Moving While Pregnant: Tips for a Safe Moving

Moving While Pregnant: Tips for a Safe Moving

Published: 28 Nov, 2022

Last Updated: 19 Jan, 2023

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Our warmest congratulations – you are expecting a newborn! You may feel a lot of exhaustion during this time, and that is no wonder – you are preparing to deliver another human being and take care of them for years to come.

For any woman, pregnancy is a remarkable time in her life. Your whole attention is now on becoming a mom and providing a safe and warm home for your baby. You may think that the stress of moving and pregnancy do not go together at all costs. But what if, for whichever unpredictable consequences, you are required to move with no choice?

It is possible to include the moving routine into your pregnancy with no health risks for you or your future child. With SEKA Moving, we want to remind you that your health and comfort are our top priorities. Consider these tips and advice for a safe moving process.


1. Talk to Your Doctor

It’s never a bad idea to check up with your doctor, and pregnancy only magnifies that statement. Your visits to the doctor should be more frequent during this time than others.

Talk to your doctor about your move, and ask for any medical recommendations he or she may give you. Don’t forget to also speak about any potential risks, as well as the types of activity the doctor recommends you to avoid. The nuances of every pregnancy are individual, therefore your moving plan is best when personalized.

  Start Packing in Advance

2. Start Packing in Advance

Pregnancy is probably the most stressful time in a woman’s life. It is therefore crucial that you make plenty of time for yourself to relax, and aren’t left with unreasonable responsibilities and stress on the last day.

Start the packing process extra early – as soon as you are informed about the move. We recommend giving it at least 4 weeks before moving day, and not leaving any major steps until the scheduled date approaches. It’s better to get a little accomplished each day, rather than overwhelm yourself in a short period of time.


3. Ask For More Help With Packing and Moving Than Usual

The moving process usually requires a person to stay physically active and up on their feet, which may be stressful for your health and future child. In this case, do not hesitate to ask for help as often as possible. We can guarantee that there will be people compassionate and generous enough to assist you. Remember that the safety of you and your newborn-to-be comes first.


4. Lift and Bend Carefully and Safely

Moving means a lot of bending to lift heavy boxes and containers, which isn’t secure nor recommended during pregnancy. Make sure to only carry objects which aren’t too hefty, and do not have sharp angles. At all costs, avoid carrying or picking up anything that exceeds the recommended weight that your doctor allowed you to pick up. Again, it is better to ask for assistance.

  Make Lists in Advance and Use a Calendar to Mark Key Dates

5. Make Lists in Advance and Use a Calendar to Mark Key Dates

Any process becomes twice easier with a plan at hand! Lists are a great way to strategize your work – they are methodical, and simple and provide an overview of what needs to get done. Organize a schedule and plan ahead. On a calendar, mark the dates which are particularly important and relevant to your move.


6. Pack Your Essentials Separately

As an expectant mother, there is a set of things you will need. Think of which items are essential to you and your pregnancy, such as vitamins, body pillows, maternity clothing, or informative books on pregnancy. Make sure to pack them separately, as well as ensure you have easier access to them and can unpack them first upon arrival.

SEKA Moving recommends packing these last so that even on moving day, they are always within a zone of easy reach. Place them in a clear container, so that you can see where everything is located and can identify exactly what you need at every given moment.


7. Allow Others to Move Heavy Furniture

Moving furniture while pregnant is not recommended, and if possible, should be avoided. Some pieces of furniture are particularly heavy in weight and have a higher risk of immediate or long-term effects on your and your child’s health. For your safety and well-being, SEKA Moving advises incessantly that you hand this responsibility over to others. If you live alone, you can ask for the help of a relative, friend, or neighbor.

  Be Careful When Climbing Stairs

8. Be Careful When Climbing Stairs

Use caution when using the staircase, especially if you live in a two or more-story house, or an apartment building without an elevator. If climbing or walking down the stairs is unavoidable, it is recommended to ask for someone’s assistance to guide you. Be sure that you aren’t carrying any heavy items with you while on the stairs.


9. Avoid Products with Harsh Chemicals and Strong Fragrances

During nine months of pregnancy, one of the main requirements for a healthy delivery is fresh air. Some products may have fragrances and chemicals which are too strong and therefore not good for you. Avoid such products if possible. If they are a must-have in your future home, make sure you have them unopened or tightly packed. Try not to go near them until after your pregnancy is due.

  Hire a Cleaning Company

10. Hire a Cleaning Company

You most likely want to leave your old house a tidy place for its new residents before waving it farewell. Nonetheless, cleaning can take plenty of time and physical effort, leaving you tired. It is advised to find a reliable cleaning company which can accommodate you during this overwhelming time. With the many services provided throughout the country, you should be able to find a local company soon which works with your schedule.


11. Arrange for a Relative or Friend to Look After Other Children on Moving Day

If you already have other kids in your house, that doubles (or triples) the stress of moving! Taking care of (a) young child(ren) while expecting is a tough task.

Think of a reliable friend or family member who you can count on. Ask them to watch over the kids, while the move takes place. It’s a big day for you and your new child, and the focus needs to be on you two.


12. Do Not Expose your Organism to Unnecessary Stress

While pregnant, you would want to pay extra attention to how your body is feeling and what you need, whether that is a healthy meal or an extra daylight nap. But it’s just as vital to protect yourself and your future child against potential stress factors. These include, although aren’t limited to: driving, watching movie genres like thrillers or crime, smoking, alcohol, and other non-mandatory stressors. You want to reassure that your mind and body are in as much peace as possible.

  Hire Movers to Help You

13. Hire Movers to Help You

Since you are already at a vulnerable time of your life, one of the essentials of your moving process should be safety. In this case, the optimal solution could be hiring residential movers to assist you during the relocation.

The reason moving services are popular is because expert movers are well-informed on how to pack and unpack difficult and/or heavy objects efficiently in space and time. At SEKA Moving, we assist our clients with respect, and attention, and are willing to accommodate (and work with) your needs.


14. Find a New Doctor

Last but not the least, you will need to research the new doctors in your area. Look for doctors who suit your health plan, and who can take care of you well during and after your pregnancy. You may also call a doctor referral service at your current clinic. If you have any family or friends living in the new area, ask them for advice on their doctors.


SEKA Moving reminds you to be optimistic about the move and approach every step with ease. We wish you a safe and happy delivery!

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