Moving From New York to San Francisco: Tips for Relocation

Moving From New York to San Francisco: Tips for Relocation

Published: 19 Oct, 2022

Last Updated: 19 Jan, 2023

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With its sunny weather, economic prowess, cultural gems, and nature views unlike any other, San Francisco coins its well-deserved place as one of the most popular cities in the United States.

When you first compare the two, San Francisco and New York have some common characteristics. Both are coastal cities with dazzling shore scenery, are great for career and business development, provide an infinite list of entertainment, and are exceptionally diverse in culture and background. The cities, however, also behold many differences – not to mention they are located 2,902 miles apart. Speaking literally and metaphorically, relocating across the country is a big move!

Thanks to our reliable and trustworthy service, SEKA Moving is here to help you lift that heavy burden off your shoulders. If you’re planning to move from New York to San Francisco, we guarantee you will benefit from reading and studying our guide, before your transit begins.


Pros and Cons of Moving from NYC to San Francisco

Any long-distance relocation (for instance, moving from NYC to Chicago) is likely to have its pros and cons which you need to know, in order to move efficiently and safely. In the case of San Francisco, you’re making an even longer trip, which means more stress and hustle. SEKA Moving advises you to read attentively for tips.

Among the pros is the fact that New York is currently peaking in its federal taxes, making many people want to leave the Big Apple City behind in search of a new place of residence. Being a business center, New York is also home to plenty of freelancers and people who work from their homes, which allows them to move, without having to search for a new job on the place.

As for the cons, you may have to check out San Francisco’s rent prices, which are unfortunately just as high (and in some areas, even higher) than in NYC. So if you are hoping to find a more affordable, quieter place, and financial hustles are your main reasons for leaving NYC, San Francisco may not be your optimal choice.

But let’s assume you are well informed on the prices. We are proceeding on to your next step: the cost of moving.

  Cost of Moving from NYC to San Francisco, CA

Cost of Moving from NYC to San Francisco, CA

The cost of moving from New York to San Francisco will depend on the affordability of the rental company you choose. For example, the U-Haul truck rental prices start as low as $14.95 and can go up depending on your situation. Be mindful of the fact that if you’re moving the contents of a 5-bedroom household, your prices will be significantly higher than if you were to move from a small studio.

All of this, however, varies according to certain factors, such as the size of the U-Haul you’re renting. Housing size, the weight of your goods, as well as any special moving requests you may have, also play a role.

  Best Neighborhoods to Move to in San Francisco

Best Neighborhoods to Move to in San Francisco

In San Francisco, the assortment of neighborhoods is diverse, and you may find yourself stunted, asking: where do I settle? There are plenty of long-distance movers in California, and you can always turn to SEKA moving to guide you to your new destination if it later turns out you have chosen the wrong place to reside.


Mission Bay

Located on the east side of San Francisco, Mission Bay is an urban neighborhood with plenty of restaurants, bars, and cafes. Great public schools, as well as beautiful parks, make it an incredibly family-friendly place. It also tends to get populated by young, tech-oriented professionals. If you feel these descriptions hit close to home, certainly consider transporting to Mission Bay.



Dogpatch is considered one of the best-quality neighborhoods in San Francisco. Most people who reside here rent a home, which can be a great option for newcomers. With an industrial history, it has now turned into a trendy, urban place with plenty of bars and brunch restaurants to check out. Consider moving to Dogpatch if you’re looking for a blissful atmosphere, job opportunities, and above-average entertainment.


Balboa Terrace

Your other wonderful option is Balboa Terrace, with its mixed urban and suburban atmosphere. The houses here are some of the most scenic, and the vibe is optimistic and cheerful, which is an excellent representation of the Californian lifestyle and mood. Unlike Dogpatch, where renting is a popular option, most people who reside in Balboa Terrace own their homes.


Alamo Square

This neighborhood used to historically be a suburb, yet has changed in the 1870s – 1890s. Now it is famous for its distinctive, Victorian-styled row of houses that sit side by side. It is sometimes called the Postcard Row – for its postcard-like appearance and location. Overall, Alamo Square is a residential neighborhood and provides a peaceful, tranquil quality of life to its people.


Duboce Triangle

Some people refer to Duboce Triangle as the heart of San Francisco. It may be a very small neighborhood but is a very dense one. This place exhibits a jungle-like, urban atmosphere, and is popular for its friendly parks where residents often meet and take their dogs out for a walk. With above-average schools and plenty of restaurants, Duboce Triangle is your top choice if your priority lies within socializing, networking, and making connections.


Telegraph Hill

This neighborhood is best known for its breathtaking attraction – the Coit Tower. It provides an overview of San Francisco in the palm of your hand. Besides, Telegraph Hill has some noteworthy murals to check out, as well as great walking views around. If you’re moving mainly for these stunning views, Telegraph Hill is your pick!

