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How to Move With a Cat – Safe and Stress-free Pet Moving

Published: 14 Nov, 2021

Last Updated: 21 Jan, 2023

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Moving to a new home is stressful enough, but add a one or more cats to the mix, and you have a recipe for trouble. Not only is it logistically difficult to manage curious feline friends when you or the moving company is packing boxes and moving them, but it is also hard to keep your cat safe and comfortable. These tips will help you understand how to move with the cat in a way that minimizes risk, anxiety, and disruption of their usual habits and schedules.


1. Plan in Advance for Your Feline Friends’ Safety and Comfort

Unlike with a human child, you cannot explain to your cat about the upcoming move and help them feel excited about the opportunity to travel to a new home to explore. However, there are several things you should do well before the big day. Book an appointment with the veterinarian and make sure they are in optimum health. It is a good idea to do this well before the moving truck arrives so they do not associate one negative thing with another.

If you have not done it already, contact a microchip company and get your cat chipped. This is a simple, relatively painless, and affordable procedure that makes it possible to recover your cat more easily if they slip out or get lost during the moving process. It is a horrible thing to think about, but one you can take steps to prevent. Also, make sure their collar tags include your name, phone numbers, new address, and other essential information.

If your furry friend is not used to a cat carrier, practice putting them in it during calm times for a week or two before the move. When they rub their facial pheromones on the carrier, it will make it more comfortable in the future. Make it an even more positive experience by including favorite cuddly blankets, soft toys, and other safe objects with your scent on them.


2. Keep Your Cat Safe on Moving Day

One of the most important things to do before movers arrive at your home is to tell them that you have one or more cats and they must not get out. Inform the moving company well in advance and remind every single person who comes to help of the same thing. A large part of knowing how to move with a cat is keeping your cat away from the moving process as much as possible. The last thing you want is them slipping out when you open the door or getting stuck in a box or packing crate.

Help your cat feel comfortable by designating one room as they are spot until the rest of the house or apartment is packed up. If necessary, have the movers handle one room at a time so you can monitor all doors and windows. Leave the carrier in the room with your cat so they can use it as a comfort spot during the process. Leave food and water and a litter box as well.


3. How to Move With a Cat – The Journey Itself

Of course, you cannot put your cat carrier on the moving truck whether you are going across the country or just through town. If you are not taking your private vehicle to the new location, organize transport of your feline friend to appropriate methods. This could include safe pet transport on an airplane or a private company who specializes in this service.

Never open the cat carrier during the move unless it desperately needs cleaning or your cat becomes injured in some way. You may get the urge to soothe them with a cuddle and some pets, but it only increases the risk of them escaping and getting lost. Instead, pet them through the fabric of a soft carrier or the holes in a hard one, lean down to let them smell you, and talk soothingly throughout the process. Unless the move is exceptionally long, you do not need to worry about feeding your cat on the drive.

Finally, you and your precious pets have arrived in the new home. Repeat the careful process while the moving company carries furniture, boxes, and other property inside. Keep the cat in the carrier until everything is done. Then, introduce their new world to them slowly one room at a time to minimize stress. It is possible to learn how to move with a cat in a positive way that keeps everyone safe and happy.

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