What You Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Local Moving Company

What You Need to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Local Moving Company

Published: 24 Nov, 2021

Last Updated: 21 Jan, 2023

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If you need to choose a moving company to help with a local move, there are a variety of services and cost details you should pay attention to. Of course, you want the quickest, easiest, and most stress-free moving experience possible. That only comes with local moving companies who have experience, proper license and insurance, and a strong dedication to excellent customer service from start to finish. These tips will help you understand what you need to pay attention to when choosing a local moving company.


Get Recommendations – Ask Friends and Family First

If you know anyone who has used a local mover in the past year or so, ask them first for recommendations to find the best companies around. Long-distance moving companies with friends and family support may also offer local moves, so ask about those too. If you do not know anyone who has moved recently, check out multiple websites that offer in-depth reviews from past customers.


Research Moving Services You Need

While all local movers offer basically the same thing, you may have special requirements that only a few cover. For example, moving companies that offer safe transport of pianos, luxury items, or certain types of equipment are much harder to find than general apartment or house movers. Of course, you also have to find a company available on your moving day and who has access to the right size of moving truck to contain all your belongings.


Verify License and Insurance for Local Moving Companies

One of the most important tips for choosing a local mover is to make sure they have all necessary licensing, bonding, and insurance. This protects you and your property from damage, loss, and theft. It also protects you if any of the workers get injured during the process or any other unexpected events take place. You want to be legally protected just in case disaster strikes.  

Consider Cost and a Transparent Contract

The best local movers will have no problems giving you a firm estimate for overall price so you can make an informed decision about hiring a moving company that suits your budget. Once you agree to use their services, they should provide a transparent and binding contract that covers everything in clear and transparent language. Make sure there is no sneaky fine print, hidden fees, or language that suggests you would be responsible for things not usually covered by the property owner. Get a written contract with signatures to protect yourself legally.


Look Out for These Red Flags

Most importantly, avoid any local moving companies that have questionable practices or hidden details. A blatant problem like lack of insurance or licensing is one thing. A ‘too good to be true’ estimate or unwritten guarantee is another. Other things to make sure you get include a bill of lading that lists all the property they received from you, appropriate payment terms both upfront and after the job is done, ability to contact the driver during the moving process, and professional and friendly customer service. Lack of communication is a huge red flag that should convince you to go with a different local mover.


Once you understand what you need to pay attention to when choosing a local moving company, your entire moving process will become much easier. Avoid red flags and pay attention to only the most reputable movers with great reviews if you want to have a stress-free experience on a moving day and beyond.

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