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Searching for moving companies with storage? With a reputable mover like us around, you don’t have to fret.

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Professional Storage Services

Professional Storage Services

Art pieces are sensitive items.

Professional moving and storage services are a welcome solution when you need a place to temporarily hold your belongings.

Whether your reasons are personal or business-oriented, SEKA Moving is happy to be your repository for as long as you need.

We will provide you with quality moving and storage space in a secure, climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility overseen by highly-trained staff who will maintain your personal unit.

You’ll always have access to your items whenever you please.

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What Items Does SEKA Moving Store?

What Items Does SEKA Moving Store?

Wondering where you can find reputable moving and storage services near you?

SEKA Moving is an established mover in Tri-State and California that has been serving clients with a host of needs for the better part of a decade.

From those looking for piano moving and storage near me, to those who need secure, climate-controlled facilities to keep their artwork, furniture, clothing, seasonal decorations, electronics and appliances, we store an assortment of items.

Also catering to commercial clients, our facilities guarantee damage-free storage with top-level security provided around the clock.

Reliable Storage with Personal Touch

Reliable Storage with Personal Touch

For many years, SEKA Moving has been the preferred long-distance moving and storage partner for many clients.

This has not just been driven by our stellar service and excellent customer rapport. We understand affordable moving and storage is part and parcel of a pleasant all-round experience.

This is why our service is structured in such a way that allows customers to make savings, but without compromising the high standards that we’re famous for.

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Local moving and storage

Local moving
and storage

Of the numerous local moving and storage companies, SEKA Moving stands out for several reasons.

One notable one that makes us unique is our penchant for customizing moves per individual customer needs versus offering cookie-cutter solutions.

But the bespoke treatment doesn’t mean you’ll have to dig deeper into your pocket. Remarkably, our pricing remains one of the most competitive in town.

The quality service and affordable solutions notwithstanding, you will also love our fantastic team of movers who are not only professional, but also very friendly and accommodating.

Local moving and storage
Long-distance moving and storage

Long-distance moving and storage

You will find many long distance moving and storage companies, but that doesn’t mean everyone will be a perfect fit.

At SEKA Moving, we go all out to provide customers with a smooth experience, start to finish.

It starts with a helpful customer support team. Then executed by a highly-trained moving crew that knows how to treat customers right.

Throw in the superb fleet of trucks equipped with cutting-edge features and state-of-the-art storage facilities, and it’s easy to see why previous customers have labeled us one of the best interstate moving and storage companies.

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Frequently asked questions

A storage unit is a great and affordable way to free up valuable space at home or workplace, an excellent option to keep belongings safe during a transition, or to stow away valuable and sensitive items temporarily or for the long haul.

Here are the general steps involved in preparing your items for storage:

  • Create an inventory list of the items you plan to store - Look up the storage unit options available to you and then research the facility’s storage restrictions;
  • Prepare items for storage - Large items such as beds, tables, workstations and anything that can be disassembled need to be dismantled. Wrap individual bed frames and table legs in towels or blankets to minimize risk of damage;
  • Cleaning - Anything going into the unit should be clean and completely dry to avoid mold, rotting or pests;
  • Packing and loading - Work with your inventory list to determine which items you’re likely to need access to sooner than the rest, then place those towards the front of the unit for convenience. Large and heavy items should go to the bottom.

In the case of sensitive items like books, you should consider a climate-controlled unit to maintain their integrity.

How long do you envision storing your possessions for? While some storage facilities only provide short-term storage options only, with us, you can store your belongings for as long as you need.

We provide both short-term and long-term rental options. Valuables are stored in sturdy and super secure wooden storage vaults that can hold up to 700 lbs of belongings. Got more? Not to worry. We also provide pallet storage in the case of larger items, complete with pallet wrap to provide an additional layer of protection for your valuables.

Unlike many facilities, we only offer private storage units that only SEKA Moving employees have access to, meaning everyone and their neighbor cannot walk in and out whenever they fancy. The only people allowed in the storage area are our own maintenance personnel.

In other words, regardless of the nature of the items you plan to hold in storage – provided said items are not prohibited – you can always take comfort in the knowledge that your belongings are under lock and key. And you’ll find them in the same pristine condition you left them in.

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