How to Pack Jewelry for a Move

How to Pack Jewelry for a Move?

Published: 20 Jul, 2022

Last Updated: 09 Feb, 2023

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So, you want to know how to pack jewelry for moving? Good. You probably have learned the hard way.

It’s common to misplace or lose items when moving house; and often, it’s usually the smaller, but extremely essential items. Like phone chargers. And headphones. Nail clippers. And, of course, jewelry.

It can be extremely exasperating when you need these everyday carries post-move but cannot locate them. If they are as valuable as expensive jewelry, that frustration can quickly be replaced with worry if you can’t locate your baubles weeks or even months after moving in.

You don’t want to find yourself in that kind of pickle. That is why it’s important to know how to pack jewelry for moving.

In this post, we reveal some hacks for packing jewelry, including necklace packing, how to pack earrings, and how to pack necklaces while avoiding tangling. We’ve also been juicing vegetables a lot lately and feel energetic to tackle some questions about the topic which we’ll deal with later.

Straight to it then.


What Are the Best Ways to Pack Jewelry?

Knowing how to pack jewelry for moving is not only meant to prevent misplacement. Knotting is common when packing jewelry too, and necklaces are particularly notorious for this.

If you’ve disentangled a necklace with stubborn knots before, you know how much of a pain it can be. So you definitely don’t want to find yourself untangling ten!

Like fine art moving, there is a need to exercise care and caution when packing jewelry for moving because you don’t want to damage your cherished pieces.

Here then, are some tips on how to pack jewelry for a move that will save you a lot of trouble:

  1. Use Straws for Necklace Packing.

    One of the best methods for packing necklaces is to thread them through a regular straw. Yup, that straw you get when you pick up your favorite smoothie from the juicery.

    Simply take your necklace and slip it through a straw, then bend the straw on either end to clasp it. That’s it! This works for delicate necklaces and chains. You can trim the straw as necessary.

    If you swear by a sustainable lifestyle or do not have any plastic straws on hand, consider using paper straws instead. You can readily find them online.

    In the case of larger chains, repeat the procedure using a toilet paper roll or a paper towel roll.

  2. Use a Jewelry Roll.

    Jewelry rolls are perfect for packing jewelry for moving, but if you’ve been wondering how to pack jewelry for travel without carrying the original cases in multiples, we couldn’t recommend this method enough.

    Jewelry rolls feature individual pockets to keep your trinkets sorted neatly and knot-free, and are a must-have for anyone with a small or medium-sized jewelry collection. You can always invest in a few rolls depending on the size of your collection, so consider including that in your moving checklist when sourcing packing supplies.

  3. Use Egg Cartons for Necklace Packing (And Rings).

    An egg carton is an amazing jewelry travel box, who would have thought! It works great for anyone trying to work out how to pack jewelry for moving without misplacing it or getting necklaces entangled.

    The good thing about egg cartons is that they are super convenient and can be used to pack multiple pieces (of different types). Plus, egg cartons are eco-friendly provided you’re not using the plastic ones. We recommend this method for necklaces and small chains, although you can use it to pack rings too if you do not have a sunglasses case on hand.

    To pack your necklaces and chains, string the sides of each piece through holes made on the top part of each individual cup. Clasp the chain from there and then drop the rest of the necklace inside the egg carton cup. Voila!

    Repeat the procedure for each necklace.

    Packing rings in an egg carton is as easy as 123.

    Simply drop each piece in its own cup, then fill the cup with a wad of crumpled packing paper. Once done, use packing tape to secure the contents in the carton and you shouldn’t have to worry about your bling getting lost amid the chaos of moving.

    Just don’t forget to label lest the egg carton mistakenly ends up in the trash can!

  4. Knowing how to pack earrings is essential as these are some of the most commonly misplaced pieces of jewelry. Buttons are a genius hack for packing earrings and will ensure no pair loses its other half.

    All you need is one button for each pair of earrings. Simply slip the earring posts through each button hole, then secure the backs on the other side. You can then put the buttons with your earrings in an egg carton – dump them in the egg carton cups and cover the cups with crumpled paper, before sealing with packing tape.

