why californians are moving to texas

Why Californians are Moving to Texas: A Comprehensive Guide

Published: 11 Sep, 2023

Last Updated: 14 Sep, 2023

Serik Baimoldayev

Serik Baimoldayev

Ever asked yourself, why Californians are moving to Texas? A modern-day reverse migration is taking place, similar to the Gold Rush of old.

Picture this: A young family packs up their California home. They leave behind sky-high taxes and wildfires for a fresh start.

Their destination? Texas – a land of lower living costs and booming job opportunities. This isn’t just one family’s story; it’s thousands of them.

You might be asking why they’re heading south. That’s exactly what we’ll explore here!

We’ll dive into tax benefits, cost differences, housing market comparisons and more! Ready for the journey?

Table Of Contents:

Tax Benefits

One of the big draws for Californians moving to Texas is the attractive tax benefits. What does this signify precisely? Well, Forbes highlights, Texans enjoy no state income tax, which can lead to significant savings.

No State Income Tax

In contrast with California’s high state income taxes (up to 13.3%), Texas residents get a free pass here. This absence of state income tax lets you keep more of your paycheck every month.

This could be an appealing factor if you’re thinking about relocating from The Golden State where personal incomes are taxed at one of the highest rates nationwide.

Lower Property Taxes

The story gets even better when we talk about property taxes. According to Tax Foundation data, while property taxes in Texas may seem higher than those in California by percentage, actual costs often end up lower because housing prices tend to be cheaper.

If you’ve been struggling with hefty bills on your Californian home, then shifting gears towards Texan real estate might just ease that burden.

Sales Tax Differences

The sales tax also plays its part – it sits slightly higher than California’s average but without other major taxation worries like personal and corporate income taxes; many find it quite bearable.

Calculating the Savings

What could the potential savings be? A Californian earning $75,000 a year would face state income taxes of roughly $2,983. In Texas? Zero.

If that same person bought a house valued at $300,000 in each state; their annual property tax bill would be about $1,200 less in Texas than California according to Nolo’s analysis.

SEKA Moving Can Help

At SEKA Moving, we get it. Making a big move can feel pretty overwhelming. That’s why we offer personalized full-service moves especially if you’re need movers from California.

Cost of Living

The lower cost of living in Texas is a major draw for Californians, with the Best Places Cost of Living Index showing an overall index of 93.9 – well below the US average of 100 – across housing, utilities and groceries. According to the Best Places Cost of Living Index, Texas’ overall index is 93.9, well below the US average of 100.

This affordability stretches across various aspects like housing, utilities, and groceries. But let’s dive deeper into this.

Housing Costs in Texas vs California

The largest difference between these two states lies in housing costs. The median home cost in California is about $552,800 while it’s only around $195,000 in Texas according to Zillow Home Value Index. That means more space for less money.

Renting also comes at a fraction of what you’d pay on the West Coast. It’s no wonder many are choosing to call Texas their new home.

Utilities and Groceries

Besides cheaper houses, Texans also enjoy lower utility bills and grocery expenses than Californians do. A report by World Population Review suggests that Texans spend about 8% less than the national average on utilities and nearly 10% less on groceries – making daily life more affordable.

Affordable Healthcare Services

In addition to all these savings, healthcare services tend not be overlooked when considering relocation; it’s also more affordable in Texas. A study by the Peterson-KFF Health System Tracker shows that Texans spend less on healthcare compared to Californians.

The Lone Star State doesn’t just promise a cheaper life, but a quality one too. It might be time to say hello to barbecues and cowboy boots.

Job Opportunities

Texas is a place with plentiful employment chances, particularly when it comes to work. It’s not just about oil and cattle anymore. The Lone Star State has seen significant growth in diverse sectors, such as tech, healthcare, and renewable energy.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2023 Texas had an influx of 524,511 new positions. This surge positions Texas as a beacon for job seekers from all over the U.S., including Californians.

Tech Industry Boom

The Silicon Valley may be synonymous with technology but don’t underestimate Texas’ growing reputation in this field. Tech giants like Apple, Google and Amazon have significantly increased their footprint here due to favorable business conditions.

In fact, Austin – dubbed ‘Silicon Hills’, now ranks among top US cities for tech jobs according to CompTIA’s Tech Town Index 2023 report. As these companies expand operations, they create more high-paying job opportunities which attract talent from across states like California.

Rise of Healthcare Sector

Another promising sector drawing Californians towards Texas is healthcare. Home to world-class medical centers, such as Houston’s Medical District (the largest globally), there are plenty of prospects for those seeking careers in health services or research.

