How to Pack Lampshades for Moving?

When you contemplate the list of things you’ll need to pack for your move, how long will it take until you remember to count in lampshades? You are probably wondering, how do you even pack them in the first place? It’s unlikely you’d want to do all the work before moving day, so it’s best to be up and running in advance.


Tips on How to Pack a Lampshade When Moving

Lampshades will need to be packed separately, regardless of whether you are among local movers or are traveling long-distance. Keep reading to discover the best way to pack lampshades for moving.

  1. Choose the right size of the box.

    The first step would be choosing a box that is just the right size to carry your light shades. Make sure that when you start packing, there is just a little extra space for the packing material. If, however, there is too much extra space, packing paper, towels or clothing can be used to fill up the gaps. Seal the bottom of the box with tape to ensure its efficiency.

  2. Disassemble the lampshades.

    Most lampshades are too large to travel in their initial condition, so you’ll need to take care of disassembling them first. It is recommended to place the separate parts of a disassembled lampshade into different boxes.

    You will screw off the top of the lampshade by twisting it repeatedly in a counterclockwise direction. If separating the tab doesn’t work that way, try it again by twisting the base of the lampshade itself.

  3. Clean the shades before you start packing them.

    Just before you start packing, it’s a good idea to guarantee the lampshades arrive at your new home in their best condition. Lampshades can gather a lot of dust after spending a long time at your old home.

    If the dust is only scattered on the surface, you can clean it with a hair drier or vacuum – the latter is probably best for reaching crevice attachments. If you’ve ever used lint rollers for your clothing, they can work well on lamp shades too, as well as regular tape! Art paint brushes, on the other hand, can be used to reach the smallest crevices or details.

    There’s a large variance of lightscape lighting, and Seka Moving advises to clean other types of lampshades separately. For example, plastic or glass lampshades are to be cleaned with regular soapy water and dried with a fan. Do not submerge glass lampshades in water due to their delicacy. Use a dirt removal sponge on parchment lampshades. If you do not have one, a piece of regular white bread can work as a lifehack.

  4. Wrap lampshades in tissue paper or a lightweight towel.

    Your next step will be wrapping the contents before they get packed into boxes. You can use tissue paper or a lightweight towel as materials for your lampshades. Do not use printed newspaper, as it isn’t secure enough as a material and therefore doesn’t guarantee to protect the lampshade. Wrap the tissue paper or towel tightly and securely around the shade.

  5. Wrap the base in bubble wrap.

    The base of the lampshade is often the heaviest part and takes up plenty of space. You will need a secure covering to ensure it’s protected. Wrap the base of the lampshade in bubble wrap securely, before placing it in the box. Make sure all the parts of it are covered to avoid damage or scratches.

  6. Pack one lampshade in a box.

    When packing the lampshade, always place it in the center of the box. Seka Moving recommends that only one lampshade is used per box to not overstuff. As mentioned previously, leave a little extra space for the packing material of your choice.

  7. Fill the empty space in the box with wadded-up paper.

    You are now going to do just as suggested in the previous steps: fill in these empty gaps left over in your box. Objects can be prone towards moving around during the trip, and you wouldn’t want to cause any damage, especially with all the other boxes being transported.

  8. Mark the boxes that contain the lampshades.

    To simplify your unpacking process when you get to your new place, it’s always crucial to make sure all your boxes are properly labeled. You wouldn’t want to spend months searching for that one item that feels long lost. Mark separately the boxes with the tab and the shade, so you know which ones to unpack when putting your lampshade back together at the new place.


Now that you know how to pack lampshades for moving, you’re all set on the tips. Lampshades may not be the easiest to take care of, but once you get used to the routine, the job will feel easy. You are now equipped to get your stuff together, while Seka Moving will take on the responsibility of guaranteeing all your belongings arrive safely to their new place!

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