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Published: 16 Jul, 2021

Last Updated: 26 Jan, 2023

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Packing up your new belongings and moving to a new home is very exciting. Whether you’re moving to a new state, city, or even just a new neighborhood, it’s a big event. If you’re not prepared, it can be incredibly stressful. It’s not an exaggeration to say that you should start planning months in advance.

Here are a few random tips to make the process as easy as possible.


Keep Notes

Notes are a great way to stay organized. They can help with any project, but they’re especially helpful when you’re moving. Anything that you need to remember should go into these notes. Here are a few examples of noteworthy items:

  • Important dates – such as when movers are showing up or you’re meeting a realtor
  • Reminders – remember to get all of your utilities sorted out beforehand, eat the food in the fridge and freezer that won’t survive the move
  • Checklist items – make sure all of your important documents are packed up and organized

When taking notes, it’s important to either keep them on your phone or, if you record them on the computer, print them all out. Nowadays, most people take the digital route with things that are traditionally analog, such as taking notes. However, at some point during the moving process, your computer is going to be disconnected and stored away. If your notes are stuck on the hard drive, they’re not going to do you any good.


Bring a Carry-on

When you fly on a plane, you usually check most of your luggage, but you do get to bring a carry-on with you on the plane. Use this same principle when you’re moving. Almost all of your stuff is going to be inaccessible during the move, whether it’s in a moving van, storage, or something similar. That’s why it’s important to take all of your most essential items – finances, paperwork, valuables – and store them in a small container or bag that you’ll keep with you during the trip.


Check Your Vehicle

Unless you’re moving just down the road, you’ll want to make sure your vehicle is prepared for the drive. Having your vehicle break down during a big move would be a massive wrench in the works, especially if you’re moving quite a distance away. If you’re at all unsure about your vehicle’s health, it’s probably a good idea to take it in for a diagnostic to ensure that it’ll make the trip.


Fill Your Prescriptions

If you’re moving out of the city, you’re going to have to find a new pharmacy. This might not be a quick process. There are plenty of things that could hold up this transfer, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have all of your prescriptions with you prior to the move. This way, if it takes a while to get everything sorted, at least you’re not out of medication.

Those are just a few random tips to keep in mind during the moving experience. The more you plan, the easier the move will go. Trying to do everything at the last minute is a surefire recipe for chaos and anxiety!

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