why are millionaires moving to puerto rico

Why are Millionaires Moving to Puerto Rico? A Deep Dive

Published: 17 Jul, 2023

Last Updated: 17 Jul, 2023

Serik Baimoldayev

Serik Baimoldayev

Why are millionaires moving to Puerto Rico?

You might be scratching your head, wondering why the rich and successful would pack up their lives and relocate to this Caribbean island.

But here’s the scoop…

The allure of Puerto Rico goes beyond its tropical climate and stunning beaches. It’s a financial haven for these high net worth individuals.

Table of Contents:

1. Tax Benefits

Puerto Rico, an American Caribbean island boasting its own tax system, has become a desirable haven for wealthy individuals due to the financial benefits and generous tax incentives it offers.


The answer lies in Puerto Rico’s unique financial incentives and generous tax breaks.

No federal income tax on passive income is one such perk attracting high net worth individuals to this tropical paradise.

This means if you’re making money from investments or rental properties – it remains untouched by Uncle Sam.

No taxes on capital gains either.

If you’re a crypto entrepreneur or into any kind of investment trading (hello Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association) – these savings can be substantial over time.

Moving here could mean retaining more profits when selling assets at higher prices than what they were purchased for.

Economic Development Incentives Act

In 2008, Puerto Rican government enacted the Economic Development Incentives Act aiming to stimulate local economy and attract foreign investors.

This act provides additional advantages like potential reductions in property and municipal taxes. So not only do residents live with fewer burdensome fiscal obligations; their contributions also help boost economic development within the region.

As we move forward exploring why so many wealthy people are making Puerto Rico their new home base, let’s delve deeper into another compelling reason: The Quality of Life offered by this beautiful Caribbean Island.

Quality of Life in Puerto Rico

The allure of Puerto Rico goes beyond its tropical climate and beautiful beaches.

This Caribbean island offers a high quality of life that is attracting millionaires from around the globe.

Cultural Richness

With its renowned hospitality and vibrant culture, Puerto Rico is an inviting destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Luxury Living

From luxury properties at Palmas Del Mar to beachfront villas at Dorado Beach, there’s no shortage of upscale real estate options available through Sotheby’s International Realty.

Dorado Beach: A Ritz-Carlton Reserve Resort Community

Once home to Laurance Rockefeller’s eco-friendly hideaway resort, has now been transformed into one of the most exclusive residential communities on the island.

Natural Beauty & Adventure Opportunities

Puerto Rico also boasts lush rainforests, and adventurous hiking trails. Whether you’re exploring El Yunque National Forest or surfing along Rincon’s world-renowned waves, the natural beauty here never ceases to amaze.

3. Cost of Living

Living in Puerto Rico is comparatively cheaper than other parts of the US, making it a desirable destination for wealthy individuals who wish to make their money go further.

This makes it an attractive option for millionaires looking to stretch their money further.

If you’re mulling over the idea of relocating to Puerto Rico, this news could be quite pleasing.

From housing market prices to everyday expenses like groceries and utilities, everything tends to be more affordable here on this Caribbean island.

San Juan, one of the most popular cities among non-Puerto Ricans moving into the area, boasts a lower cost index compared with many mainland U.S. cities.

Housing Market Affordability

A significant part where you’ll notice these savings is real estate investment opportunities available in places such as Palmas Del Mar or Dorado Beach – both high-end communities that offer luxury at surprisingly reasonable rates.

Sotheby’s International Realty, for instance, has some amazing listings showcasing what’s possible when investing in property here.

Economic Impact on Local Economy

Naturally, there are still areas recovering from Hurricane Maria’s devastation but even so native Puerto Ricans have shown resilience by rebuilding and boosting the local economy through tourism trade.

This only serves as proof that despite natural disaster setbacks; economic development continues its steady growth trajectory across various sectors including retailing and the services industry, attracting not just crypto investors but also those interested in traditional business ventures too.

Now let us delve deeper into how financial incentives provided by the government can make relocation seem less daunting while providing potential benefits beyond mere lifestyle changes…

4. Investment Opportunities

Puerto Rico is a land brimming with investment opportunities.

For those seeking to invest, Puerto Rico offers a variety of options from real estate to technology.

The Real Estate Market in Puerto Rico

The housing market in areas like San Juan and Palmas Del Mar has been on an upward trajectory since Hurricane Maria hit the island back in 2017.

This recovery coupled with new developments popping up across the Caribbean Island offers plenty of chances for savvy investors willing to take advantage of this growth phase. Sotheby’s International Realty, one such trusted source can provide further insights about investing in local properties.

Crypto Entrepreneurship and Blockchain Trade Association

If technology investments are more your speed, consider joining forces with other crypto entrepreneurs who have made their way down south already.

You’ll find that native Puerto Ricans as well as non-Puerto Ricans alike are making waves within the blockchain industry through organizations like Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association.

Economic Development Incentives

To stimulate economic development post natural disaster, local government provides various incentives targeting potential investors which include tax breaks on capital gains among others.

Such financial perks make it even more appealing for millionaires seeking profitable ventures while also contributing positively towards boosting the local economy.

In essence, making Puerto Rico home presents numerous avenues not just for wealth accumulation but also aiding its residents live better lives by stimulating job creation and infrastructure improvements.

5. Financial Incentives

The Puerto Rican government has a clear dedication to fostering economic progress, as demonstrated by the various fiscal incentives they provide with the purpose of luring both wealthy individuals and businesses.

This is evident in the financial incentives they offer, designed specifically to attract high net worth individuals and businesses alike.

Tax Breaks:

Puerto Rico’s residents live with some significant tax advantages compared to mainland US citizens. No taxes on earnings from investments or profits from selling assets are imposed at the federal level in Puerto Rico.

Grants & Credits:

Puerto Rico’s official website, dedicated towards promoting business growth, details how grants and credits are available for both individuals and corporations.

Crypto Investors’ Paradise?

In recent years, Puerto Rico has seen a surge of crypto entrepreneurs relocating due to these attractive fiscal policies.

A Boost To The Local Economy:

Not only do these measures benefit those making Puerto Rico their new home but also native Puerto Ricans who see improvements in the local economy as well as increased activity within the housing market. Sotheby’s International Realty notes an uptick in luxury real estate sales around areas like Dorado Beach and Palmas Del Mar since Hurricane Maria hit back in 2017.

In essence, Puerto Rican people stand to gain much from attracting wealthy non-Puerto Ricans onto Caribbean island shores through such enticing benefits.

FAQs in Relation to Why Are Millionaires Moving to Puerto Rico

Do rich people move to Puerto Rico?

Yes, many affluent individuals are relocating to Puerto Rico for its tax benefits, lower cost of living, and high quality of life.

What are the top reasons to move to Puerto Rico?

The main attractions include significant tax advantages, a lower cost of living compared to mainland U.S., a tropical climate with beautiful scenery, and numerous investment opportunities.

What is the Article 60 in Puerto Rico?

Article 60 refers to a law that consolidates various incentives into one code aimed at attracting investors and businesses by offering substantial tax exemptions and credits.

Where do rich Americans live in Puerto Rico?

Affluent Americans often reside in upscale areas like Condado, Dorado Beach, Palmas del Mar or San Juan’s Ocean Park neighborhood.


So, the secret’s out of the bag…

Puerto Rico is not just a tropical paradise.

It’s a financial haven for millionaires seeking tax breaks and quality living without breaking their banks.

A place where money grows on investment trees and government incentives are ripe for picking.

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