Growth in Renewable Energy Jobs

You might associate Texas with oil rigs but did you know that it leads the nation in wind power production? According to the American Wind Energy Association, Texas is responsible for over 25% of U.S. wind energy production.

The growth of the renewable energy industry has caused a spike in green job opportunities, especially attractive to those from California who are passionate about conservation and protecting nature.

Moving Help

Considering moving from California to Texas? There’s no need to worry. Companies like SEKA Moving offer tailored services that make your transition smooth and stress-free. So why wait? Take advantage of the flourishing job market and start planning your move today.

Key Takeaway: 

With its diverse job market, Texas is becoming a hotspot for Californians. The state’s booming tech industry, growing healthcare sector, and leadership in renewable energy jobs are attracting more people. Moreover, moving companies like SEKA Moving ensure your transition to the Lone Star State is smooth and stress-free.

Housing Market

The Texas housing market is drawing in Californians for a few key reasons. Firstly, home prices are considerably lower than in California. Zillow stats reveal that in February 2023, the median cost of a house in Texas was $245K while California’s figure stood at an eye-watering $635K.

Additionally, Texans enjoy more square footage per dollar spent on their homes. This allows families to live comfortably without breaking the bank. And let’s not forget that land taxes here are generally cheaper too.

Affordable Homes and More Space

In fact, buying an affordable house with plenty of space isn’t just wishful thinking in Texas—it’s reality. With expansive suburban communities and booming city centers like Austin or Houston offering diverse real estate options, there’s something for everyone.

If you’re after high-end luxury living or searching for your first starter home on a budget, both can be found within the same neighborhood—an uncommon occurrence back west.

New Construction Boom

There has also been a significant increase in new construction across major Texan cities due to increased demand from incoming residents. These modern houses often come with energy-efficient features and updated amenities—perfect if you want your new dwelling place not only comfortable but sustainable too.

NAHB data (National Association of Home Builders) confirms this trend by ranking Texas among top states for new residential construction activity last year—further proof of the state’s booming housing market.

Investment Opportunities

The healthy Texas real estate market also offers plenty of investment opportunities. Buying a home in Texas could be an excellent long-term financial decision due to the steady rise of property values. Plus, let’s not forget about rental properties—Texas has some fantastic yields for landlords too.

So whether you’re searching for your dream family house or considering an investment opportunity, it seems that everything is indeed bigger and better in Texas—including its appealing housing market.

Key Takeaway: 

Texans enjoy lower home prices, more space for their buck and cheaper land taxes. The diverse real estate market caters to luxury seekers and budget-conscious first-time buyers alike. Plus, Texas is experiencing a new construction boom with energy-efficient homes popping up everywhere. Investors are also drawn in by rising property values and lucrative rental yields.

Climate Change

California has been feeling the heat, literally. The Golden State’s climate is transforming, with more intense droughts and wildfires due to global warming. This new normal is pushing some Californians to look for greener pastures elsewhere.

Texas is stepping up as a popular choice. But why? For one thing, Texas’ climate is more stable compared to California’s fluctuating conditions. NASA data reveals that Texas’ temperature changes are less extreme than in California.

The Impact of Climate on Everyday Life

In recent years, living in California feels like being stuck between Scylla and Charybdis: drought on one side and fire on the other. With these increasing environmental challenges comes an increased cost of living — from higher insurance premiums to escalating water prices.

Moving eastward can provide relief from this double whammy of expenses brought about by changing climatic conditions. It’s not just a theory; it’s backed up by hard facts. A study done by PLOS ONE Journal demonstrates that states with milder climates tend to have lower costs associated with natural disasters.

A Chance at More Sustainable Living

Faced with these challenges, many Californians see moving as their chance at adopting a more sustainable lifestyle — without breaking the bank. They find hope in Texas where there are fewer natural disaster risks and hence lesser expenditure related to them.

This isn’t just a pipe dream. A report by the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions shows that Texas leads the nation in wind-powered generation capacity, offering residents an opportunity to use greener energy.

The Role of Moving Companies

When Californians decide it’s time to pack up their life and head towards more stable climes, they need reliable help. This is where moving companies like SEKA come into play.

Here at SEKA, we get how big of a shift this is.

Key Takeaway: 

People from California are trading their state’s tough weather and high living costs for the gentler climate and affordable lifestyle in Texas. Texans deal with fewer natural disasters, which means less expense on that front. And let’s not forget, Texas is a leader in wind-powered energy – a huge bonus for those mindful of the environment. So when you’re ready to take this life-altering step, count on dependable help like SE.

