What is Included in Your Moving Bill?

What is Included in Your Moving Bill?

Published: 15 Apr, 2019

Last Updated: 06 Feb, 2023

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Hiring a professional movers includes various different costs and services. Many people don’t know what it entails, so we have compiled a list of 5 things that are included in your moving bill:


1. Trained Professionals

A professional moving companies have the word “professional” in their name for a good reason. All of their employees have been trained to properly handle your belongings. This is one of the most important factors because you always want to make sure that your items are being handled with care. That also includes moving the belongings in such a way to avoid scratching the walls, floor, and doors. They’ve been trained to pack and load the items without causing any damage. By hiring professional movers, you’re ensuring a high-quality service and a much easier moving process.


2. Labor Costs

People who work for moving companies are just employees at the end of the day. Their work is valuable, and it has to be paid for. Just like with any other service you’re getting – labor costs are always included in your overall bill. They are providing you with quality service, and they should get compensated for their time and effort.


3. Transportation

This is also something that most people easily overlook. Regardless of the distance from your old place to your new housing, there has to be some travel involved. Movers have to arrive from their office to your house, and from the destination back to the office. Since movers use trucks as their vehicle of choice, that means that their gas usage will be higher than a regular car. Another thing you should consider is the truck maintenance. The last thing you would want is having the truck break down in the middle of the move.


4. Liability

Moving companies that are operating legally must comply with state liability laws. It means that insurance is included in your moving bill, which is beneficial to have. As long as your stuff is in their possession they are liable for it. In case if accidents occur during the move and things get damaged, they will be the ones taking responsibility for it. Movers are also liable for any damages caused to your apartment during the moving process. That includes scratching the doors, walls, stairs, and floor. Besides the basic insurance that is required by law, many companies offer additional insurance services, such as added valuation or full-value coverage. Those options tend to cost more, though.


5. Additional Services

Movers could charge for additional services. Some of those include:

  • Packing your stuff;
  • Unpacking your stuff;
  • Disassembling furniture;
  • Reassembling furniture;
  • Helping you set everything up;
  • Additional supplies: padding, shrink wrap, felt pads, etc.

At SEKA Moving, we don’t charge additional fees for the services mentioned above. If you own a lot of stuff, then it would be helpful and less time-consuming to have professionals take care of most of the work. However, bear in mind that sometimes additional services may bring additional charges, and clarify it with sales people. Either way, make sure to choose the services and get an overall quote in advance, so you’d be able to plan out your budget accordingly.

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