How to Make Friends in a New City After Moving?

How to Make Friends in a New City After Moving?

Published: 24 Oct, 2022

Last Updated: 21 Mar, 2023

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Congratulations – you have just made your big move! You’ve even found a fitting place to settle, probably turning to the help of residential movers.

It’s a thrilling event worthy of celebration. Moving to a new country, or even relocating within the area of your nation, is a defining step in anyone’s life. Still, the new area feels callous to you without any connections. Making friends in a small town even seems like a tradition, but in a big crowded place, you don’t know where to begin…

At SEKA Moving’s blog, you have come to the right place! This article features endless possible options to make friends in a new city after moving.

The Best Ways to Make New Friends When You Move to a New City

The Best Ways to Make New Friends When You Move to a New City

1. Find Classes

One of the best ways to meet new people in a new city is to find classes that you can join. Hobbies are a great way to connect with people who have similar interests, whether it’s an educational institution, a library, a sports club, or a jazz bar. Don’t try too hard to fit in: think about looking up classes related to activities you’d enjoy if you were alone or with your old group of friends.


2. Get Involved in the Community

An easy, introductory advice to bond with peers in your new home-city is to seek the simplest, most common ways to connect with your community. This includes giving yourself a shopping tour around the city, going to a local sports game, generously making donations to local organizations, or simply reading newspapers on the daily. Blending into the community will help you meet more people and feel like a member of your society.


3. Introduce Yourself in Local Facebook Groups

Nowadays, social media has leaped miles ahead in communication, and the popularity of networking keeps increasing by the day.

Go on Facebook, tap the “search” bar and look for groups of people from your new city (examples include: “Residents of New York”, or “Welcome to San Diego”.) You can also look up groups related to your interests or characteristics, for example, “Young artists of Cape Cod”. If it’s an open group, make an introduction post, where you share a little about yourself in a friendly manner.


4. Visit Language Classes (If It Is Necessary)

What if your relocation was international and you are still unfamiliar with the language of your new country? You can join language courses that can help you adapt quicker, and link with like-minded individuals. Meeting people who are also at beginner or intermediate stages of learning can dilute your insecurity about your ethnic accent or use of language.


5. Bond With Your Co-workers

We can’t ignore one of the essentials of making friends in a new city – meeting people at work. As soon as you find a job in your new place, you are likely to interact with co-workers. Work is a great opportunity to get to know more about the individuals you are surrounded with. Being generous and kind is essential in bonding and making supreme connections.


6. Connect With Friends of Your Friends

If you’re wondering where to go to make friends, the answer can be closer than you expect. This can be a great alternative idea for you if your first steps in linking with people are socially awkward. Reach out to your old friends and if possible, ask them to introduce you to someone they know who lives in your new area. You would be surprised how small the world can be.


7. Invite Your Neighbors to a Housewarming Party

Relationships with neighbors often don’t go further than greetings and farewell, which is a pity; you could be missing out on valuable friendships. A housewarming party can be a lovely way to welcome neighbors into your house.

Introduce yourself, as well as all the guests to one another. Find background music, then lay out a table with plenty of drinks and snacks to offer to your guests. You can even search for, or come up with easy introductory games. Make sure to plan and prepare your party in advance, so you don’t leave anyone waiting!


8. Walk a Dog

What may seem like a daily and sometimes mundane activity with your beloved pet can turn into an opportunity to make new connections. For instance, would you believe some neighborhoods in California are actually famous for their dog-walking strolls?

Find a local place where dog walkers tend to gather. You can easily spark a conversation with a simple question, such as “Which breed is your pup?” At the very least, it’s already guaranteed you both have a four-legged “interest” in common.


9. Attend Local Events

One of the best ways to make connections in a new area is to attend local events. Did you find yourself in a small town in the countryside, popular for its weekly fairs and board game stands? Or is it a multimillion-populated city, beaming with billboards and advertisements of a new show, play, concert, etc. on the daily?