Culture & Lifestyle

Californians are relocating to Texas due to the distinct combination of culture and lifestyle that the Lone Star State has to offer. But what exactly does this mean?

The Texan Spirit

Texas prides itself on a distinct spirit, often described as a mix of southern hospitality, cowboy resilience, and entrepreneurial flair. It’s not just about wearing cowboy boots or enjoying barbecue – it’s an attitude that champions individualism while still fostering community bonds.

This ethos can be seen in cities like Austin with its thriving arts scene hosting annual events such as South by Southwest. The city has been dubbed the “Live Music Capital of the World,” making it attractive for those seeking cultural vibrancy without California’s high cost.

A Balanced Lifestyle

Beyond culture, Texans enjoy more balance between work-life commitments than their Californian counterparts might experience. Many folks moving from California report finding more time for family activities or exploring local nature spots due to less commuting pressure.

Hiking trails across state parks, weekend trips to coastal towns like Corpus Christi offer varied recreational opportunities enhancing quality of life here. And yes. You get all these perks at lower living costs too.

Diverse Food Scene

No talk about Texan culture would be complete without mentioning food – another significant factor enticing Californians. Tex-Mex and barbecue may be the most famous fare in Texas, but its culinary landscape is incredibly varied.

From Houston’s award-winning culinary tours to Austin’s thriving vegan eateries, there are flavors to satisfy every palate. The shared love of food acts as a social glue in this state, bringing people together regardless of their backgrounds.

Moving & Storage Solutions

Transitioning from California to Texas necessitates the utilization of suitable solutions that can make a huge difference. And with a reliable company like SEKA Moving, you’ll get more than just help.

The first step is packing up your belongings. This task may seem daunting but don’t worry; SEKA provides high-quality packing supplies and services that will protect your valuables during transit.

Packing Services

With expert packers on hand, we ensure every item is safely secured for its journey. Our team uses durable boxes, bubble wrap, furniture covers, and other necessary materials to safeguard your possessions against any potential damage during transportation.

If you’re short on time or overwhelmed by the prospect of packing everything yourself, consider using our full-service option. We’ll handle everything from disassembling furniture to wrapping delicate items – taking away one big stressor of moving day.

Storage Facilities

Sometimes timing doesn’t work out perfectly when relocating between states. Maybe you’ve sold your house in California quicker than expected or perhaps your new home isn’t ready yet? In such cases, having access to secure storage facilities becomes crucial.

SEKA’s storage units are climate-controlled, ensuring protection against extreme temperatures that could harm certain goods over extended periods of time. They also offer 24/7 surveillance, so rest assured knowing that whatever you store with us stays safe until it’s time for delivery at your new Texas home.

Smooth Transition

We know that the journey from California to Texas is a long one, but we’re here to make it easier. With our professional moving team and fleet of modern trucks, your move will be as smooth as possible.

Our commitment goes beyond just delivering your belongings safely; we also aim for a seamless unloading and settling-in process at your new destination. Our movers can assist with furniture assembly, arranging items in rooms according to your instructions, or even hanging up artworks on walls.

Let’s keep moving forward.

Key Takeaway: 

When making the move from California to Texas, turn to a reliable company like SEKA Moving. They’ll help you pack up with top-notch supplies and expert care. Timing issues? No worries, their secure storage units are ready for your items until your new home is too. And once in Texas, they’re still there helping set things right at your new place.

FAQs in Relation to Why Californians Are Moving to Texas

Why are so many people from CA moving to TX?

Texas attracts Californians with its lower taxes, more affordable living costs, and robust job market.

Why is everyone moving to Texas 2023?

Folks anticipate a growing economy in Texas for 2023. It’s also about the appealing housing market and cultural draw.

What part of Texas are Californians moving to?

Mainly urban areas like Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston. They offer vibrant city life plus great suburban communities.

Why are California companies moving to Texas?

Besides tax perks and affordability, firms appreciate the large talent pool that comes with Texas’ rapid growth.


So, we’ve unpacked the reasons why Californians are moving to Texas.

Texas is a tax-friendly state. No personal income taxes mean more money in your pocket.

Affordable living costs make everyday life easier on the wallet. The dollar goes further here.

The job market? It’s booming with opportunities across industries, offering career growth and stability.

Housing options that fit all budgets without compromising quality of life – another win for Texans!

Despite climate change challenges, folks find respite in Texas’ varied weather patterns.

The unique culture and lifestyle? They’re just cherries on top! Remember though, relocation requires planning. But don’t worry – there’s plenty of help available for a smooth move.

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