How to Pack Your Shoes for Moving Day

Published: 28 Jul, 2021

Last Updated: 09 Feb, 2023

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Your shoe collection may cause problems on moving day if you do not know how to pack your shoes for maximum protection and space. The multiple types of shoes you wear undoubtedly come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from a pair of sneakers to high heels to sandals to the bulkiest shoes like winter boots. The goal when packing for a move is to take up as little space as possible while minimizing the risk that your property is damaged. These tips for shoe packing will help you achieve these objectives no matter how many shoes and boots you own.


Tip #1 – Stuff Your Shoes to Use Space Wisely

The structure of issue or boot leaves a lot of unused space inside where your foot usually goes while wearing it. When you pack your shoes for transport to a new location, you can use the space wisely instead of leaving it empty. Besides maximizing usable space, putting things inside your shoes also helps protect their structure so they do not get crushed.

What should you stuff your shoes with? While rolled up socks seem an obvious choice for filling your footwear, you can put anything small enough inside. This includes soft furnishings like washcloths and dishtowels or even breakable items like small statues or glasses. Just make sure to wrap them first with bubble wrap or other types of protection. You may also want to put anything inside a shoe in a plastic bag first.


Tip #2 – Use Shoe Boxes on Fancy or Expensive Dress Shoes

While the inclusion of a shoebox may not save space for your moving day packing, it will protect your most expensive shoes in the best way possible. Also, boxes are much easier to stack than bags of shoes or even suitcases. Do not simply toss your pair of high heels or brogues in a box on their own, however. Wrap each shoe carefully and fill out the space in the box for maximum protection.


Tip #3 – Pack Like You’re Traveling – Shoes in a Suitcase

How do you bring your collection of footwear along when you go on vacation or a business trip? You can use the same methods when you get ready to move from one house to another. Chances are you still have a suitcase, garment bag, or backpack on hand that you would use for holiday travel. Stuffed and protected shoes can move easily in the bottom of your suitcase. Putting shoes in a backpack is a great option, too. They Are Protected by the clothes and other items you bring along for your first days in a new location.


Tip #4 – Connect Casual Shoes for Easy Unpacking

Some types of shoes do not need a lot of protection when moving. They will not break or become damaged even if you simply throw them in a box and tape it closed. Athletic shoes, casual sandals, canvas flats, and snow or rain boots are simple to pack. If you want to make unpacking once you reach your destination super simple, connect pairs of shoes together so you do not have to sort them when you reach the other side. Loop the laces of your gym shoes together and used twist ties or zip ties to connect others easily. After the movers unload all the boxes and you need to return to regular life, you can grab pairs of shoes without fumbling through a large container of loose ones.


Tip #5 – Categorize and Pack Shoes by Season

If you move in February, you will not need your beach sandals for many months. If moving day foals in August, your snow boots are useless for now. Instead of using these packing tips on all of your footwear styles, create separate categories and pack them separately based on when you will need to wear them. Unpacking after a move takes a lot of time and energy. If you can put off part of the process for a week or month, it alleviates a lot of stress. Keep your winter boots with other cold-weather gear and simply tuck the box into the whole closet until you need it.

These packing tips will help you protect your shoes when you move from one home to another. As long as you take extra care with expensive or fancy footwear, you can maximize space usage and ensure every shoe arrives safely in the end.

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