Most and Least Stressed States to Move and Live In America

Most and Least Stressed States to Move and Live In America

Published: 30 Nov, 2022

Last Updated: 18 Jul, 2023

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As citizens of the United States, we often make the decision to relocate to a new state due to the amount of stress in our current home. If you are moving from one state to another, there’s a number of things you want to consider, such as hiring a long distance moving company, looking at the state statistics, and hearing from the state’s residents. You definitely want to confirm that the new state you are moving to won’t be equally as burdening.


How to Determine How Stressed the State Is?

It isn’t always as simple as you think. Is it the skyscraper business capitals, which attract dozens of millions of tourists annually? Or the states with the largest suburban territory, due to the competitive labor market?

Don’t forget that the criteria of deciding is individuals, and every resident will have their different set of priorities. For example, one person’s definition of least stressful may revolve around low crime rates and a safe school for their children, while someone else may accentuate career opportunities and short commute hours. Nevertheless, there are some absolutes which could serve as valid guidelines for all.

When determining the stress levels of a state, it’s important to consider every criteria, such as working hours, commute times, the ratio of income, percentage of unemployment, health insurance, and family-related stress. Given all these aspects altogether, this is SEKA Moving’s a quick guide to the most and least stressed states.

  The Most Stressful States of the USA

The Most Stressful States of the USA

Whether it’s for the unreasonably long working hours, the percentage of those living in poverty or in poor health, here are the states you may want to cross off your list!



This may surprise those anticipating California, New York, or some other big-city-famous state to top the list. Currently, Louisiana holds the record for the most stressful state of the US. Avoid living here if you prioritize stable job-seeking and affordable living. Louisiana also ranks high in more than one category: fourth place in ranking adults in poor health, fourth-place in divorce rates, and fifth in working hours.



As of now, Nevada is considered the second most stressed state of the US. Studies report the main stressors to be job, money, and health-related. Nevada is also reported to have extremely high family-related stress and ranks first among the states with the highest divorce rates. The all-time-party atmosphere of Las Vegas isn’t exactly synonymous with peace either.


New Mexico

Ranking the 3rd most stressed overall, New Mexico isn’t too far behind the first two states. It holds the second place for family-related stress, third place for money-related stress, and another third place for the percentage living in poverty. It also scored second place in divorce rates – right after Nevada. Besides that, the crime rates are higher than average: third-highest across the USA.



Moving from a state like New York to Texas may be great if you’re on the hunt for that classic Southern atmosphere you won’t find in NY. Otherwise, beware that you may not exactly find the peace you expect. The Lone Star State makes the top-10 of America’s most stressed states. The stress is reported to mainly be work-related, as Texas is among the leading states for most average hours worked in a week.


West Virginia

According to many recent studies, West Virginia makes the top-5 most stressed states of the USA. The majority of the stress is job-related: increasing commute and working hours. Residents report getting very few hours of sleep and constantly stressing about the economy. Definitely, something to keep in mind before scheduling your voyage!

  Least Stressful States of the USA

Least Stressful States of the USA

Does your apprehension have to do with finding a job, settling in a peaceful neighborhood or maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Here is a list of states which ranked highest in being stress-free.



When it comes to ratings, Utah made it to the top-5 in a few lists: the fewest hours worked per week, the lowest divorce rate, and the lowest percentage of poverty across the state. It is famous for its skiing opportunities and features glorious national parks. Utah’s beautiful landscapes are worth a visit – and maybe a permanent residence. We advise placing Utah high on your moving list if you seek a nature getaway from urbanization.



Minnesota is one of the healthiest states in the US, ranking exceptionally well among the lowest percentage of adults in poor health. It is known for having safe neighborhoods and quality schools. Divorce rates and poverty percentages also rank low. If you’re looking for an above-average sum of all: low family stress, good health, and career opportunities, Minnesota has it all to offer.



This state makes the list due to its good healthcare options, high volunteerism, and reasonable rent prices. Wisconsin also ranks low on crime rates, making it one of the most tranquil states to settle in. Lastly, there are plenty of high-quality schools. We certainly recommend giving Wisconsin a chance, if you prioritize a balanced family life and peace of mind.


Studies show that one of the main cause factors of everyday stress within Americans tends to be long commute hours. If that is the center of your concern, check out Iowa! It is known for extremely low commute times (an average of 19 minutes) and a significantly low uninsured rate (just 4%). This Midwestern state also features gorgeous plains and borders the Mississippi River.


New Hampshire

Consider this New England U.S. state your anticipated home if your move revolves around financial reasons. Studies report that New Hampshire has the lowest percentage of the population who live in poverty. As of 2022, the unemployment rate of the state is 2.2%, making it extremely lower than average. New Hampshire is also famous for its wilderness and stunning natural landscapes, which certainly contribute to that relaxed vibe.


Whenever you make your decision, hopefully, you can come back to this article as your guide on the most and least states to move to.

  Frequently asked questions on Most and Least Stressed States to Move and Live In America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which State Is the Most Relaxed?

The answer depends on how you define relaxation. For example, Utah often ranks as the least-stressed state to settle in (by criteria such as poverty and job stress), while a state like Hawaii often ranks highest for the most relaxing vacations.


Which State Has the Chillest People?

Sources claim that the most chill people live in the geographically isolated states: Hawaii and Alaska. Drastically different in climate, they both offer plenty of marvelous nature and landscapes to see and make for wonderful vacations. The people living in these two states report feeling great about their communities and rank high in physical and mental health. So although these two states didn’t make the list for the least stressed life, they are certainly worth an honorable mention!


Where Should I Live in the USA?

There is no single answer to this question, which depends more on your expectations and priorities. We recommend making a list of factors that matter to you the most: insurance availability, cost of living, friendliness of people, and so on. Take into consideration all of the above when researching and deciding on where to live.


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