Regardless of the case, entertainment is essential in almost any location. Everyone gets overwhelmed with work and loves to go see a show or fair on occasion. Check out the most anticipated local meetups and schedule something fun for the weekend!


10. Join a Gym

Getting these scheduled workouts takes willpower, but isn’t it rewarding? Many people find they have more motivation when they aren’t alone. Time to find a gym buddy!

Joining a local gym is an excellent way to combine staying fit and healthy with an opportunity to make friends who can be a great sport – no pun intended. In some places, gyms are also extremely affordable, and you can purchase a membership for as low as $10 a month.


11. Join a Book Club

Shoutout to the avid readers! One advantage of clubs categorized by interests is that they help you bond with like-minded people.

What’s great about a book club is that it can immediately get you talking. You’ll find pals with whom you can discuss a book you’re currently reading, and exchange literary suggestions for a time in solitude.


12. Visit Local Parks

Even the most urban of cities are likely to feature parks, which appear to be nature’s getaway. Everyone loves going to parks – they are scenic, relaxing and a breath of fresh air – last pun, we promise. Walking in nearby parks can also become a part of your habitual exercise routine.

In relaxed surroundings, people are less likely to soak in the stress of everyday hustle, making parks a highly probable location for whimsical conversations.


13. Become a Volunteer

Making a new city feel like home sometimes includes not only getting involved in services the community provides, but also serving and helping it in some way. As a brilliant way to make friends in a new city, we recommend looking up organizations you can volunteer for.

Look up a topic you feel passionate about, whether it’s an animal shelter, organizations dedicated to reducing pollution, or expanding the city’s cultural sphere. You will take pride in knowing you didn’t remain indifferent and chose to take action in contributing positively to the community.


14. Share Airbnb’s

Airbnb’s are a comfortable and cozy option for all travelers, whether long or short-distance. If you’ve never rented one, we highly recommend checking out that option! You will particularly enjoy it if you’re a hiker or traveler.

When you share an Airbnb, the experience almost precisely resembles sharing a home, which creates a certain foundation and base for friendships to form. Even if you are the type to get protective over your personal space, and feel uncomfortable sharing a room with strangers, there are always less-closely packed variations, such as multiple-room options or more secluded areas.


15. Try Dating Apps

You may not only be seeking friendships, but also something more. There is even that cute person at work you wanted to ask out – but you just don’t have the guts to approach them directly…

If you think about it, dating apps are akin to the same, old-fashioned way to socialize and go on dates, except that the first step is way less terrifying. They are easily accessible, mostly free, and affordable, and although some people claim they take away initial chemistry, they certainly diminish the nerve-racking aspect to compensate! Always remember to use your best judgment when it comes to safety. It is not recommended to meet in person before confirming each other’s identity, such as through a FaceTime call.


16. Spend Time in Cafes

Whether you’re leaving work, have some hours left before classes, or are soaking in your blissful day-off, it’s always delightful to grab a coffee in a cozy, small cafe with pleasant decor – or an alcoholic beverage at a bar on a Friday night…

Choose a free day the next time you’re in your favorite cafe or bar. Find a spot to settle, make eye contact with people around, and begin to socialize.


17. Visit Local Museums

Every place most likely features an arrangement of museums, which are only a drive-distance away. What captivates you? Is it Renaissance art? Musical theory? The Neanderthal period?

Throughout history, art has often connected people and brought them together, and modern times have carried on that tendency. In addition, some museums hold local events or gatherings of their own, so always keep your eye on the pulse of culture.


18. Go to Farmer’s Markets

If you moved from a big city to a quieter place, you may have never been to a farmer’s market – and we recommend you turn that around! Add that to your list of practical ways to make beautiful connections – and you have a win-win situation.

At a farmer’s market, you can not only buy fresh food collected straight from a farmer’s garden but also support small businesses by making a purchase. Besides, you can always speak up a chat with the friendly people around.


19. Have a Garage Sale

Lay out all items that are still in good condition, yet you never end up using them. Disposing of them doesn’t seem like a solution, either. All these items can be used by you to host a garage sale. You will not only be able to sell your old goods into reliable hands but also meet (and make friends with) their new owners.

