Playing our Small Part: SEKA Moving Donates 1500 Face Masks to NYC Frontline Workers

Playing our Small Part: SEKA Moving Donates 1500 Face Masks to NYC Frontline Workers

Published: 04 May, 2020

Last Updated: 30 Jan, 2023

Cool Admin #1

Cool Admin #1

The last couple of months have been tough.

Heck, the whole of 2020 has been tough up until now. While there are signs of normalcy returning (or some semblance of it), it will be a hard, long ride back to normal life as we knew it.

Some of the jokes doing rounds on social media and Reddit seem legit. A few that caught the eye went something like this:

We need to uninstall 2020 and then try reinstalling it. The current version has a nasty virus.

Another user wrote:

Uhhh… 2020 has a virus. *reboot needed*

And another one:

Someone said 2020 feels like when scar took over Pride Rock.

All jokes aside, the world can feel like it’s unraveling at times during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Whether you are unfortunate to be dealing with sickness or a job layoff, struggling with being holed up and the social distancing, getting a firsthand feel of what working from home feels like, or trying to homeschool the kids, things are not easy.

Covid-19 has overturned the lives of families across the country (and the world). Health systems are buckling under pressure from the novel coronavirus, and many children and families find themselves in uncharted territory as schools close and businesses shutter.

People are pining to get back to something resembling normal.

When that will be no one can really tell. Nor can we imagine for sure what that normal will look like. However, what we wanted to highlight in this short blog post is the little part companies and brands (large or small) have been playing in their bid to help. And the little part that we as a company are doing.

As you know, the government has found itself overwhelmed as it struggles to administer virus tests, as well as getting front line workers sufficient supplies.

So, the help coming in from organizations and companies, philanthropists and charity groups, volunteers and everyone else is going some way towards plugging in the gaps.

Seka Moving donates face masks to NYPD police station
Serik Baimoldayev (CEO of SEKA Moving) and Luis Felix (VP of SEKA Moving) are donating face masks to NYPD police station.

At SEKA Moving, we believe very much in the mantra of giving back to the community. And as humanity struggles with a global health pandemic unlike anything witnessed since the 1918 H1N1 Flu, there really could be no better time to lend a hand.

One group that needs that help more than many is workers who apply their trade in essential services. So, as a show of appreciation to the great work they are doing, we took it upon ourselves to donate 1500 masks that will go to hospital workers and police officers in New York City.

We know it isn’t much to cater to the tens and tens of thousands of these great heroes and heroines. But we also understand that it is when we pool resources as a people and consolidate efforts that we can overcome obstacles and emerge out of challenges like these.

That’s the unbeatable spirit that makes New York great. A resilient spirit that has enabled us to pull out of many other tragedies in the past, from 9/11 to Hurricane Sandy in the more recent past.

So, to all frontline workers and everyone else in the essential services sector, we at SEKA Moving say, Thank You.

And to all New Yorkers, Stay Safe. We shall emerge out of this stronger. And a better people.

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