What To Do Before Moving Day

What To Do Before Move Day?

Published: 15 Oct, 2018

Last Updated: 31 Jan, 2023

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Imagine that your movers arrive the next morning. What should you do before moving day? How can you prepare yourself? As an experienced moving company, we advise you to prepare refreshing drinks and have no pets and kids at home.


1. Have No Kids on a Moving Day

Kids are super-energetic and always find activities to spend their energy. You don’t want your kids running around when your movers lift your huge bed, antique tables, or heavy shelves. In case of emergency, your kids and movers could get hurt, and your furniture could be damaged as well.

Let’s say you spend your precious time, nerves, and money to figure out who is in fault. However, you will still ask yourself: who is morally responsible for the injuries and damages? Could anything be done to prevent the emergency? So, avoid the mental burden and have someone look after your kids while you are moving. If you don’t have any friends or family members, consider hiring a babysitter for a few hours.

As a moving company, we always try to prevent emergency situations. That’s why we advise our customers not to have kids or pets when we come in.


2. No Pets at Home as Well

In case of having kids, at least you can control them while pets do what they want. Imagine your dog chews the boxes with your belongings in it after movers pack your items. We won’t even mention the possibility of getting hurt when dogs or cats run around the movers.


3. Prepare Thirst Quenchers

Movers are humans just like you are, and they can get thirsty as well. If it is cold outside, offer some hot drinks, such as tea or coffee. We know that all your dishes are packed, but you can prepare 3-4 plastic cups and spoons. If it is hot outside, refrigerate water bottles, Gatorade, or Monster Energy the night before your movers arrive. Remember, if you show care to each person from your moving crew, they will handle your items with extra care. On top of that, movers get so happy that they find extra energy to finish your move faster.


Follow this self-packing guide, if you are packing your belongings yourself. Make sure you go over this local moving checklist and won’t miss anything. Don’t forget to do these things after your move.

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