How to Unpack and Organize Things after Moving?

How to Unpack and Organize Things after Moving?

Published: 15 Jun, 2022

Last Updated: 19 Jan, 2023

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How exciting – you have just moved into your new home! It’s highly probable you may even want to celebrate the end of your voyage. Meanwhile, nobody likes spending their first few days in a half-empty home, climbing over unopened packages and moving supplies boxes to get from one room to another.

In either case, you likely have plenty of unpacking and organizing to do. Seka Moving wants to help you settle into your new home quickly and efficiently.


How to Unpack After a Move: Sequence of Steps

It’s natural that after the move, your first priority is to feel settled, enjoy a cup of warm tea on the new kitchen table and rest after a long move in the new bedroom. Moving is a tiring process, especially for residential movers, but even moving within the territory of your county or city can be stressful.

To simplify the task, you will need to plan your unpacking process thoroughly. You have likely organized your belongings in an orderly fashion before the move, yet unpacking is a process just as meticulous. Follow the moving strategy we have prepared for you below and you will have no issues unpacking.

  1. Examine Box Labels Before Emptying Them Out.

    You have just arrived into your new apartment, and are standing in a room full of boxes, most likely wondering: how do I make it all fall into place?

    First and foremost, you’re gonna need to figure out a plan before diving straight into unpacking. To do that, you must know the order in which you are opening your boxes. You may examine the labels on the boxes, or even open the boxes and glance inside to be sure of their content.

  2. Unpack the Boxes With the Necessities First.

    The first box or boxes which should be unpacked is, of course, the one with the necessary items which won’t fail to supply you in the short term. You must always start with the essentials before proceeding to minor, less important, or decorative items.

    Empty all the boxes which have your most essential items or tools. In absence of a separate essential box(es), simply think of what you’ll need for the next few days and unpack these things first. These items may include basics like toiletries, documents, work or school material, medications, some initial kitchen equipment, and so on.

  3. Unpack the Boxes With the Kitchen Items.

    Having now unpacked the essential items gives you space to kick back a little, yet the rest of the house remains patchy. Seka Moving recommends getting your kitchen together as the next step. Getting the basics done should give you some opportunity to use kitchen items before setting up your house fully.

    First, unpack the most important kitchen supplies, such as dishes and flatware. Place dishes, spoons, forks, etc. in drawers that are easy to reach and access at any time. Set up pans and pots in larger drawers near the oven. Place spices and pantry items on visible shelves.

    If the kitchen has a stove, place flat items like baking sheets beneath it to use space wisely. Plug-in electric kitchen items, such as coffee machines.

  4. Up next is setting up your bedroom supplies. Unpack the linen sheets for your new bedrooms. If you plan ahead, you would most likely already have a set of sheets for each bed. Cover the beds with sheets and pillows.

    It’s ideal if the bedroom in your new location has a closet, but even if that is not the case, you can consider installing shelves later to make your unpacking easier.

  5. Unpack the Bathroom Supplies.

    Among the most important parts of setting up a brand new apartment is having a set-up bathroom. In most cases, a lot of the bathroom necessities are already set up beforehand, but you can still make adjustments.

    To make your new bathroom a nice place, start with the basics. Unpack and arrange towels and toiletries. Set up the shower curtain. Then unpack smaller items such as medications and body care products.

  6. Create a Furniture Arrangement Plan and Follow It.

    Here comes one of your more complex steps. Furniture usually comes in large pieces and takes a while to be put together, so mistakes might cost you starting the whole project over from square one.

    Do not hesitate to worry! Seka Moving recommends that you make a plan, to avoid having to redo later. Think about how you’re going to use up the space in your new home or rearrange the furniture that’s already installed in place. You may even draw a small map of the house to plan.

    Proceed to install larger furniture, such as bookshelves, only when you know for sure where you’re going to locate them.

  7. Organize Cords and Electricity.

    Most likely, you ended up with a big clew of cords after moving! Seka Moving advises first placing away all the cords that you wouldn’t be initially using. Wrap your cords up before putting them aside, so that they do not end up tangled. Keep them temporarily in a box or drawer.

    Connect all the remaining cords and organize electricity. Avoid running cords through doorways that have doors, or under rugs, as the latter can be a dangerous solution due to friction damage.

  8. Decorate Your New Home When Everything Is Organized.

    Now that the hard work is done, you get to the easiest, and perhaps the most enjoyable step – the decorating! After the final touches, you can consider the project done and finally relax freely into your new home.

    Set the tone of the front door. Layer the lighting in the rooms. Hang up mirrors and artworks on the walls and arrange framed family photos. Set up decorative items of your choice.

    Whatever it is that you do, feel free to unleash your creativity. Make your new home into a cozy place of residence for yourself, your family, friends, and guests to feel safe and comfortable in!


How Long Does It Take To Unpack After Moving?

A recent survey by Duck Brand Tape has concluded that on average, people take 182 days to unpack their belongings. That is accurate – many will spend months, or in some cases, even years with unpacked boxes sitting in their homes. It is logical that the amplitude of work overwhelms and intimidates many movers, to the point where they don’t know where to start and keep putting the task aside.

It doesn’t have to be that way! Seka Moving would like to offer a pleasantly surprising solution. With help, assistance and a plan at hand, you can absolutely unpack your belongings over the course of a few days to a week.

Of course, this also depends on the size of your new home, the number of belongings you are carrying with you, and the amount of free time you can devote. In any case scenario, nonetheless, you will also escape the pressure and the stress, as there is no rush or timeline in most cases.

Moving is exhausting indeed, and always requires some patience. Do not feel overwhelmed with the abundance of work ahead. You can guarantee yourself a more rapid and stress-free unpacking experience by following our verified steps.

When you are reliant upon a sufficient method, you will be able to immerse into the atmosphere of your new home in as little time as possible.

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