it is now time to answer the reverse question. Is there ever a time where tipping isn’t recommended? The answer is yes – if you received service which was below satisfactory, if your requests weren’t met or your property has been damaged.

You also have the right to refuse tips if the movers showed up late at your house, ignored any special requests you may have had (such as handling fragile items or boxes with care), or took breaks which were too long. Overall, you have a right to refuse tips if you were provided with bad quality service.


How Much to Tip Long-Distance Movers?

Long-distance travels will accordingly mean higher costs of a total move, which can often reach a number in the thousands. They also mean longer trips, more arduous work, and most likely, a larger amount of belongings that needs to get relocated. Consider all of these things when calculating the price and tipping each worker. It’s best to use the hourly tip policy in the case of long-distance trips.


Standard Tipping for Movers

In short, there is no standard, because as it was mentioned before, tipping is not required by law. However, the average percentage would be 15% – 20%. Although that works for many industries, it may not be the most advisable guide in relation to moving companies, as the cost is determined both by the work of the movers and the traveling distance. You also have the right to decide your exact tip, based on the quality of service you were provided and the difficulty of the work performed by the movers.


Tip Etiquette for Movers: the Best Way to Tip Movers

Tipping movers is a wonderful gesture which not only presents you as a well-mannered person, but also makes a worker’s day brighter and is truly rewarding. One thing is absolutely mandatory: it’s best to always have cash with you at hand. With the rare exception of some moving companies including gratuity on their bills, you’ll always be tipping your movers in cash.

Other than that, you have a lot of variety. You can tip each mover or hand the total price to the lead of the crew. You can choose to offer food, drinks or snacks to your local movers as a little extra thank you for the work they have done. The main rule in this case is: no matter how you choose to tip your movers, it’s better to tip in some way than none at all.

Once you kick back and relax in your new home, you will not regret taking a little time out of your day and budget to reward your movers for the ways they were of service to you.

  Frequently asked questions on tipping movers

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Tip Movers When They Load or Unload?

This depends on your moving situation. If you are turning to the services of just one company, you can choose to either tip separately, both after loading and unloading.

If you’re turning to the services of two companies at once, give the workers from one company a tip when they load, and the workers from another company when they unload.


Do You Tip Each Mover Separately?

Yes, you can choose to tip each mover separately. This can be a great, recommended way to thank each worker individually for their service. However, you don’t necessarily have to tip each mover individually. Regardless of whether you are paying in cash or check (in case your moving company includes gratuity on their bill), you can instead hand over the payment to the boss. The boss will then do the job of distributing the payments to each mover, including your tips.


Is It Okay Not to Tip Movers?

Think of this: your movers are a team whom you are trusting with your most valuable items, especially if they are fragile or heavyweight. This work can not only be exhausting, but also dangerous at times. These are the people who will reassure that your possessions arrive at your new home in their best condition. Therefore, tipping your movers would be considered a sign of etiquette.


Can I Tip Movers With Food or Drinks?

Tipping with food or drinks is certainly not obligated, but it is part of well-mannered etiquette when you’re being helped and served by any team. Remember that the movers will be working lengthy hours – anywhere from half a day to more than one day. They will take long trips without having a chance to stop on the way for breaks to get your work arranged as fastidiously as possible. So if it’s possible, definitely consider treating the moving team like your guests! It’s never a bad idea to be generous and offer food, drinks or snacks or your choice.

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