How to Pack Makeup for Moving: Best Packing Tips

How to Pack Makeup for Moving: Best Packing Tips

Published: 23 Dec, 2022

Last Updated: 20 Jun, 2023

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One of the main questions that you may have prior to moving day is how to pack everything properly. Amidst the fragile items you will be packing are your beauty products, such as foundation bottles and brushes. Packing makeup can be a struggle mainly because of its texture, which is easily prone towards making a mess, especially with all the unpredictable movement while inside the truck (if you are hiring residential movers) or your personal vehicle. All of this only adds on to the stress of moving, which may already weigh heavily on your shoulders.

Knowing the right tips and tricks on how to pack makeup can greatly ease your distress. We present to you the best makeup packing tips to guarantee that your beauty essentials arrive at their new home safely, and you’re ready to use them as soon as possible!


What to Pack In Your Makeup Bag for Moving?

Let’s start with the obvious: plastic bags aren’t so convenient, therefore you will need a makeup bag. Use your best judgment of the size of your makeup collection to determine the size and type of makeup bag you will need. Know that bags with pouches and pockets are particularly useful, as they help keep your items separated from one another. Also, makeup bags with simple-to-clean lining are highly recommended, as they are the easiest to clean with water and soap from the inevitable mess that makeup items tend to make.

If you already have a makeup bag and would like to stick to it, it can be convenient to optimize your makeup collection first, to make sure your bag isn’t overpacked. Any makeup you no longer need can be gifted, donated, thrown out or recycled.

When beginning to pack, prioritize the essentials you would normally use everyday, such as hair ties, nail polish or makeup wipes. Next, move on to the top-used face products like foundation, primer, concealer, mascara, blush and/or lip balm. These can vary depending on the preferences of your makeup routine. If you still have space left, add any makeup items of your choice such as eyeshadow or lip glosses.

  How to Pack Makeup for Moving?

How to Pack Makeup for Moving?

  1. The best way to pack your makeup for a safe, reliable move is to separately wrap and seal every item. We understand the temptation of wanting to place everything in one bag without order, but trust us, once you’re in your new home, you will not regret the fact that you have taken these few extra steps!
  2. Instead, organize your makeup into categories. For example, pack mascaras and eyeliners in a similar container rather than foundation. This will not only help you keep your collection organized and each item easy to locate, but prevent messiness.
  3. Use plastic poly films for packing your makeup items. This will protect each item individually from unsealing during the move.

Tips for Packing Liquids

It’s relatively easy to pack solid makeup essentials such as lipsticks or powder-like items, as they have less of a chance of smudging, spilling and making a mess, completely ruining your move. When it comes to liquids, however, the task isn’t as easy!

To avoid any of your liquid products exploding or leaking, it could be a good idea to pour liquids into contact lens cases. This easy tip can become an easy, compact solution. If you are a fan of foundation and find that limiting its use won’t do your makeup routine justice, consider mixing liquids with powder foundations or entirely replacing liquid foundations with powders.

If you’re carrying foundation in compact bottles, apply plastic wrap over bottle openings to make the seal tighter. Then, place the foundation bottles into ziplock bags and secure tightly.


Tips for Storing Your Makeup

Not only does packing makeup have its tips and nuances, storing your makeup the right way upon arrival matters equally as much, if not more. Knowing how to store your makeup collections will contribute to keeping your house tidy and organized. It can also prevent the spread of bacteria, as well as ensure each item lasts you longer.

To further optimize and organize your collection in your new home, we recommend purchasing clear bins with sections for each item. Such bins ensure that you always have every item in sight: mascaras, lipsticks, eyeliners and so on. That way, you can easily locate whichever item it is that you need and prevent any item from missing or ever being out of sight. This can work just as well with a clear makeup organizer.

If you’re among the makeup gurus and your collection is way above-average, you can dedicate a whole shelf or drawer to organizing your makeup. Long, thin drawers work particularly well for this purpose, as they tend to keep every item clean and don’t occupy too much space.

Just a few easy tips – and you won’t have any spillages, smudges or leaks occur during your trip! With SEKA Moving, your makeup is guaranteed to arrive at its new destination safely and tidily.

  Frequently asked questions on packing makeup for moving

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Pack Perfumes for Moving?

One of the most fragile essentials among your beauty items are the perfume bottles, therefore you will need to pack these with care and caution.

  • Keep them in their original box, or if you have thrown the box away, find one that fits.
  • Use tape to seal the bottles for extra security.
  • Wrap the perfume bottles in multiple layers of separate packing material, such as bubble wrap.
  • Finally, place the packed and sealed perfume bottle into a robust box of larger size.

What Type of Makeup Bag Do I Need for Packing?

A lot of the beauty essentials, such as foundation or primer, are in liquid form. Therefore, it’s so easy to go wrong with a makeup bag and arrive at the new place with unexpected spills. Look for a leak-proof makeup bag that can contain any spillages and prevent them from ruining any other items.


How to Pack Makeup Brushes?

The next time you’re ordering or purchasing a makeup brush, don’t throw away the nets – they will help you a lot in your packing process! These little nets are particularly designed to reuse, as they help keep the brushes in their original shape throughout time.

To avoid getting your brushes greased with eyeshadow or foundation, consider purchasing brush storage capsules to serve as a protective case for your brushes, as well as help you save packing space.

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