    Avoid putting earrings directly in small plastic bags as this can cause tarnish. Unless you…

  5. Wrap Each Piece of Jewelry in Tissue Paper.

    Curious to know how to pack jewelry for moving without damaging valuable pieces? Tissue paper is a simple way that can reduce that risk for you.

    While tissue paper is as basic as basic gets, it is a great way to prevent expensive jewelry such as gold from scratching. Soft kitchen paper towels or table napkins are an excellent alternative.

    Wrap your individual pieces in your paper of choice and then place them separately in a sandwich bag.

  6. Use Pill Cases for Storing Small Items Individually.

    A pill case is an alternative for egg cartons and can be used to safely pack jewelry for moving. It works better for earrings and studs but not so much for delicate necklaces as necklaces run the risk of intertwining.

  7. Use Spring or Spiral Binding From a Notebook for Necklaces Packing.

    This jewelry packing hack can be used in conjunction with the straw method we discussed earlier for necklace packing. It reduces the likelihood of necklace tangling and is pretty straightforward really.

    Once you’ve fed each individual necklace through a straw, take the necklace clasp and hook it to one loop of the spiral. That’s it.

  8. Use Business Cards.

    This jewelry packing tip will especially appeal to hobbyists and creatives. If you have a bunch of business cards lying around, you can repurpose them to pack everything from necklaces to earrings.

    For necklaces, simply make two holes in the middle of the card, then go ahead and loop your chain through the two holes, before clasping it on the opposite side. For earrings, poke as many holes on the card as the number of earrings you want to attach to the card. Then, slip the earring posts through the holes (one hole per earring) and secure the backs on the other side.

    Business cards work great because the paper material is sturdy. An alternative is to use foam in place of cards.

  9. Put Rings in a Sunglass Case.

    We alluded to this point when discussing how to pack jewelry for a move earlier, and this age-old tip should be your first go-to when packing rings for a move if you have a sunglass case you’re not using.

    While rings won’t get tangled, it’s very easy to lose them should they fall in the wrong place, and it could take even years to happen across them (by chance).

    A sunglasses case can help you avoid that risk.


The good thing about packing jewelry for a move is that the best hacks are simple and inexpensive. Nobody wants to lose their valuable jewelry, more so if it’s a family heirloom, expensive piece, or something that means the world to you.

By following the above simple tips on how to pack jewelry for moving, you can rest easy knowing your cherished possessions will arrive in an organized fashion and without the risk of misplacing or losing them.

  Frequently asked questions on how to pack jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Pack Necklaces Without Tangling?

The main goal when packing necklaces is to prevent tangling. And there are several ways you can achieve this.

For one, you want to pack your necklaces one-by-one as opposed to bundling them together. Secondly, aim to spread out each necklace before wrapping depending on the method you’re using to pack, whether it’s the straw method, egg carton, spiral binding, or business card/foam method.

We don’t advise to pack necklaces directly on plastic wrap or inside plastic bags, especially in hot weather. That’s because any moisture buildup could tarnish your trinkets. Always wrap your jewelry in a soft material such as tissue paper first.


How to Pack Bracelets?

When packing bracelets for a move, the idea is to prevent friction with other pieces as this can easily cause scratches on your bangles, and bracelet chains can also become intertwined.

Wrap individual bracelets separately using soft packing paper and if there are some with fragile components such as a gemstone, ornament, or charm, use white packing paper and ensure it completely covers these delicate sections. Avoid using bubble wrap.

Once that’s done, wrap your paper-protected bracelet using plastic wrap and secure it with tape.


How to Pack Earrings for Travel?

The two main concerns with earrings are losing pair partners and tangling (for dangling pieces).

It’s very easy to misplace earrings when moving or traveling, but luckily, there are plenty of ways to avoid that. You can stick them in a piece of foam or business card and secure them with the earring back.

You can also use button holes to pack your earrings for travel or organize them in a pill case.

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