Lower Your Moving Cost: Friends, U-Haul, & Boxes

Lower Your Moving Cost: Friends, U-Haul, & Boxes

Published: 24 Dec, 2018

Last Updated: 31 Jan, 2023

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Cool Admin #1

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If you are reading this post, you are more likely looking to lower your moving cost. There is nothing wrong with doing so, however, you should be informed that it requires more strength, endurance, time, and nerves as well. If you are on a budget and want to lower your moving cost, you need the following: strong friends, a U-Haul truck, and lots of free boxes.


1. Friends

Obviously, you won’t be able to move your bed or couch by yourself and load it to your truck. Especially, if you live on the twelfth floor. That’s why you should find 2-3 fit friends who will volunteer their time to help you. Don’t forget to feed and thank them appropriately.


2. U-Haul

Renting a U-Haul truck is more than just paying for gas and the truck. In case someone hits or scratches your truck, get insurance from U-Haul for an additional cost. Have lots of cash to pay for toll roads and write down every payment in a notepad app on your phone. In the end, you can calculate how expensive your move was and if hiring professional movers is a better option.


3. Free Boxes

First, go to different stores and gather boxes. Consider going to Aldi, Costco, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc. These boxes could be enough for you. Otherwise, you can go to Home Depot and Walmart and buy larger boxes that you couldn’t find for free.


4. More Tips for Moving on Budget

Now, you should have a truck, helpers, and enough boxes to pack your items. Next thing you need is to buy is lots of tape and construction garbage bags. You can put your clothes into the garbage bags, and you know why you will need the tape. If you are packing your items by yourself, this self-packing guide can help you. Follow these tips before your moving day and use this local moving checklist to make your move organized, smooth, and less stressful.

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