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We are growing and would love to tell you a little bit about our culture and what you can expect as one of our team members.

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More than just Employees

It is people that actually make the company tick. The reason we have so many positive reviews, raving fans, and repeat customers. The reason we are considered one of the best moving services in the Tri-State area by customers we have had the pleasure of serving through the years.

More than just Employees

Here is what our customers have to say!

This is why we consider OUR PEOPLE the single-most important asset in our company.

We know that by taking good care of you, our customers too will be in good hands.

It is little wonder then that those who have worked with us often cite workplace satisfaction as one of our biggest draws as an employer.

You see, at SEKA, we do not develop laborers. Rather, we seek to develop professionals well-endowed with a valuable skillset that comes in handy in other aspects of life well beyond the moving industry – good work ethic, problem-solving skills, great attitude, interpersonal skills; just to mention but a few.

Whichever role you are intent to fill, the skills and perspective you gain by working at SEKA will stay with you for a lifetime and be applicable in other facets of your life.

Growth Opportunities?

Growth Opportunities

Being part of SEKA means doing important work, whether you are in the office or out on the trucks. With moving being a landmark event in every person’s life, it is probably the reason we take pride in what we do, knowing that doing it well matters.

When it comes to our personnel, for us it is all about helping individual team members unlock their fortes while providing a clear path for their career growth and development.

Every person has an important role to play in this company and in us, you have an opportunity to let your individual skills shine – whether your strength lies in good communication and customer service, loading a moving truck, packing china, or taking furniture apart.

movers team at work
movers team at work

There is just something inspiring about an organizational story that involves an employee working hard through the ranks to rise to senior level. This is how our management came about, starting on the trucks and working their way up. In fact, this is how virtually everyone began their career at SEKA.

By developing from the ground up, we feel our business model stands on a more solid footing.

As we continue to grow, this is the kind of career trajectory we continue to put great emphasis in: rewarding the hard yards our employees put in with merit. Just like they deserve.

We also recognize that sometimes we might hit a ceiling in our individual career paths. This is why we are equally proud to act as a launch pad for employees looking to pursue other endeavors, should the opportunity present itself.

Equal Opportunities Employer

SEKA is an equal opportunities employer that does not recruit PROFILES. Rather, we aim to recruit INDIVIDUALS.

We celebrate inclusion and diversity in our workforce and that is why we are keen to source our talent from across the societal board – race, religion, gender, color, background, lifestyle and other tags notwithstanding.

Our recruitment policy affords qualified applicants consideration without any favor or discrimination, something we also look to replicate in our work environment by making it inclusive and supportive.

At SEKA, we value everyone’s contribution.

If you are ready to join a professional and challenging workplace that takes pride in the skill of moving while bringing out the best in its employees, it’s about time you joined us!

SEKA Moving crew of movers
SEKA Moving crew

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