What You Need to Know Before Hiring Commercial Movers in NYC

Published: 20 Jul, 2021

Last Updated: 26 Jan, 2023

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Whether you’re moving to another city, a block down the street, or the next floor of your highrise building, you need commercial movers in NYC. While residential moving services are a dime a dozen, the same holds for commercial movers in NYC. So how do you know what to steer clear of and what moving company should you choose for a stress-free experience? Keep reading to learn what steps and questions you should ask before signing a contract.


Find Out if the Movers Have Experience With Your Type of Move

You’re trusting a commercial moving service to handle your company’s valuables. This is why it’s essential to entrust your move with moving companies that have previous experience working in the commercial moving industry.

These professional movers are also aware of the difference between packing fragile, antique, or high-value items and know how to handle them accordingly to prevent damage and accidents. They should be at least familiar with the insurance process should anything happen to your valuables as much as possible. When you speak to the commercial moving company, ask about their experience with:

  • Antiques, paintings, and sculptures;
  • Specialized cabinets for laboratory use or storing documents;
  • Equipment and tools used for commercial purposes;
  • Commercial office furniture with special needs;
  • High-value corporate materials such as trade secrets, patents, and marketing information;

Asking about these items will help you determine whether or not the company can handle your move.


Determine if You Need a Temporary Storage Facility

Are you moving to a smaller location or multiple buildings? You may need temporary storage. You don’t want to work with multiple services and different companies. Instead, you want a commercial moving service that handles everything from start to finish, including storing items temporarily before, during, and after your move.

It’s also important to note that a temporary storage facility is ideal for commercial businesses that need to move large quantities of merchandise. Therefore, the storage facility must be big enough and have the right amount of security and other features, such as easy access and climate-controlled options, to ensure your goods stay safe while in their care.


Verify the Company Is Licensed &Amp; Insured

Another vital step of hiring commercial movers in NYC is verifying the company holds the correct licensing and insurance to protect your valuables. This check includes all city permits, truck inspections, and commercial vehicle insurance, along with individual protections for your belongings.

Once you’ve verified these licenses, make sure they’re up to date with current information. You don’t want your valuables being moved by an uninsured or unlicensed service that could leave you in a sticky situation if anything goes wrong.


Get a Meticulous In-Person Walkthrough Estimate

You don’t want to find out about extra charges after you’ve planned your move. To prevent this, you must ask for an in-person walkthrough estimate. During the walkthrough, the moving company representative will get a complete picture of your belongings and determine how much time is needed to pack everything up. They can also advise whether or not there are items that need to be discarded due to age, such as office furniture that’s challenging to take apart and put back together.

Contact the moving company for your commercial move in NYC. We offer years of experience providing stress-free office moving and corporate relocation services. Our moving team provides the highest quality service in the Tri-state area.

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