Moving in the Rain: Tips for Moving on a Rainy Day

Moving in the Rain: Tips for Moving on a Rainy Day

Published: 21 Sep, 2022

Last Updated: 19 Jan, 2023

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Your moving day has finally arrived. You’ve had a good night of sleep and are packed up and ready to roll out into the sun – or not! Unfortunately, some things remain beyond our control, such as weather fluctuations. According to a famous saying, it is April showers which bring May flowers, so even if you’re moving in the spring, rain has just as much of a chance to turn your day into an unpredictable quest.

Of course, SEKA Moving recommends checking the forecast for your scheduled day a couple of days in advance, so you know what to prepare for. Make sure to buckle up and choose the appropriate wardrobe as well. If your place of residence is anticipating dangerous conditions, such as powerful winds, hail, thunderstorms, or even hurricanes, it’s no question that the moving day would work best rescheduled for the sake of safety.

But if you’re just preparing for a little rain – no need to back away in fear! Just keep reading and follow the recommendations to find out some crafty tips for moving in the rain.


What Moving Supplies Are Needed to Move in the Rain?

Let’s think first of the basic, essential supplies you will need! Read on and find out what each of the items can be used for.

  1. Garbage bags. When packing your items, you will need to choose a material that can guard your belongings, such as plastic. That is why garbage bags, made of polyethylene (a type of plastic) – are a great pick, especially for larger objects.
  2. Plastic bags. These will do you justice with packing smaller items, shielding them perfectly from the rain. This can work for important papers such as documents, as well as books, jewelry boxes, and all other kinds of smaller items.
  3. Old towels and cardboard boxes. You will need a set of old, used towels and some dry cardboard boxes to prevent consequences such as slipping and untidiness. Shortly, you will find out more about their advantages and potential use.
  How to Prepare Your Home for Moving on a Rainy Day?

How to Prepare Your Home for Moving on a Rainy Day?

  1. Lay a Welcome Mat for People to Wipe Their Feet.

    The rain can cause all kinds of trouble – for example, it becomes especially irksome if you have to walk across slippery soil. Nobody likes the experience of bringing dirt on their wet shoes into a new home.

    To protect the floors of your apartment and prevent having to later clean up the rugs and floors of your place, it’s best to lay out a welcome mat. Besides being practical and helping to keep your house tidy, it can serve as a stylish decoration that will make the entrance into your home a little more welcoming for your guests.

  2. Turn on the Heat.

    The gloomy and gray consequences of rain often carry aside other hurdles, such as chilly weather. Moving day has most likely been a stressful one, and you would want to relax in peace and warmth. Make sure to turn the heating in your new place to prevent the cold.

    Whether that be a portable space heater, radiator, fireplace, or whichever type of home heating system you have, it will guarantee to make your arrival a bit more pleasant. It may also help dry any items which may have accidentally caught the rain (although considering all the tips and tricks, that would be a rare occasion!).

  3. Lay Out Plenty of Old Towels.

    If the dice have fallen on a rainy day, do not hesitate to pack everything up all together. SEKA Moving suggests laying out old towels, ones that are in used, torn, or otherwise faulty condition. Chances are, they will most likely end up being replaced with a set of new towels at the place of arrival anyway. Therefore, they can be used to mop up water while you are packing, or to clean your house one final time before relocation.

  4. Lay Out Dry Cardboard Boxes.

    Remember that professional movers will be making a lot of steps from your house to their truck and backward, and SEKA Moving wants to ensure your house stays tidy. A great way to prevent mess is by laying out plenty of dry cardboard boxes in your home.

  Helpful Tips for Moving in the Rain

Helpful Tips for Moving in the Rain

  1. Choose Weather-Appropriate Shoes and Clothes.

    Your belongings may be safe and sound, but what about the comfort of their owner? Just like you would choose a warm coat when going outside in the snow, care for yourself similarly on your moving day. SEKA Moving wants to guarantee your safety and comfort in any obstacles – which means slippers, high heels, gym shoes or anything fragile might not be your best friend!

    Go for sturdy, waterproof shoes that cover your feet completely. These can include ankle boots made of rubber or plastic, as well as certain types of sneakers or sports boots. Make sure the soles are non-slip. Just like you chose your shoes, pick warm clothes that will protect you from raindrops – of course, if you have a raincoat, definitely go for one.

  2. Wrap Your Belongings in Bubble Wrap and Packing Paper.

    It is highly recommended and practical to wrap each of the items individually in packing paper, bubble wrap, or even an additional layer of plastic to guarantee its quality upon arrival. Think mainly in terms of items that need the most protection or would take the harder work to repair, such as electronics.

  3. Wrap Art Separately in Plastic Wrap.

    Moving something as fragile as art is one of the most exciting and stressful parts of relocation. If you have artwork, or any items which behold sentimental value to you, SEKA Moving advises wrapping them in plastic (or a double layer of bubble wrap) to prevent having them ruined.

  4. Cover Furniture in Comforters.

    These would work great as an option for protecting your furniture from the water. Ensure your furniture is covered in thick layers of comforter blankets. When everything is covered, secure the blanket with bungee cords for extra safety.

  5. Use Shrink Wrap – Recommendable for Particularly Sentimental Items.

    Shrink wrap isn’t an item most commonly found in kitchens, but it is of great value when creating a shield for your items. If you’re willing to even go the extra mile to prepare for moving in the rain, SEKA Moving advises you to examine the idea of purchasing shrink wrap. It will most likely end up being a worthwhile addition to not only your current moving journey, but many other useful tips, tricks, and life hacks in the future.


By now, you may have learned not to be discouraged by the gloomy weather, which will not disrupt your plans. Moving in the rain is just as possible as moving on a regular day if both the house owners and the professional movers slightly adjust to the hindrances it brings. With the assistance of our helpers and your cooperation, nothing can “rain on your parade” – even the rain falls upon moving day.

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