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How to Find the Best Moving Truck Rates 

How to Find the Best Moving Truck Rates 

Moving is a life event that requires extensive planning. Coordinating everything and preparing for the move can be challenging. 

There are many things to think about when it comes to relocating.  

One of those things is getting a moving truck for your items. Unless you have very few possessions, you will need one. 

How do you pick a moving truck and find the best moving truck rates? 

Here is our guide. 

Choosing a Moving Truck 

Not all moving trucks are the same. You’ll want to find one that best suits your needs. 

You can do this by taking a look at what you need to move and how far. 

Take stock of all the items you plan to relocate. 

A few questions you can ask yourself are: 

  • What types of items am I moving? 
  • How large are they? 
  • Are there any fragile items?

Another thing you could do before choosing a moving truck is to eliminate any items you don’t need to bring with you. Doing this will guarantee that you get the right size truck for the possessions you plan on moving. 

Once you have a good inventory of your items, it’s time to choose a truck. 

You’ll need to look at the truck’s size and determine if it can handle all of the moving boxes you have. 

After you have an idea of the truck size you need, you’ll need to determine if you want to do DIY moving or hire professional movers

Doing it on your own could save cash, but a moving truck company can give you peace of mind. 

Both are valid options depending on how complicated your move is. The more you need to move and the further you need to go, the more appealing a moving truck company is. 

Finding the Best Moving Truck Rates 

The price for a moving truck can vary significantly between different companies and the types of trucks they offer. 

A few factors that can affect moving truck rates include: 

  • Move distance
  • Truck size 
  • Time of year 
  • Location of the rental truck company 
  • Unlimited or limited miles 
  • Labor 
  • Amount of trips needed 
  • Temporary storage

Most moving trucks will have a few sizes they offer to accommodate your belongings. 

A few standard dimensions include: 

  • 10-foot or 12-foot cargo vans that are ideal for moving items from a smaller space
  • 17-foot trucks for mid-size moving, 1-2-bedroom homes
  • 26-foot trucks for large, 3+ bedroom homes 

The moving truck isn’t the only expense. Keep in mind that moving companies may charge for materials like furniture pads, boxes, and fuel. 

Some tips that you can follow to drive down the cost a little bit would be to: 

  • Call the moving truck rental company to get a price estimate to see what they do and do not include 
  • Look for coupons 
  • Compare packages 
  • Eliminate excess items before you move 

With some careful planning and coordination, it is possible to drive down the cost of your move. 

Doing all of these steps will help you find the best moving truck rates available. 

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