How to Move a Single Item?

How to Move a Single Item?

Published: 09 Mar, 2020

Last Updated: 06 Feb, 2023

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When moving a single item, you have 2 options: hiring movers or moving by yourself. The cheapest way to move an item is to rent a van and ask your friends for a hand. But there are many cases when hiring a professional mover to relocate one item makes sense. The decision also depends on how far you need to move the item: within your house, within the city, or across the state or country.

So, you have the following options depending on your item and the distance.


1. Moving a Single Item Within Your House

Let’s say you want to move your old couch from the living room to your garden. You can do it by yourself and ask your family members or friends for help. Also, you can hire a couple of movers.

If the item is large and heavy, you can damage it, or worse, you may hurt yourself. In this case, it is better to hire labor-only movers.


2. Moving a Single Item Within the City

We’ll look at examples such as delivering the item from a store to your house or moving a specialty item across the town.

Pack it yourself properly if needed, load it yourself into the van or truck and drive to your destination. If you don’t have a vehicle, you can always rent one from U-Haul or Penske.

In cases with specialty items, we suggest you hire movers for packing, loading, and unloading.

Another option would be hiring movers to do everything: packing, loading, delivering to the destination, unloading, and unpacking. Also, the movers will put the item where you need it. The best part of this is that your move will be insured.

This article will tell you how much local movers cost.


3. Moving a Single Item Across the State or Country

In this case, we recommend hiring full-service movers because your move will be insured. They will pack it properly, load into their vehicle, and deliver to the destination.

But the other option is, you can pack it yourself properly, and call the transportation company. In this case, the company might not be responsible for damages.

If you decided to hire a mover, you should choose a reputable one, especially if you need a long-distance move. Beware of scammers because they can take your valuable item hostage and pressure you to pay an enormous amount of money.

This article will tell you how much long-distance movers cost.

If you are moving across the country, read this article to learn how to save money on cross-country moves.


4. When Should You Hire Movers to Move a Single Item?

So, when should you consider a single item moving services? Why pay one-item movers when you can manage on your own?

  • Your item is highly valuable monetarily or sentimentally, and you don’t want to risk damaging it.
  • The item is very delicate, such as antiques, piano, etc. and requires extra care.
  • You’re moving a specialty item, such as pool table, hot tub, etc. that has special moving requirements.
  • If an item is oversized or heavy, and you don’t want to risk your health and safety. You may hurt your back or sustain any injury when attempting to move a heavy or oversized item by yourself or with a friend. The safety of your property is also under the risk. When carrying a heavy item around, you can bump it against a wall, scratch the floor, hit the doorways, or drop it on the floor.

Professional moving companies have rich experience and skills on how to safely move all kinds of goods. They also have quality packing supplies and moving equipment, so they can ensure the best protection of your items and prevent damages to your property during relocation.

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