  Tips for Relocation from New York to San Francisco

Tips for Relocation from New York to San Francisco

What Should You Do at Least 4 Weeks Before the Move?

When renting a truck, SEKA Moving’s universal advice would be to start early, plan ahead and never wait until the last minute. Making reservations on a whim is the most common mistake people tend to make amidst their transportation!

Make sure to reserve your U-Haul truck at least 4 weeks before moving. Consider all the necessary factors, such as evaluating and deciding upon the size of your U-Haul and the rental prices.

This is also the perfect time to inform any local services about your move. If you have children, also inform their school 4 weeks prior.


What Should You Do at Least 2 Weeks Before the Move?

It is now two weeks before your moving day, and although the relocation day still feels distant, you are actually left with a very short time frame. You will be surprised to find how quickly time passes – especially if you’ve still got a lot of unfinished tasks on your hands.

Besides running errands and finishing up small tasks (such as returning library books), this is definitely the deadline for when you should be hiring professional movers. The workers of SEKA Moving would guarantee to make your move even more stress-free, pleasant, and secure.


What Should You Do 2 Days Before Your Move?

At 2 days pre-moving day, it is recommended to take care of small tasks, such as items you interact with on the daily. That’s why these steps can be put off practically until the last few days.

Clear out your fridge and freezer. Unplug all electric cords and store them in a safe place. The only exception to this rule should be your phone, which is best fully charged – in case of any emergencies pop-up during the move, or you urgently need to contact our movers for any last-minute questions.


What Should You Do on Your Move Day?

The day has finally arrived – exciting, yet equally as dreaded and anxiety-ridden. Yet with SEKA Moving’s trustworthy guide, the main part of the work is now done. On your moving day, you are left with a just few basic touches – then you’re all set and ready!

One final time, check that everything across the house has been packed and loaded into your rental U-haul. SEKA Moving has guides with tips and tricks for moving, so check for these on our blog. It’s easy to forget an item if you put it out and leave it to rest until last-second, and then only remember it halfway through your trip. Pack or grab along with you the last leftover items, if there are still any across the house.

Ensure that the pathway to your house and back is safe, both for you and the movers. Remember that movers will be taking a lot of steps from your doorway and backward into their U-Haul.

  What is Important to Know When you Move from NYC to San Francisco?

What is Important to Know When you Move from NYC to San Francisco?

Cost of Living

We have mentioned earlier that some of the prices may not be your main reason for moving to San Francisco. For example, you may not be too phased by the cost of food, which is not too different from NYC. However, the rent may even double from the number you’re used to! Be mindful of childcare prices as well, which tend to be higher than average in SF.



The taxes are high all across California, not excluding San Francisco. You may certainly need a financial plan pre-relocation – or at least plenty of research and evaluation.

The income tax rates in SF are 8.50%. However, property taxes in San Francisco county are quite low, at only 0.67%.



The climate in San Francisco is Mediterranean. The summers here are hot and dry, while the winters are cool and rainy. The summer weather tends to last a long time, averaging from June to October, while the winters pass quickly. This leaves the residents and tourists of San Francisco with plenty of bright, sunny days to explore their surroundings.


Transportation and Traffic

Traffic is often considered the worst downfall among the cities of California. It is estimated that in a year, the average San Francisco driver spends 59 hours in traffic!

The most common methods of public transportation in San Francisco include buses, cable cars and regular street cars. There are discount options available, such as unlimited rides. And if you need to cross the San Francisco Bay, or are simply on the lookout for some fantastic views of the Golden Gate Bridge, look no further than The Golden Gate Ferry Service.



San Francisco is considered an excellent place for finding jobs and seeking opportunities. It’s economy is well above-average, and continues to blossom and prosper. The rate of unemployment is also lower than in NY (5.4% in San Francisco and 8.4% in New York, accordingly).


Career Opportunities

San Francisco is a great place to find a new job, kickstart your career, and find lots of connections for networking. So if your previous job was attached to a place, you will find it easy to find a new job and leave the old place behind. With a wide variety of career spheres, jobs in sales tend to be the most popular in San Francisco, and jobs in medicine and tech have the highest income.



Having once been a significant problem in San Francisco, crime rates have decreased drastically in 2020-2021. Of course, like in any other city, you should still be mindful of keeping your belongings secured or avoiding late night strolls. Yet otherwise, San Francisco is on the way towards ensuring safety to all its residents.



San Francisco is extremely culturally delightful. It offers a variety of historical background, great cuisine, and high-quality entertainment. Impacted vastly by its Mexican heritage, you will find yourself amidst plenty of authentic art, music, food, and architecture to enjoy. San Francisco even has its own Chinatown and Japantown.


Moving from New York City to San Francisco is an overwhelming trip, and takes a lot of responsibility. It is SEKA Moving’s responsibility to ease that stress and warrant peaceful transportation. We hope that if you ever choose California as your next permanent destination, this article becomes your go-to San Francisco moving guide.


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