Best Apps to Make Friends

Best Apps to Make Friends

1. Hey! VINA

Apps aren’t all about hookups and/or relationships – you can easily discover friendships online, too! Hey! VINA is a perfect example, being an online app dedicated to women who travel. Filled with articles and quizzes, it is best suited for girls who want to find best friends – and keep in mind, there’s no such thing as too old.


2. Bumble BFF

Bumble is popular for its dating option, yet little do many users know that’s only one of its three modes, the other two being Bumble BFF and Bumble Buzz. Obviously, we’re here to discuss the BFF option.

If you’re already used to the Bumble app, the BFF segment is crafted to help you find friendships in a similar fashion as you’d find dates – no new algorithm or complicated method. Be yourself and let your personality shine to attract a friend circle that’s right for you.


3. Peanut

Here we have another wonderful app for women with a focus on fertility and pregnancy. Women unite to exchange meaningful information, as well as offer each other support and compassion during the most emotional and overwhelming phase of their life. Whether you are a mother, or mother-to-be, or have scientific/medical knowledge in the subject, Peanut is the place to go.


4. Bloom

Bloom was designed to confront loneliness and help people link together, which is an especially relevant theme after the recent quarantine. You simply create an ad where you share a little bit about yourself, and what you are looking for out there. There’s no way to go wrong with Bloom, whether you’re seeking deep conversations and friendship to last a lifetime or a cheerful group with a sense of humor to accompany you in seeing a newly released movie.


5. Friender

The availability of this app has now been limited to iOS selectively (and that’s unfortunate), but we still had to include it on our list! Friender uses an algorithm to connect you to like-minded individuals by interest. You simply choose your hobbies and interests from a wide selection of choices, and get started!


6. Meetup

How useful would it be to create an app that helps you find groups of people passionate about similar events or activities (kayaking, going to see the newest thriller, etc?) Or even connecting by finding a common ground – for example, through a similar background or heritage?

Lucky you, because Meetup already exists! Feel free to either organize meetings of your own or look up ones already in existence. In either case, you won’t be left out alone, and have a solid chance of finding new friendships.

Frequently asked questions on How to Make Friends in a New City After Moving?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can a 30-Year-Old Make Friends in a New City?

There is a stereotype that after a certain age, friendships get challenging to find and maintain. And it didn’t originate without a reason: you most likely aren’t in college anymore, are focusing on setting down, and are occupied with work obligations. Nonetheless, don’t let the restrictions fool you! In reality, your 30s are some of your best years, and certainly not the deadline to stop putting yourself out there and seeking connection.

Join classes, clubs, or social groups, whether in reality or on social media. Find the linking/socializing style which works for you best, without pushing yourself too far out of your comfort zone, but also with an encouraging and confident attitude. You may find that friendships in your 30s are as reliable and trustworthy as ever.


How to Make Friends in a New City in Your 20S?

20s are all about barely getting started with life. In fact, you are probably in the midst of still figuring it out. Responsibilities you are now faced with feel new, confusing or overwhelming. Perhaps you are a transfer student, or have just relocated to study at the university or college of your dreams…

And there isn’t a more perfectly suited place for connections! Try to participate as actively as you can in your place of study. It’s guaranteed there are plenty of free or affordable activities you can join and try. Always remember to stay true to your interests and traits. Do not try to fit in in places that don’t feel authentic, no matter how tempting: your friends will find you, sooner or later.


How Long Does It Take To Make Friends After Moving?

Honestly, there is no due date to get settled. You’re not on a waiting list to make friends. It all depends on your personality, as well as how enthusiastic you are to get out there and connect. We would estimate, however, that the average time for making friends after the relocation is at least a couple of months.

Maybe you’re the bubbly social butterfly, aching to visit every Comic Con in existence. Maybe you prefer to shy away from most social events unless it’s a mystery book club or a stroll in the park while journaling. No matter the instance, stay true to yourself, and you’re guaranteed to find friendships meant to last.

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