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Seka Moving has everything you want from a moving company. The rate was more than fair. Sam, the owner, was very responsive to all my questions. The prompt and courteous team helped us move a Casper mattress that was delivered. For a one bedroom move, they got the job done under 3 hours and took great care of everything.

John H., New York, NY

GG's team is the best local movers!

GG contacted me and gave all the details a day prior to the move. His team and he were very helpful: they arrived at my house early and packed everything in less than 2.5 hours! I had a queen size bed frame, big sofa, bookcase that needed to be disassembled not mentioning my wardrobe, coffee table, TV unit, small desk, chair, mattress, night table, and many boxes from the kitchen.

Moving into the new apartment was easy: they carried all of my stuff upstairs and quickly assembled the furniture. It probably took less than 2 hours.

They were very professional and didn't damage any of my furniture. If you want a stress-free and easy move, call these guys and ask for GG's help!

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Different crews - same level of service.

Blown away by the professionalism of their moving services. I hired them twice: in both cases different crews arrived. However, both were on time and handled the job with utmost care and efficiency.

Bob S., Brooklyn, NY

Moving with SEKA was the least stressful

After moving almost every year for the past five years, I want to say that moving with SEKA was the least stressful. They were very clear in communicating costs from the beginning and did not make it all about the money. The movers were respectful, and I could tell that they really took care of my stuff: no damages nor other problems at all.

Mafs C., San Francisco, CA

Two giant thumbs up for our office move

From quote to the last box being moved in, these guys get two giant thumbs up for our recent office move. The team was extremely responsive, thorough, and ridiculously polite. They provided all of the paperwork needed, called the day before to double check details, and took extra care to pack items that our team wasn't able to box up ourselves. I'd recommend them to any business who needs commercial movers. They'll be the first people we call if we have to move again!

Jennifer P., New York, NY

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