How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving: Helpful Tips

How to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving: Helpful Tips

Published: 30 Dec, 2022

Last Updated: 20 Jun, 2023

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Who doesn’t enjoy having a glass of wine in their backyard on a Friday evening after work? When moving, you can have the same opportunity in your new home. However, before you bring out an armchair and kick back with a glass of your favorite brand, there are a few things you must know.

It’s important to pay special attention to belongings that are made of thin or delicate material, and are therefore particularly prone towards breaking. Among these are fine art, sentimental pieces of jewelry, and of course, fragile dishes like glasses. Keep reading SEKA Moving’s guide – and in no time, you will be equipped to pack wine glasses for your move.


What Materials Do I Need to Pack Wine Glasses?

We will get started on the most essential part of packing wine glasses: the materials. First, you are going to choose the correct type of box. For wine glasses, the most suitable type of box is one that’s big and secure enough to fit all your glasses and keep them far apart, so that they do not crush during the move.

You will need plenty, PLENTY (we cannot stress the latter word enough!!!) of packing paper. Part of it you will cushion inside the box. Another part will be used to pack each glass individually. In a few paragraphs, you will find out just how to do that.

Finally, SEKA Moving advises that you use cardboard inserts, aka dividers. They help apply more stability to the positioning of your glasses during the move. However, even if you do not have them, do not stress, as they are not mandatory and there are still ways to secure your belongings without them.

  How to Pack Wine Glasses for a Move?

How to Pack Wine Glasses for a Move?

The unconventional shape of wine glasses, with long stems and wide, fragile glasses makes them particularly tricky to pack safely. As a result, they tend to break easily if packed incorrectly. However, there is an easy particular packing method which helps achieve that efficiently and with no damage.

  1. Set out the packing paper you have prepared among your materials.
  2. Place the wine glass on the packing paper horizontally, then grab just a corner of the packing paper and roll the glass into the packing paper.
  3. Keep rolling until you reach the other end of the paper, as if you were making a burrito.
  4. Take the wrapped glass and place it on another piece of packing paper, then repeat the same procedure.
  5. Optimally, you should wrap thicker glasses in at least 3 sheets of packing paper, and thinner glasses in at least 5.

Tips for Safe Transportation

When planning your move ahead, it is vital that you take care of having your belongings transported just as safely as you packed them. Hiring local movers only strengthens the guarantee that your belongings will arrive at their new home safely and in the best condition possible.

  • Therefore, regardless of whether you are packing with or without dividers, make sure that everything is packed tightly.
  • It’s also recommended that you apply cushions of packing paper in-between the layers.
  • Make sure that there are no void spaces in the box by filling up as much as you could with paper. This will prevent the glasses from moving around during your trip.
  • Use packing tape to seal the box both horizontally and vertically, then label “FRAGILE” or “GLASS” on every side. That way, the movers will be informed to treat this box with extra care and caution.

Storing Wine Glasses in Your New Home

Congratulations – you have made it to your destination safely! Nonetheless, the work is far from done, as you likely have dozens of boxes to unpack. SEKA Moving is offering a few tips on wine glass storage, therefore reorganizing your interior in a tidier fashion.

  • If your glass collection is a fine one, always store them bowl-up to protect their more delicate bowls. Their strong, robust base ensures safety and protection.
  • Always keep your fine glasses about one and a half inches apart to prevent the glass from chipping.
  • Never store the glasses in a ying-yang manner (one glass bowl-up, one glass stem-up), as that increases the probability of the glass chipping or breaking.
  • When it comes to cheaper glasses, it’s best to store all glasses on their rims. For cheap glassware, you can even use their original boxes if you keep these!
  • In the case of using boxes, make sure to clean the glasses before and after storage to prevent dusting and unpleasant scents.

With this simple collection of tips and tricks, SEKA Moving promises that your collection remains in its brand-new condition upon arrival!

  Frequently asked questions on moving wine collection

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Wrap Fragile Glasses for Moving?

The way to wrap fragile glasses to pack them for moving is by rolling the glass into the packing paper, starting with the corner of the packing paper. You need to roll in a similar fashion as if you were making a burrito.


How Can I Move My Glasses Without Breaking Them?

In order to move your glasses without damaging their fragile structure, wrap them in bubble wrap or linen and pick them up carefully. Always pack your glasses upright, as they are safer and more stable that way.


How Do You Pack Wine Glasses Without Dividers?

As we have mentioned above, dividers (aka cardboard inserts) do become a great deal in packing wine glasses, but they aren’t mandatory. In their absence, you will need to wrap the stem of the glass extra carefully to create a cylindrical bundle. You also need to pay precise attention to the cushioning on top of and below the layers, making it stable enough to protect the glasses.

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