Printable 6-Week Local Moving Checklist PDF

Printable 6-Week Local Moving Checklist PDF

Published: 08 Oct, 2018

Last Updated: 31 Jan, 2023

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We put together a 6-week local moving checklist based on the experiences of our customers. The checklist is broken down into 4 phases, each of the phases have actions to take necessary to proceed into the next phase. Click here to download the printable 6-week local moving checklist.


Phase 1: 6 Weeks Before

  • Sort your belongings: Figure out what items you will move, place in storage, donate, or sell.
  • Put unwanted items for sale: Use Facebook Marketplace or OfferUp since those are safer to deal with than Craigslist. OfferUp has a small checkmark badge that indicates if a user is a TruYou Member, which is used for identity verification. Dealing with those people is safer than with those who have no profile picture.
  • Pack Important personal items: Documents, IDs, stock certificates, jewelry, etc. are the items that you will move by yourself. Open a notepad app on your phone and jot down the items that you are packing. Don’t forget to label your boxes with these items “important” as you pack.
  • Get packing materials: Since you know what you will be moving, estimate how much packing supplies you need. Then go ahead and buy enough boxes, fillers, bubble wrap, duct tape, etc. At Seka moving, we don’t charge extra for boxes and wrapping material.
  • Book your move ahead: We recommend moving on Friday evening. That way you will have an entire weekend to unpack and set up your new house. Saturday morning isn’t bad as well.

2-4 Weeks Before

  • Reserve the parking and elevator: Contact the building management at both locations to reserve the parking and elevator for your moving day and time.
  • Donate unsold items: If you couldn’t sell some items, you can donate them. Get rid of them now and clear up space.
  • Begin packing: Start packing the items that you don’t use on a regular basis. As time goes by, you will slowly pack the entire house and leave a few items that you use daily.
  • Plan your groceries and nutrition: You would have to free up your freezer soon. If you will have leftover food, you can donate them at a local food bank.
  • File a change of address: Address change can be done either online or in-person at the local post office. We suggest you do it in person at the post office to make sure that it went through, and your mail will be forwarded to your new place.

1-2 Weeks Before

  • Keep others on track: Confirm the date and time of your move. Ensure that parking and elevators are reserved at your moving day and time.
  • Arrange your utilities: Schedule your utilities to be disconnected the day after you move out and to be connected at your new home the day before you move in.
  • Update your billing address: Make a list of places, where you need to update your billing address. Renters, fire, and auto insurance, banks, etc. Go through your mail and email, so you won’t forget anyone.
  • Start deep cleaning: You can arrange cleaning services and have the cleaners come in right after you move out. You can save some money and do it yourself as well.

Move Day

  • Set the tone: Call your movers and explain where to park. Meet your movers outside and review the paperwork with the foreman.
  • Communicate effectively: If you want your movers to pack your items for you, tell them what to pack and ask to label the boxes, so you can quickly find the necessary items after you move. Don’t forget to count your boxes.
  • Final touches: After the movers load everything on the truck, go around your house and make sure that your lights, heat, or AC are turned off, windows are closed, and there are no items left. Clean the floor after the movers.
  • Unload your belongings: Meet your movers at your new place and direct them where to put each box or piece of furniture. That way you don’t have to relocate anything later. Again, don’t forget to count your boxes.

Need a simple moving checklist?

Download our printable 6-week local moving checklist

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