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Moving Company with Full-Service Private Storage

Moving Company with Full-Service Private Storage

Your personalized, secure storage services are 1 call away.

  • Private storage means only SEKA Moving employees are allowed in our storage buildings.

  • We handle all the packing, moving into storage, storage, moving out of storage, and unpacking.

  • Your items will be properly protected using quality packing supplies and stored under the lock in private, extra-sturdy, wooden vaults.

  • Digital inventory and electronic logs help us make sure that no item will ever be misplaced.

Storage Company That Does Pickups

Storage Company That Does Pickups

Pickups and complete move-ins into our storage facilities.

    For New and Current Storage Customers

  • We have dedicated storage crews with vans and trucks that do pickups to our storage.

  • Your belongings will be packed and wrapped before moving into our storage.

  • Our crews will bring all the necessary boxes, tools, and packing supplies.

  • We can disassemble basic furniture for safe, efficient use of your storage space.

  • We can pick up your extra items to put them in the storage vault with your belongings.

SEKA Moving crews SEKA Moving crews

Storage Company That Does Deliveries

From single item deliveries to complete move-outs from our storage.

  • We have dedicated storage crews with vans and trucks that do deliveries from our storage.

  • Our crews can reassemble the basic furniture that we disassembled earlier.

  • At the delivery, our movers will unpack everything, so you make sure that your items are in their original condition.

We have everything for moving

Storage Space for Any Duration

Book your full-service storage for any size and any period!

  • Overnight Storage convenient if you need to hold your items for a few days between move outs and move ins.

  • Short-Term Storage perfect for renovations, short trips abroad, and keeping seasonal items within reach.

  • Long-Term Storage best when downsizing,moving to another state, and working abroad in non-profit organizations.

Our Storage Buildings Inside Our Storage Buildings Outside

Our Storage Buildings

Privacy is the key in our approach to delivering storage services. People cannot go in and out like in public storage.

  • Temperature-Controlled Building following our special commercial vehicle maintenance checklist.

  • 24/7 Surveillance Cameras and Fire Protection System for improved security and peace of mind.

  • Private Wooden Vaults only your belongings will be stored in your vault, which is opened during regular checkups.

  • Professional Handling only trained storage employees are allowed to work with your belongings.

What Items Does SEKA Moving NOT Store?

To keep all our clients’ belongings and our buildings safe, the following items are prohibited from being stored in our storage facilities:

Hire Movers With Private Storage Near You

We deliver moving and storage services with personal touch in thefollowing locations:

Why SEKA Moving & Storage?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • A storage unit is a great and affordable way to free up valuable space at home or workplace, an excellent option to keep belongings safe during a transition, or to stow away valuable and sensitive items temporarily or for the long haul.

    Here are the general steps involved in preparing your items for storage:

    • Create an inventory list of the items you plan to store - Look up the storage unit options available to you and then research the facility’s storage restrictions;
    • Prepare items for storage - Large items such as beds, tables, workstations and anything that can be disassembled need to be dismantled. Wrap individual bed frames and table legs in towels or blankets to minimize risk of damage;
    • Cleaning - Anything going into the unit should be clean and completely dry to avoid mold, rotting or pests;
    • Packing and loading - Work with your inventory list to determine which items you’re likely to need access to sooner than the rest, then place those towards the front of the unit for convenience. Large and heavy items should go to the bottom.

    In the case of sensitive items like books, you should consider a climate-controlled unit to maintain their integrity.

  • How long do you envision storing your possessions for? While some storage facilities only provide short-term storage options only, with us, you can store your belongings for as long as you need.

  • We provide both short-term and long-term rental options. Valuables are stored in sturdy and super secure wooden storage vaults that can hold up to 700 lbs of belongings. Got more? Not to worry. We also provide pallet storage in the case of larger items, complete with pallet wrap to provide an additional layer of protection for your valuables.

    Unlike many facilities, we only offer private storage units that only SEKA Moving employees have access to, meaning everyone and their neighbor cannot walk in and out whenever they fancy. The only people allowed in the storage area are our own maintenance personnel.

    In other words, regardless of the nature of the items you plan to hold in storage – provided said items are not prohibited – you can always take comfort in the knowledge that your belongings are under lock and key. And you’ll find them in the same pristine condition you left them in.

  • Yes.

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